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  1. Hey guys, Anybody here had pretty severe problems with alcohol that they were able to overcome? I'm on day two of sobriety, focusing on meditating and being present with the moment, because I think my discomfort with the moment was the fuel behind all the alcohol abuse. It's strange, when I'm sober I am a responsible and successful person, but as soon as I drink I become just awful. Rude, loud, sometimes violent. It's weird to have such a huge piece of my life be dysfunctional, but on the outside I seem to be killing it at life. I have a career, I'm actively engaged in hobbies, my finances are all in order... just unsure how to tackle this, for good this time. I've woken up on the floor of my apartment covered in vomit one too many times. Any and all thoughts are welcome, thanks
  2. Didn't Bundy have a wife at one point?
  3. Not really. Both seem pretty bent on prevailing as opposed to compromising and working together.
  4. what makes his supposed indoctrination any different from indoctrination on your side?
  5. a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear for about 5 minutes has helped me a ton with excessive wax, but I think the best option would be to get them cleaned in a clinic. Actually I think Walgreens will do it for 60 bucks without insurance.
  6. I stretch after working out in the morning, and I do yoga somewhat frequently. I've noticed my posture improved a ton, after a just a few weeks of stretching and yoga there was a noticeable difference. Also I'm less sore after heavy workouts. I'm pretty sure consistent stretching will aid in the aging process in regards to your joints and whatnot.
  7. I don't recommend mixing SSRI's with any substance really, even alcohol can cause some seriously bad reactions when mixed with them. I'd suggest making it your goal to taper off the antidepressants, then start your psychedelic journey. Also, AOT, yes.
  8. Persistence is a quality of all successful people. If it's extremely important to you, develop a mindset of doing it for the sake of doing it.
  9. Yo man! We're in the same boat, so I really feel you. I think it's really helpful to apply self-love in large amounts during times like these, so be mindful of any intense negative feelings. Let yourself feel them, but don't let them consume you and keep you in bed til noon. Maintain a morning routine to remind yourself everyday that you are taking care of just you right now. Eat clean, go outside, listen to awesome music, and spend plenty of quality time with yourself doing what you love. Reach out to homies, they're your friends for a reason and friend support is a huge help when healing from heartbreak. Good luck to you!
  10. Bottom line, treat it with respect. It's insanely powerful and can give you some incredible feelings of love, but recognize that the only reason it makes you feel that way is because it dumps all your serotonin, meaning you already had that love inside of you. MDMA is just forcing your brain to release it. Make sure you take a safe dose, do not re-dose, and have the next day off to take some self care. I've had some life changing experiences with it, but I've also been stupid and used it in an unhealthy way, MDMA is not a forgiving substance when used improperly. I wouldn't call it a psychedelic though, perhaps my definition of a psychedelic is inaccurate.
  11. As someone who works for a vapor company, I can definitely say with confidence that nicotine is no joke when it comes to addiction. Something that has helped me a lot in the past is dropping to 0mg juice, which still allows for the oral fixation and whatnot to occur, but removes nicotine from the equation. The first week will be rough (headaches, fatigue, etc.) but once you actually break the cycle, you'll feel so good about it. I really struggle with nicotine because I'm surrounded by it all day, but I've made the promise to myself that this will be my last year with it. Its interesting to see addiction close up all the time, people drop hundreds of dollars on nicotine products. I've encountered a lot of people on the verge of mental breaks because they ran out of juice or their coil fried. It's almost sad to see sometimes. Good luck to you!
  12. I use Ghosts vegan protein personally, their products are pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure they ship to Canada.
  13. It's unsettling to read this, I definitely held the belief that meat you acquire via fishing or hunting is better for you than store bought products. I prefer to eat meat from the wild. Is there an argument to be made about how everything you ingest or come into contact with will cause your body harm?
