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  1. I think the concept of hallucination in itself is an interesting thing which reflects how people tend to view reality. It makes sense if you use 'others' as a criteria for what is real and what isn't. For example when you see a pink elephant, but the rest of the people don't, they would call it a hallucination When you stop doing that - hallucinations are no more. When you use only your own experience such as sight, sound, smell, taste, touch to determine what real or what isn't, everything is real, otherwise it wouldn't be in your field of perception
  2. Guys, you should read the novels it was based on. The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. If you liked the movie you're in for a treat here.
  3. I'm not so sure about it. It's impossible to check this, my man
  4. So what? I bet some of them are enlightened, but you can't be too sure. I also think that all these medical classifications and labels such as schizophrenia simply reflect how successfully you can function as a member of a society and nothing more. Also technically there isn't any difference between me hearing my friend talking to me and some schizo dude hearing a 'voice' or something. Don't know who wrote this quote, but it vibes with me: 'Once upon a time, a long long time ago, the diversity and variety of human experience was classified into a botany of symptoms meant to police socially constructed definitions of normalcy and sanity that are compatible with the status quo and shareholder value...'
  5. I tripped on 10gr of dried mushrooms and also on huge amount of mycelium (yeah you can trip on Psylocibe Cubensis mycelium, it depends on a substrate it was colonizing tho) more then a dozen times, lost count long time ago. I don't think it can cause a suicide and stuff like this if you do it responsibly, slowly unceasing your dosage, writing teach trip down/contemplating afterwards and doing regular meditation in a strong determination sitting kind of way. Each huge increase in dosage gives the whole trip a new qualitative aspect. I think each increase by 3-5 grams makes mushroom trips qualitatively different in many aspects. Personally - I'm looking towards trying 15gr and eventually even 40gr of dried mushrooms.
  6. What's wrong with coffee btw? Like a lot of these stimulating drinks have been used by mystics from time immemorial. Coffee for example was consumed by Sufi mystics before long sessions of dhikr to keep then awake. Even tea was introduced into the lay society be Chinese buddhis monks who used it for the same exact reason.
  7. Leo, since you're focusing mainly on psychedelics as the main means of achieving enlightenment these days, so no more new videos on different spiritual practices and meditation techniques I guess? The last one if I remember correctly was the video on satisfaction meditation. Which direction are you going to follow with your teaching on psychedelics? Different ways you can contemplate in trips? Different protocols for different substances? Also what about your vlogs, those were quite interesting, like I still remember the one about DPT, it blew my mind.
  8. @Girzo I think you would need too much 5meo to make it worthy. It's not like all 5meo you add to your substrate is going to end up in the mushrooms during fruition. You gonna waste a lot of 5meo which you could have simply buff or smoke. Also, oral dosages of 5meo or 4-ho-5-meo-dmt are higher comparing to other methods, so again this isn't the smartest method. Although I see how someone cold pull it off simply for the sake of science
  9. Check this podcast out, guys.
  10. So here is a brief outline of my situation. I used to live in Russia and when the partial mobilization started I moved to Kazakhstan with thousands of my compatriots. I didn't even have an international passport because it was such a rush decision. Thankfully I have a remote job - I'm a tpp precheck manager, in a nutshell I'm confirming reservations, solving cases when hotels doesn't see bookings, dealing with the hotels, agencies, writing e-mails and such. It is kind of okayish wagewise for Russia cuz when your rent is only $160 a month $500 doesn't seem that bleak. However here things are more complicated, like for example since I don't have an international passport I can't even open an account in local banks. And since Russian banks are cut from swift it isn't easy to transfer your money and convert them into local currency. My sister opened an account for me but it's a such pain in the ass to transfer you money from one bank to another. I applied for an international passport in a Russian embassy, but it's gonna take like 3 months. Another thing is that I can only stay here for 90 days, so soon I will either have to do a visa run to a different country or to buy a fake job contract to get a working visa here. I would appreciate any advice. To be honest I'm not planning on staying here for too long. I'd love to move to Argentina, like it's extremely friendly for migrants, you can easy get a citizenship and Argentinian passport is pretty powerful one. From doing my research online I figured out that you can live in Argentina even on $ 500 a month (in cities like Mar del Plata for instance), another option is Balkan countries (Montenegro specifically). So I'm looking for other ways to earn money online. My working schedule is 2/2 from 9 till 21, I have two days off for either working a potential second job and learning new skills. I already have at least one skill - my English, which I'm using for my job. I'd like to find a job in some entry-levell IT related sphere, like what skills do I have to master? I know that figma is pretty promising thing in this department. Is that so? What skills one can master in a month or two and start making money straight away?
