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  1. The US supports Israel because it strategically benefits the US, it's as simple as that. Israel is akin to a huge American military base in the Middle East which it can use to push its interests. Look at another ally of the US - Saudi Arabia and the atrocities they're committing towards Yemenites. That's geopolitics for ya. Human Rights organisations (Amnesty International etc) have been speaking out about Apartheid in Israel, ethnic cleansings and displacement of natives in illegally occupied Palestine for decades. What collective West have been doing about it? Nothing The West doesn't care about human rights violations and war crimes as long as it gains something from it.
  2. I just leave it here. The whole concept of raw and primal diets is ahistoric. Anatomically modern humans have never stuck to eating strictly raw food diet. The fire was tamed way before our species arrived at the scene, like about 1 - 2 millions years ago. So we evolved eating cooked food. Also, I don't understand this fixation on raw milk. I drank a lot of this stuff when I was a kid, like fresh unpasteurized cow milk - in my opinion, it's only superior to the regular one tastewise. It's super delicious. And that's it.
  3. Well if you don't trust Aljazeera for some reason, try reading The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappé or The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine - A History of Settler-Colonial Conquest and Resistance by Rashid Khalidi. Both are pretty solid books on the matter. (I didn't notice the previous post. Anyway, it's a pretty good book)
  4. Danioover9000, why are you putting so much emphasis on declining birthrates in the first world countries? It isn't a problem at all. Google what demographic transition is btw, it's a natural inevitability. Overall, the total population of the Earth keeps growing, so mass immigration is one of the solutions. Secondly, with mass automatization, you don't need a lot of people anyway. All this talking about falling birthrates makes it look like people are supposed to have kids. People are supposed to do whatever floats their boat, metaphorically speaking. If they wanna have kids - amazing, if not - perfect as well.
  5. Well, fuck. Unlike Putin, he was the real leader and cared a lot for Russia (yeah I know everything relative and Purin also cares a lot for Russia in his thuggish way). However, getting back to Russia after poisoning was realy stupid move. If you look at Russian history you can see that all successful revolutionaries like Lenin for example didn't live in Russia during their most active years. Lenin lived in Switzerland and Germany before Reolution, otherwise, he would've been hunted down and murdered. I don't see how being dead is helping topple the regime. Navalny was too idealistic.
  6. I guess it depends on where you live. Here, in Kazakhstan it's legal and you can simply go to a site, choose your city, girl, and call or message in WhatsApp. It's extremely cheap as well. But it's a third-world country. I bet things are a little bit different in the States and Western Europe. Also even if it was illegal, so what? Pirating movies and ordering psychedelics on the dark web are illegal as well and here we are, doing all that.
  7. That's kinda hilarious tbh. You don't need to hire a coach or make 1000 approaches to get laid, that's ridiculous. You can simply have sex with a hooker, which is easy af. I think in reality incels don't want to have sex, they want to wallow in their victim mentality and learned helplessness. Very good video on the topic:
  8. isn't chanting as much zen as doing zazen itself? Chanting aims to help you focus your mind and be more intentional as you noted yourself zen has a lot of formal chants for this and that, like meal chants, are very special Also, if you go to a Gelug temple in Russia you'll see monks in traditional Tibetan robes all of them chanting Tibetan mantras during formal service for example. Are they trying to be Tibetans? Hell no, like they usually got educated in Buddhist Gelug monasteries in India and stuff. That's simply the way of this tradition
  9. I think OP has a very shallow notion of what normal is. The following quote by Yuval Noah Harari elaborates on it way better: "Culture tends to argue that it forbids only that which is unnatural. But from a biological perspective, nothing is unnatural. Whatever is possible is by definition also natural. A truly unnatural behavior, one that goes against the laws of nature, simply cannot exist, so it would need no prohibition"
  10. I find his stuff very useful. He covers a lot of topics like zazen for example: https://www.youtube.com/live/3lrCTpwY6rs?si=OyJpLP3UoLQ61OyT or https://www.youtube.com/live/oS80EKYcjo0?si=_nUXgFT8cZERO_16
  11. It isn't a psychedelic, yes. But you can use it to enhance and prolong your regular mushroom trips if you take it an hour prior. Also, Ash55 growing mushrooms isn't as difficult as the internet makes it out to be. There is plenty of info about it. When I was a poor student I had pretty decent harvests, so it isn't a matter of money investment
  12. I'm curious what do you mean by this? In which ways they don't respect your culture? Maybe you should try to travel to a Muslim country to start appreciating and understanding their perspective, what do you think?
  13. I can't believe we're having such threads here lol. The fall of the West is such a bullcrap. 4chan level of discussion.
