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  1. @Mulky Oh man this is great thank you, now you made me question something else. I have to wonder if the bird wanted to fly before it adapted to fly ... Would be a good pro argument for manifestation Tu amigo
  2. Thank you, but I am talking more about how the Caterpillar is born with knowledge of how to build a cocoon and become a butterfly. Tu amigo
  3. Different species reach sexual maturity at different points. For humans most will agree we should wait for adulthood. To use a reference since the year 1 AC none of our family trees will include more the 130 generations of humans, while if you look at the falily tree of a mouse it would include thousands of generations in the same time span. It's my feeling that animals have evolved, adapted so much to their enviornments (Highly evolved) beyond humans comprehension that we lost the ability to sympathize with them and see that we are all one. My question is, have you ever envied an animal for one of their trades? Note: I am not using facts here just a calculator and a keyboard Tu amigo
  4. Haven't they all pretty much agreed that Enlightenement is acceptance of the moment? If your not enjoying it is happiness. You can't spread it while it is slipping in between your fingers. If you wish to keep the little happines you have, don't waste it worrying about something that hasn't happened. Realize you have invented this concept of running out. Tu amigo
  5. Easy start building good habits, best to do one by one (Workout routine, Meal plans, take an online course) and pretty soon people might even start thinking your an adult now. Tu amigo
  6. For me it wasn't about being un-happy ... I have always tried to be observent and I had begun to learn by talking to other people how much room for improvment I had in my life, school, work and personal. They all seem blend and I saw the pattern I was laking one thing in all of them dicipline. Even if I look back about if I was happy or not the one thing I can say for sure is that when I begin to learn I started to fell right alway that things would get so much better ...and to use your word I would be happier. Tu amigo
  7. I think the point the people you are quoting may be trying to make is that when creating a product you should stay original to yourself. Introspect a bit, figure out what you are really care about and let your passion be your muse. It’s not likely they are asking you to think up something that nobody has ever thought about before (That would be horrible advise, they might as well tell you… Just don’t be poor anymore) more likely they are subconsciously letting you know that you already have all the answers J. You see the patterns because they are in our face almost like recipes. There is nothing wrong with patterns, everyone is just trying to make a living and not everyone may be as blessed as you. If inspiration is what you need try the observation technique Sincerely tu amigo
  8. I say do your nose, 100% it will make you feel better and it is low risk. Just don't get experimental butt inplants will soon be out of style.
  9. I was at a Market this weekend and their was shop with beautiful stones, the man tending shop started talking to me about Chakras. He grabed a Crystal and told me ... Here here take this Crystal and everymorning you wave it infront of your body and you repite some mantra he spoke and you tell yourself that it has power only you can charge it give it power. So you keep repiting it to yourself until you believe it and then it will work for you. When I walked alway all that I could think about was if their would be any difference if I did the same think he told me to do but with my cellphone instead of the Crystal so I could save 2 dollars.