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  1. Thanks guys, just the aspect of being around like minded people was really pulling my strings. There is a lot of kind hearted people in city so I am sure I will find a group I better fit in soon.@Brivido FYI, I have started on the book list and enjoying it very much.
  2. Need a bit of help to understand Kriya yoga. Where I live I was only able to find one spot where people are practicing Kriya. I just called them a few minutes ago, they didn't answer at first but then they returned the call and asked me to have a zoom call with them in a few a hours. I am worried I am going to get a sale's pitch. They now sent me their Website link where there is numerus mentions to "financial donations" that they say represent the physical body surrender. That last part just sounds manipulative to me. Because I want to surrender and purify my karma but the way they ask us to do it through"financial donations" just happens to be very convenient for them. Apperantly I need to participate in an initiation which I would actually love to experience. But the amounts of money mentioned would be a big sacrifice for me and a nice chunk of change in their pockets. Can anyone kindly share if any similar experience? Right now I am more leaning to doing it anyway even though it will make my life a bit more difficult. I can easily change my mind I am not attached to any of the options in light, of new information. Gracias
  3. Why did you start thinking this was a problem? Some times people can put ideas in our head about how we should be or it can be result of a bad experience. Treating people nicely is what we should all be doing. Instead of changing how you treat people you should add boundaries you aren't willing to let others cross. So instead of changing how you treat others you are now changing how you treat you by protection yourself.
  4. All is one. Your hate for Sudhguru come from your love and attachment to the work. What you believe, it should be.
  5. Is your plan to be Leo's traslator? I think there are better ways to approach this.
  6. If it's fear that feel, do some role play. Play it out in your mind, make it real and consider the worst possible scenario of that fear you experienced. If nothing is real then ... When I do this personally, I usually find that my worst fear aint that bad.
  7. If you are new to SD, maybe scrap this idea and look for inspiration in a topic you are more familiar with or possibly exploring just one of the stages. Something to consider is that SD is trademarked so you might have problems with marketing your finish product with your original idea.
  8. Wow aphantasia also just blew my mind and it's common most people don't find out they have it till after age 30
  9. Thanks Leo, it is us. It's in motion for sure.
  10. I live in Mexico, and I know many people in stage Orange that maybe will never be stage green because of the responsability they feel of taking care of their children. Sure this repeats it self in all countries. Until all governments are able to guarantee the well being of ALL the children in the world by providing them quality health care and education we will be in a stand still. It has become clear it wont be us it wont be now, the ones to change the world aren't yet to come
  11. According to Leo we create meaning, in reality everything is meaningless and it's us who give meaning to things. I have also experienced this directly, when you strip everything down there is nothing there but the stories we play in our brains. Higher consciousness is a solo path, you might think it is counter intuitive but through the path you will feel more connected to everything not just your friends and family. The same way you wouldn't share a phychologist session with somebody else this path is yours to take because it would be particular to your experiences. It doesn't mean you won't have the beautiful life experiences that you want, if fact when you live consciously you will be able to live them and appreciate them in moment down to every breath.
  12. Yeah but most species do slept once every 24 hours. I am mostly curious whether or not sleep patterns would increase exponentially for life on other planets. Say species would sleeps once every 48 hrs, every 96 hrs, every 192 hr... When would it stop? I know I don't need to know this right now but I am amazed that it is GOD adapting
  13. Does time only make sense on earth? It seems that no matter on which planet you inhabit you would only sleep once a day for a fraction of it. Suppose a day last 48 hours in a planet do you think life on that planet would sleep 16 hours a day, to me it makes sense that they would adapt as we did to night and day. How would that affect evolution on that planet since technically we are must vulnerable when we sleep. Is it similar to a fractal...
  14. Don't do it if you have a condition, the same thing happened to an ex - girlfriend that had diabetes. I drove her to the hospital she entered a diabetic coma for a day she woke not remember anything. I was unaffected the whole time with the same dose.
  15. He is native so some people around him would most likely be scared to talk to him, I guess people associated it with having a demon. He might be a bit impressionable so I am really interested in is figuring out how I should talk to him about it. I don't want to introduce any ideas, I don't want the first advice I give him about this to be... Hey cousin maybe you should be a magician now. I guess I think he should first figure out how he feels about this. He said to me, I think I am going insane seeing things that might not really be there.