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I'm currently working as a web developer in a big company. I don't like all the bureaucracy, the rigidity, and the lack of independence. I think starting as a freelance would be an easy way to get into business. I want to mention that I'm not living in a first world country, so the companies here don't pay that much compared to europe or north america. I cannot ask for the local companies if they need some freelancers and getting high paid opportunities, I can only ask online.

Is it easy to do? I consider myself as one of the most competent person in my company, some other workers also think the same.


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19 minutes ago, Beeman said:

Do you have portfolio? 

No, but I have a GitHub account with some old projects. I also have a little more of 2 years of professional experience. I started computer programming when I was 15, and now I'm 22.

46 minutes ago, olegkorniienko said:

You should start ,yes!

Start your freedom and build your own brand!

Do you have some experience in the domain?

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@Raphael The best advice I can give to you is to start your business while working for your current job. Get yourself situated. Build a portfolio. Get a customer or two. Once you feel like you can support yourself to a level you are comfortable with (this might include cutting some luxuries), then quit your current job. Quitting without having something to fall back on might end up biting you later on. 

Keep in mind that owning a business is a ton of work, more so than working for another company. You also should research how your country handles taxes, whether there are reasons why you shouldn't start your own company, and whether there's a market for your particular brand. 

Another option might be to consider moving to a first-world country where you feel your time is being appropriately awarded, but this is a much larger step. You could also request a raise. Sometimes companies simply don't give people raises if they aren't requested. If you're truly that valuable to your company, they may be willing to pay more to keep you around.

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Get your vision situated

Then, gather the necessary info. I'd first and foremost recommend befriending freelancers, that will be your biggest asset 

Second to that, take a freelancing course, understand the psychology of what gets your hired and learn how to market yourself

Very powerful and inspirational: 


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