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  1. That is not the word I meant to type in my previous comment I am very sorry. I meant to use another word and I am not sure how I ended up typing that and the copy paste from one section the other. SORRY I will sit back now and just pay attention ... I won't be using my keyboard and keep praticing my english.
  2. We don't kill we just multiple?
  3. Sorry it just comes off a little bit needy. If his answeres are not "enough" for you it could be you have surpassed him... check your notes you must have wrote it down.
  4. Haha I for etold this in my first comment... Like so many others you are here thinking you you can teach Leo a lesson your are trying to teach Leo how to be Leo. You came here innocently asking him about his strategies but you are really here to give him advice. Trust me if you really had something to teach it would show and we would all be listening to you instead. Tu amigo
  5. Based on your commenting in other videos, I'd say you are asking in order to provoke Leo, then proceed to be passive agressive towards anybody that disagrees and ultimately feel you walk away having taught Leo a lesson. Tu amigo
  6. @capriciousduck Hi the reasing behind this "phrases" about not speaking about your goals is that when you do... People around will naturally give you praise and motivation just for making the decision for yourself. This will boost your self esteem almost immediately something that naturally should occur after you accomplish a goal not when you first plan the idea. So it is said that when you get this immediate gratification you loose some of that impulse or longing that first pushed you into making the goal in the first place. The original praise might be enough for some people and they will forget about the goal. Plus to me it just seems like added presure. If you are the type of persone that thrives under pressure I'd say tell the whole world. Tu amigo
  7. Yes, but then again, when will it ever be the time? This thread also demonstrates how badly conscious politics is needed. @Leo Gura YES!
  8. Now we're talkin'. Good list. Now you're gonna do something about these problems yourself Leo? This is what you think you're gonna solve with your time and efforts? Dang man, you can be really passive aggresive b***h Jose
  9. Unlike you, I don't subscribe to "rights" or childish notions of freedom. Me and every other sane person will get together and limit your ability to be a devil precisely because we don't like devils running loose. So we will physically prevent you from enslaving others. And you'll have to deal with that or die. That's life. While you talk childish nonsense we will create a better government and better world for the majority of us. You will end up benefiting from our work even though you sit there and make a mockery of it. Thank you!
  10. There is no voluntary choice about being in a society. You are part of society whether you like it or not. You're living in a libertarian fantasy land where you think that ants have a say about whether they are part of an ant colony. They do not have such a luxury and neither do humans. Without society you are dead. It's as simple as that. So you have no choice unless you want to die. In which case, feel free to go off and starve in the forest alone by yourself. That is your choice. The rest of us must figure out better ways of living together. Cooperation is mandatory on this planet. You can refuse cooperation but you may be killed for it. So expect much worse than a ban if you actually stick to your ideology. Of course you are a hypocrite and you do not stick to your ideology because it is impossible. Otherwise you'd already be dead. You are only alive thanks to society. But in your mind you think it's all you just being independent. This is delusion and arrogance of the highest order. Dang now that is a BURN!!
  11. Enough of your libertarian foolishness. You clearly don't understand or appreciate how society works. You are defending an ideological position. Don't bother denying it, I spotted you from day 1. Haha so true, from day one!
  12. @Harikrishnan Of course you let it go... because it's not real, you just made it up. If she actually gets married you will have to learn to accept it guess what you will still be ok. If you start feeling bad for yourself remember you are creating those thoughts also and let those go too.
  13. @Mulky Oh man this is great thank you, now you made me question something else. I have to wonder if the bird wanted to fly before it adapted to fly ... Would be a good pro argument for manifestation Tu amigo
  14. Thank you, but I am talking more about how the Caterpillar is born with knowledge of how to build a cocoon and become a butterfly. Tu amigo
  15. Different species reach sexual maturity at different points. For humans most will agree we should wait for adulthood. To use a reference since the year 1 AC none of our family trees will include more the 130 generations of humans, while if you look at the falily tree of a mouse it would include thousands of generations in the same time span. It's my feeling that animals have evolved, adapted so much to their enviornments (Highly evolved) beyond humans comprehension that we lost the ability to sympathize with them and see that we are all one. My question is, have you ever envied an animal for one of their trades? Note: I am not using facts here just a calculator and a keyboard Tu amigo