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  1. @Shiva Yes. That is what I am going to do. Dependant is not good habit.
  2. We missed him very much.
  3. I am observing sprit and power in my nature if you could elaborate this.
  4. @Leo Gura great. My men, keep up. We are eager to see you how you are now.
  5. I think 🤔 he is also a game developer that what I heard him talking on his video.
  6. What is Leo education expertise?
  7. How do you save psych energy for the day?
  8. What we can learn and act from Jesus christ?
  9. What are best techniques to do affirmation better?
  10. @Truth Addict concept also doesn't exist it is all illusion, reality also an illusion and illusion consider as reality. Endless loops of mental masterbation and seeking.
  11. @Truth Addict I know matter is energy. You need energy in every direction of life.
  12. @Truth Addict of course @Leo Gura is our master and teacher to excel us to growth. In our belief there is a devil who is angle, prisoned in Seoul for the last judgment day and there are siant angles who protect us from evil. Religion doesn't mean non materialslist it means getting your material need with truth and honesty You also as self is material.
  13. I don't understand why the master shut his mouth.