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  1. What is a point of attraction?
  2. I am your same height and I've slept with more women than Casanova. Plenty were my height or taller than me. In Europe too, that's where I'm from. Height is really not your problem, trust me. I used to think it was, just like you, but I was simply dead wrong. You need to work on your game, make it a long term project. I guarantee you will get results if you put in the time and effort.
  3. Actually quite profound, but hey, go ahead and get wrapped up in more mind chatter if that's what you're looking for, that's also God's will
  4. It's simple, if there is resistance to what's happening that is a sign of ego. Aligning with God's Will is allowing and flowing with what is. There is congruence between thoughts, actions and that which is taking place. And if something happens which appears to be an obstacle against what you're doing, you adjust your thoughts/actions and align once again with what is. God's Will is simply what's happening.
  5. Yeah, it happens fairly often. And I'm guessing it will happen again in future, learning happens slower than we tend to think. It's nothing to worry about, you're already Home.
  6. There's definitely a deep connection to Source going on there, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I've done this before, I was going to go for one year and it ended up being 18 months. Honestly, I have no tips for you, you will learn everything you need in the process. Just know that being nervous in the beginning is totally normal, I'll never forget the first flight (a one-way ticket to Thailand), I had all kinds of anxious thoughts, but within one week they were all gone and I was having the best time. I would be careful though about the regulations of each country you plan on visiting, in Covid times there are countries that require long and expensive quarantines before they let you enter. Just do your research. Good luck, it's going to be the journey of a lifetime
  8. I need to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.
  9. News flash: you're already selfless
  10. @BipolarGrowth Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time. I didn't quite understand this sentence though.. can you maybe rephrase it?
  11. I like these types of readings, they're fun. My question: am I on the right track with my so-called life purpose?
  12. Spot on.
  13. Yes, you are obsessing too much over this. It sounds like you're glamourizing Leo's videos and taking those ideas too seriously and too literally. You say you want to have time for self-help, but most people who get involved with self-help are only really trying to get to the position you are already in. People want to develop self-discipline and to be able to master a craft of some sort, that's a big part of self-help. As for meditation, you can and should start slow, so 10-15 minutes a day shouldn't really be a problem for you. Regarding exercise, you're so young that you probably already do enough exercise without even trying. You don't really need much of it at this point. All of those things are peanuts, anybody can do them. And you will have time for them in the future, if not now. What most people don't have is the opportunity that you've been given and seem to be taking for granted. I understand you won't want to listen to strangers on the internet (why should you, really?), but do listen to the people who are close to you and care about you and have more life experience. And realize that, no matter how smart you are - and you do seem smart - you are very young and might not be seeing this clearly right now. And if you're not seeing it clearly, the best option is to keep going with the violin, and postpone this decision to a later time when it becomes clear to you.
  14. I wouldn't quit if I were you. You've been given the opportunity to be world-class at something as cool as the violin. Not many people get that chance. You would be giving it up in favour of what? What is it that you are so passionate about that you need the time for? I mean, if there was something tangible that you wanted to dedicate yourself to instead of the violin, I would get it, but is there really? Unless I missed something from your post, I admit that I skimmed through it. Plus I agree with this. Totally. Your future self will thank you if you keep going, whether you end up becoming a professional violin player or not. That decision can be made much later. In the end, you will have mastered something, which is an achievement in itself.
  15. (actually, the "you' is also part of the mystical experience) As I take a shower and notice how I'm fully believing to be human and the beliefs are noticed, it suddenly hits. This is the most amazing mystical experience... making this look mundane. Making it look like there's a world in which "I" could have a mystical experience in the future, if I'm lucky, or in which I've had a mystical experience in the past, and it was amazing - I became God, see?! This is the most ridiculous cosmic joke, utter genius. The every day state is an absolute miracle, instantly appearing together with a bundle of beliefs, sensations and thoughts that timelessly create a "world", a "life". It's the pinnacle of God's creativity, no wonder it keeps on doing this forever... There's no point whatsoever to this post, by the way. Just take a look around, that's a mystical experience.
  16. Just tell her what you posted here. If she doesn't want it, leave and don't look back.
  17. Because you're not really a woman Don't worry, you're not a man either... your true nature is neither man nor woman. Psychedelics tend to temporarily destroy the layers of identification with form. I'm sure by now you've heard that all is one. Would you be sexually attracted to yourself?
  18. It's an investigation into Truth. I have a video about that in my YouTube channel if you want to have a look.
  19. I'm in a similar situation to yours - different style of music though -, and after contemplating it for a while, the answer that came to me and gave me the most satisfaction turned out to be very simple: keep developing your skills and focus on making great music. It appears that you have two songs released... they're nice songs. However, in the grand scheme of things that is very little, so you can't expect to have an audience at this point. Putting out music consistently and becoming a better producer/songwriter/performer is what will open doors for you in the future. When I released my first EP a few months back I also got impatient about trying to market it, only to then realize that I didn't have much to market. 5 songs only, and they were my first effort at producing/mixing. So, obviously, it's not world-class music, it's merely a decent first effort. So I totally gave up on the marketing side of things in order to start focusing on being a better songwriter/producer/mixer. And I've made my peace with the fact that it might take 5-10 years of learning (maybe more, maybe less) to be able to put out a song that's really great. This is not likely the answer you'd like to hear, but it's my honest feedback. If it doesn't resonate, just disregard. And good luck!
  20. @Shin They might get drugged.. a guy slipping a roofie in their drink.
  21. @intotheblack Eye-opening, thanks for sharing.
  22. Good for you, that's a good place to be