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  1. how do you see gnosticism and self actualization, mostly what we do here is similar to gnosticism, know thyself, actualizing potential, actualizing we are gods, etc. gnosticism contain very amazing mythology that is connected with self actualization, @Leo Gurawhat is your point of view? do you think your teaching can go on that way? and for self actualizers, what are your experience and attitudes about it?
  2. @Knowledge congratulations 🎊.
  3. @Nahm @dflores321 @Osaid @tuckerwphotography @Consept @UDT @Javfly33 @Member if three is no purpose why do we get this much serious instead of enjoying it?
  4. what is the absolute purpose of life, especially for Leo? I heard you on one of your videos, you have said that, the only purpose to life is actualize your self, to understand life from big perspective, what is the purpose of life from absolute and relative point?
  5. "you are the devil." Leo gura
  6. What we mistake about ego, for those of us, who are in spirituality think we can erdcate the ego or kill the ego, but ego is very neccessary as the truth, without ego nothing possible. Ego is very important, like dream is important for waking consciousness. like animals consciousness are very important for humans consciousness, without relative point, life is impossible even death too. You will never know weather you die or alive, weather you are living being or non living being. To experiences oneself one has to create false self to project it's identity. Ego and truth works as day and night, when one take place the other leaves. By fighting the ego you can only project it outside. Fighting the ego is tying to go in to your dream and wage a war. Impossible. Ego is very neccessary. These remind my spiritual experience as jesus was tempted in the desert, the ego said to me you can't defeat me, I saw it on the other people appearance projected, then I totally i accept it, and it vanished. What are your ideas?
  7. @Justine that is a good realization.
  8. @Justine that is a good realization.
  9. Traps of self actualization? The future motivation of self actualization? All your self actualization traps, mistakes , and rewards?
  10. It's not a birthday problem. People doesn't want to be treated as teens if they are adults. Everybody trying to be father or mother to anyone, to appear big, that creates aging. Aging is psychology. It is unconscious belief, if you untie it , you can stay as you like. For me , my friends and everyone complains with agitation why I always be young. Society respect old people, and we have a tendency to imitate.
  11. there is no such thing as negative. First stop Labeling people as negative. second see it as positive. if you can't be postive, what is the point of Labeling people negative? be postive, if don't like the situation, just move with love and Postivity. extra, boundaries.
  12. aging is a belief. if u don't want to age, you can stay at whatever age you want. I am 28 but look 18. research deeply, there are multiple people who claims this belief to be true. Bruce lipton have talk about in great way. there are also deaging hypnosis. on my personal experience it is you, yourself unconsciously program yourself to age. simply aware you are doing it, if have that level of consciousness.
  13. Is self actualization continue, after once get at turquoise stage. Most enlightened people would stop three, they become teachers and they learn less and do themselves. What motivation turquoise can have about life? after realizing oneness with cosmos? I would love leo to shoot motivation video to revive our sprit to keep us going the self actualization process, and to highlight traps and journey of self actualization, his experiences from how he start up to now.
  14. @Leo Gura Jesus existed. I am the witness of his existence. experiencing the same experience he has, everthing happend in the bible and other text that happened to Jesus happen to me. Jesus christ is consciousness, consciousness always repeat itself in different circumstances and situations.
  15. @Conscientious Anon the people who have known truth have chosen to speak rather than to write. All over the world ­ it cannot be just coincidence ­ in all the centuries, all over the world, they have chosen to speak. There is some fundamental significance in it. They all know the word cannot convey the truth, but the spoken word at least can have something alive in it. The gesture of the Master, the eyes of the Master ­ something of the Master is bound to be moving with the word, like an aroma, a fragrance which you cannot catch hold of, you cannot pinpoint. But the spoken word has a totally different dimension than the written word. The same word written is just a corpse of the same man who was alive. The written word is like a corpse, and the spoken word is throbbing with life ­ at least for the moment when somebody is there to listen to it. Between the listener and the speaker, for a moment, there is an alive vibration. The word is not alone: the gesture, the eyes, the voice, the depth from where it is coming.... On a flat piece of paper where will you find the depth? In ink where will you find the eyes, the gestures, the sound? It will be just dead. It will be the same word but the fire will not be in it. It will be a candle without flame. But the candle is not important; what is important is the alive flame. Osho