  11. Too much power in one's hands. He definitely didn't do that just to upheld the sanctity of the free speech. Obviously he has other motives for it.
  12. Pretty inspiring video
  13. It's surprising they didn't join NATO 8 years ago when Russia annexed Crimea and destabilized eastern Ukraine
  14. With current clusterfuck in Ukraine Russia isn't able to do anything to neither Finland nor Sweden. Never gonna happen NATO or no NATO. It's all bluff. At this point I'm not sure whether Russia even has nuclear weapon ready to strike, it might have been rusted to shit.
  15. Learn the basics of German grammar and then immerse yourself in a German language. Stop reading and watching content in your native language altogether. Make your own Anki deck for all the new words and idioms you stumble upon to memorize them. Repeat the old words and learn the new ones every day. Use Italki to develop your speaking skills. Consistency is the key.
  16. Condoning and silently supporting Israel's apartheid against Palestinians and Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. If only the West had the same reaction towards these atrocities as it has now towards Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  17. I don't think it's a scam, although there're definitely people who scam using Tarot. All divination systems are merely tools which help you to develop your own intuition. For example I have some experience with I-Ching and my predictions have been quite accurate so far.
  18. Well in my opinion there're infinite degrees of awakening. You can trip all your life and only scratch the surface. Even if Sadhguru hasn't experienced 5-meo-DMT or DPT levels of consciousness that doesn't mean that he isn't awaken. He is definitely more conscious than an average person. Also his wrong social takes are just his wrong social takes. Growing up and waking up are different things and have different dynamic. There were awakened af zen masters who supported Japanese imperialism during WWII (I'm not condoning an imperialism here, just saying) On the whole very interesting podcast, too bad Rogan didn't ask him about DMT though lol
  19. Hi everyone. So I've found that my meditation is more effective when I use earplugs. My parents usually watch tv everyday and to me the tv noise is distracting in its irritation (apparently it has some emotional baggage, other noises are mostly ok). I have to spend a lot of time differentiating the irritation from the sound and observing it until the irritation passes or subsides and it eats up a lot of time from every seat. Sometimes my mom just walks around the apartments talking to herself loudly which also doesn't make it any easier. In rare cases of silence (or when I use earplugs) my meditation is more smooth and enjoyable. I practice system from 'Mind Illuminated' btw. However, can it be harmful in the long run because I'm feeling that I'm cutting myself out of the environment so to speak, like how I gonna be calm and joyful in everyday life if I can't manage some noise from the adjacent room? It feels kinda like cheating. On the other hand how about all those monks who live in caves and jungles? I suppose they live that way to avoid distractions and are pretty effective regardless
  20. He isn't going to occupy Ukraine. I think he will dismantle Ukrainian democracy and get rid of its political elites. Ukraine is going to be another Russian client state just like Belarus or Kazakhstan. I feel sad and sorry for them, since Ukraine was a real democracy, not without flaws, but still, and it's a big deal for a post-USSR country.
  21. If you want something very simple - then When Awareness Becomes Natural by Sayadaw U Tejaniya is for you. Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice by Shunryu Suzuki is great as well.
  22. To be honest I don't know what is the issue with your practice, personally I feel more calm and happy after it. I use 'Nam Myoho Renge Kyo' mantra and repeat it for an hour. I consider it supplementary practice though.
  23. Ukraine and Hong Kong protests were authentic. What are you on, dude Also what happening in Kazakhstan is quite simple - people got sick and tired of Nazarbayev and the fuel price spike was the final straw. So they deposed him. I think Russia may use this situation to invade Kazakhstan as it did with Ukraine during The Revolution of Dignity (but I hope it wont). It's hilarious to see how this thread degraded into discussion about how Russia is a shithole. In some ways it is a shithole but it's more complicated than that. There is beauty in every country and a silver lining in every situation.
  24. They may have high income and GDP but you can't have a democracy if your population at Red or Blue stage of development. You can give tribal people great infrastructure and high income - however they won't stop holding onto tribal values. Look closely for example how all this great infrastructure was built by the way. By slave force, that should tell you something about Gulf states' societies.