  14. I think the main reason Leo says that wheat is bad for you is because it's empty calories. Carbs don't really do much for you in terms of nutrition. It's also very cheap- hence why it is so popular and widely available. If you look at the standard American diet, every single meal has bread as a filler of sorts. Do you want to be pouring cheap, processed fillers into your body? When I stopped eating carbs my entire life changed, because not only did I lose a significant amount of weight, I also felt much more cognitively engaged. Mind fog disappeared, as did anxiety on a huge level.
  15. Sounds mildly biased in all honesty.
  16. For what its worth, I'm a woman and I strive to embody what you laid out in the original post here. Perhaps I'm a weird one, but I've frequently forgotten that it is more of a masculine thing to be engaged in self development.
  17. Depends on who you are and your mentality. I listen to death metal every day and I love heavy music more than anything. I'm also a pretty friendly person and I really don't think listening to brutal slams all day will somehow make me a serial killer. If you're easily influenced and weak minded, perhaps I can see how maybe listening to music that promotes drug use or violence could have a negative effect, but quite frankly at that point you're the one with the problem, the music itself is neutral. Music is an expression, nothing more, nothing less. What you take from it is ultimately your issue.
  18. I recovered from binge eating by attending some OA (over-eaters anon). They follow the 12 step system that all the other anon groups do, and they preach a lot about remaining abstinent from "trigger foods". For me, these foods were sweets. When I attended these meetings and had a support group to listen and relate to, keeping away from the foods that would trigger me into a binge episode was much easier. This snowballed into the realization that how I treat my body is directly related to how I feel, and therefore is related to how I see the entire world. When I hadn't binged after a few weeks and felt immensely better, I started going to the gym, I cleaned up my diet all the way around, I researched supplements, etc. I feel that my mindset is completely different now from where it was before I attended these meetings. OA was the conduit to a better life for me personally. It seems like you are on the right track, and I applaud your willingness to address the problem pragmatically. I think self-love is very important here; if you slip up, don't talk shit inside your head to yourself. Realize that humans are fallible and change happens over time. Good luck!
  19. Perhaps this comes down to the fundamentals of the differences between men and women- I would say men are more interested (generally) in things like success, dominance, strength, mastery, etc. The information being circulated on this platform panders to people seeking those kinds of qualities to develop within themselves, so it makes sense that the participants here are mostly male.
  20. Hey man! It's awesome that you have an interest in this substance, for it can really change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you (and how they are truly the same). My sole DMT experience still has lessons in it that I am uncovering to this day, and the trip was over 7 months ago. @Arcangelo is totally right here- do extensive research. Read books, listen to podcasts, do everything you can to learn about DMT. This will help alleviate your fears surrounding the substance and allow for a better experience. Make sure you are in good health and mindset before taking it. Having someone you trust be there for you during the trip. Take it in a very comfortable environment (not a music festival or in public lol). Trust yourself, and trust the experience! I strongly recommend contemplating and writing down your reasons for wanting to experience DMT and also what you are looking to get out of it.
  21. From my own personal experience I find that a corrective attitude doesn't work, and usually comes across as judgement, which it very well may be. I work in a really niche job and the field tends to attract low consciousness people. My coworkers are not self motivated, they lack purpose, they are full of complaints. I went through a phase where this was causing me much grief- the realization that I cannot change these people was hard to swallow. I'm the manager, when I was first promoted I struggled to find a way to get these guys to do literally anything pertaining to work. I was saying lots of 'you should do ___' and 'you really should stop ____.' This approach only caused tension and didn't solve any of the deeper issues. Now I just assume my role and make sure x, y, and z get completed. I stopped with the should statements. I decided to disengage from the frustration that comes along with wishing people were different, and instead I focus entirely on myself. How can I be better? I feel that turning the corrective attitude inwards will do more good than trying to tell other people how they should be.
  22. I go through phases with journals, but overall I've been keeping record of my thoughts, feelings, accomplishments, and failures for years. Sometimes I'll have a few weeks where I'm experiencing growth or going through strife, and I'll write every day. Other times I'll only journal once every couple of weeks. I love being able to go back and see how far I've come, particularly in times where I feel stuck and unmotivated. It's incredibly therapeutic to write down ideas, dreams, memories, etc.