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  1. Hey @Leo Gura I thought you would find this game to be right up your alley if you haven't heard about it before.
  2. In the video he accuses @Leo Gura of being of a gaslighting sociopath and makes statements regarding his teaching style such as: "I am right because I am right, and if you don't think I am right, it's because you are decieving yourself". "This is what cult leaders do: Insist that they're right and any doubt or sentiment to the contrary is absurd. That voice of sanity telling you this is bullshit, don't listen to it. Listen to me, only listen to me". Go through the comments and look for "any doubt or senitment to the contrary" and you will clearly see him respond with very belittling/abrasive remarks such as: "Literally everything you just said is wrong. I made this video specifically for you. Please watch it and learn something." "You've chosen to believe in fantasies that make you feel special. Yes, you are lying to yourself. Either try to substantiate those entities empirically, or admit what I'm saying." "Leo is indeed a fool, and a cult leader, and a total douchebag. Get out of the cult now." "No, you have not experienced either of them first hand. Astral projection isn't real, and you've never been dead. So wow, like most other self-deluding mystics, you are horrible at asserting anything that even deserves to be discussed." One could easily make a case that these kinds of remarks are also gaslighting/diminishing tacticts to people who make any slight obejction. It's obvious he is committing the very "sin" (for lack of a better term) he is accusing Leo of committing. There's a very toxic game of mudslinging going on here. If he stayed in his lane and just made math and science videos there would no issue at all but he insists to antagonize everything he stands for. It's rather disheartening to witness.
  3. @Dumb Enlightened Gotta say that seems pretty accurate to me. Hawkins has warned about "aggressive proselytizing" and he seems to fit the bill. His coffee with Zzenn videos and education seem somewhat integrous though. Thanks for the calibration.
  4. Okay. I hope you find value in his work.
  5. After reading several books by David R. Hawkins, it is quite evident his unspiritual shtick is under level 200 (see map of consciousness). I would say its around the level of pride(175-199) ,considering he defends his scorn of the "new age". However he may have had a real kundalini experience (satori), which calibrates in the mid to high 500s (Uncondtional Love). I think he's fallen into egotistical intellectualizing to cope with bad experiences in new age cults and even said he was with scientology for 3 months, which calibrates (with muscle testing) at 190. Perhaps if he surrendered slandering (level 75) Leo and others he could rise up to level 600 and beyond, which is where true mystical experiences (samadhi/siddhis) begin.