  14. I think the concept of hallucination in itself is an interesting thing which reflects how people tend to view reality. It makes sense if you use 'others' as a criteria for what is real and what isn't. For example when you see a pink elephant, but the rest of the people don't, they would call it a hallucination When you stop doing that - hallucinations are no more. When you use only your own experience such as sight, sound, smell, taste, touch to determine what real or what isn't, everything is real, otherwise it wouldn't be in your field of perception
  15. Guys, you should read the novels it was based on. The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. If you liked the movie you're in for a treat here.
  16. I'm not so sure about it. It's impossible to check this, my man
  17. So what? I bet some of them are enlightened, but you can't be too sure. I also think that all these medical classifications and labels such as schizophrenia simply reflect how successfully you can function as a member of a society and nothing more. Also technically there isn't any difference between me hearing my friend talking to me and some schizo dude hearing a 'voice' or something. Don't know who wrote this quote, but it vibes with me: 'Once upon a time, a long long time ago, the diversity and variety of human experience was classified into a botany of symptoms meant to police socially constructed definitions of normalcy and sanity that are compatible with the status quo and shareholder value...'
  18. I tripped on 10gr of dried mushrooms and also on huge amount of mycelium (yeah you can trip on Psylocibe Cubensis mycelium, it depends on a substrate it was colonizing tho) more then a dozen times, lost count long time ago. I don't think it can cause a suicide and stuff like this if you do it responsibly, slowly unceasing your dosage, writing teach trip down/contemplating afterwards and doing regular meditation in a strong determination sitting kind of way. Each huge increase in dosage gives the whole trip a new qualitative aspect. I think each increase by 3-5 grams makes mushroom trips qualitatively different in many aspects. Personally - I'm looking towards trying 15gr and eventually even 40gr of dried mushrooms.
  19. What's wrong with coffee btw? Like a lot of these stimulating drinks have been used by mystics from time immemorial. Coffee for example was consumed by Sufi mystics before long sessions of dhikr to keep then awake. Even tea was introduced into the lay society be Chinese buddhis monks who used it for the same exact reason.
  20. Leo, since you're focusing mainly on psychedelics as the main means of achieving enlightenment these days, so no more new videos on different spiritual practices and meditation techniques I guess? The last one if I remember correctly was the video on satisfaction meditation. Which direction are you going to follow with your teaching on psychedelics? Different ways you can contemplate in trips? Different protocols for different substances? Also what about your vlogs, those were quite interesting, like I still remember the one about DPT, it blew my mind.
  21. @Girzo I think you would need too much 5meo to make it worthy. It's not like all 5meo you add to your substrate is going to end up in the mushrooms during fruition. You gonna waste a lot of 5meo which you could have simply buff or smoke. Also, oral dosages of 5meo or 4-ho-5-meo-dmt are higher comparing to other methods, so again this isn't the smartest method. Although I see how someone cold pull it off simply for the sake of science
  22. Check this podcast out, guys.
  23. So here is a brief outline of my situation. I used to live in Russia and when the partial mobilization started I moved to Kazakhstan with thousands of my compatriots. I didn't even have an international passport because it was such a rush decision. Thankfully I have a remote job - I'm a tpp precheck manager, in a nutshell I'm confirming reservations, solving cases when hotels doesn't see bookings, dealing with the hotels, agencies, writing e-mails and such. It is kind of okayish wagewise for Russia cuz when your rent is only $160 a month $500 doesn't seem that bleak. However here things are more complicated, like for example since I don't have an international passport I can't even open an account in local banks. And since Russian banks are cut from swift it isn't easy to transfer your money and convert them into local currency. My sister opened an account for me but it's a such pain in the ass to transfer you money from one bank to another. I applied for an international passport in a Russian embassy, but it's gonna take like 3 months. Another thing is that I can only stay here for 90 days, so soon I will either have to do a visa run to a different country or to buy a fake job contract to get a working visa here. I would appreciate any advice. To be honest I'm not planning on staying here for too long. I'd love to move to Argentina, like it's extremely friendly for migrants, you can easy get a citizenship and Argentinian passport is pretty powerful one. From doing my research online I figured out that you can live in Argentina even on $ 500 a month (in cities like Mar del Plata for instance), another option is Balkan countries (Montenegro specifically). So I'm looking for other ways to earn money online. My working schedule is 2/2 from 9 till 21, I have two days off for either working a potential second job and learning new skills. I already have at least one skill - my English, which I'm using for my job. I'd like to find a job in some entry-levell IT related sphere, like what skills do I have to master? I know that figma is pretty promising thing in this department. Is that so? What skills one can master in a month or two and start making money straight away?
  24. Too much power in one's hands. He definitely didn't do that just to upheld the sanctity of the free speech. Obviously he has other motives for it.