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  1. I Can't Side With The Left. I Just Can't!
    I Can't Side With The Left. I Just Can't!
    @Leo Gura maybe you're right, or maybe you're not. God knows. I did my part of following my desire to understand and went down some uncharted territories. I am thankful and I love myself for doing so.
    I acknowledge the feeling present within me that you mentioned in the open mindedness video about becoming ideological and feeling dirty about it. Seeing the response, I am obviously hurting others with my apparent lack of compassion so I take a vow of silence from this forum until I have something substantial to offer. I am humbled. 

  2. Hi! Can someone please help me get rid of stress?
    Hi! Can someone please help me get rid of stress?
    You are running away from doing the work to make your life better.
    Go take a cold shower.
    Shorten your time horizon. Make small changes. Visualise what you want your life to look like in 6 months.
    Don't put so much pressure on yourself to quit porn. If it happens it happens, try to do it less frequently. It will naturally fall away when your life improves. 
    Acceptance and self-love will take you a long way

  3. Leo's insights
    "Leo, but what if you're deluded?"
    The point of all of my pointers is that they will eventually undermine and devour themselves, like a snake eating its own tail.
    My goal is to take you on this amazing journey through your mind, for years, until one day you have an awakening so deep and so profound that you say: OH-MY-GOD! It's all NOTHING! Everything Leo was talking about was just a giant cosmic divine circle jerk which I created for myself in order to realize the fully glory of myself as God. OH-MY-GOD! But why was all this necessary? To show you the enormity of your own mind.
    Of course none of it is necessary. I just like exploring the mind.
    Don't think of my teachings as logical proofs. They are poetry and art.
    All we're doing here is celebrating the profundity of yourself as God.