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  1. @Amilaer--- good thanks. I was thinking he needs break.
  2. no videos these consecutive weeks, what would be the next video title, so we can do brain storm questions? and any update about your situation.
  3. what is science? What things consider to be science? is scientific theory a science? benefit of science for humanity is science international? is there scientific institution who verify scientific discovery? who is a scientist? etc
  4. Good suggestion. I will check him out. what I mean is different teachers and mentors from different Sprial levels.
  5. people admire quality based on their level of consciousness.
  6. I heard you you mention some people on your videos like Eben Pagan, Ken wilber, who else other do you recommend?
  7. @purerogue yes I am from ethiopia. @purerogue trump didn't participate in ethiopia Eritrea peace bringing condition. But what I realize you got the most devilsh and lier president you have.
  8. true Spirituality is liberation. watch when you want and stop watching when you don't want. be free from it, like animals. porn isn't bad thing. there are many benefits of porn and harm also, use it wisely. everything depends upon your consciousness not the stuff, aspire to increase your consciousness.
  9. @purerogue trump is totally crazy. he didn't even know where Dr abiy is from. he said he is from Japan, but pm abiy is from ethiopia. he has done tremendous job in ethiopia, Dr abiy is a yellow stage value system man. even though he has done a lot of good work the people couldn't handle it because most of the people are at stage purple and red.
  10. trump dragged prime minister Dr abiy ahmed for having a Nobel prize. he didn't even know who pm abiy is, and claims he deserves abiy amhed prize. I see now trump is a psychopath. he even didn't know where Dr abiy is he said from Japan, abiy said if Trump needs nobel prize he should go directly to nobel prize institution not ethiopia.
  11. for example 1. don't be ideological These perfect instructions but failed to apply the principles to itself. by not being ideological, you will fall into ideological which is non ideological as ideology. so let's create a progrmatic algorithm that handle exception with examples. For example we could be ideological on being a loving person. we could have a good intention to humanity as ideology. exception could be for example loving person as long as someone loves you or reciprocate, you could be loving as long as someone loves you good enough, because what is the point someone hate you and you love them? go for all 65 core life principles of living a good life.
  12. @LordFall if Leo brings up new ideas and teaching it would awesome. I mean all of his videos are very profound. I prefer he go to his videos more scientific, more religious and so on. he only cares about the structure but not the content. for example his Sprial dynamics video series are awesome. sameness vs difference grasping the illusory nature of thought etc this kind of his video are super. I mean it would be difficult for him to make a quality of video per week that is too much work. he needs to make deep research and present very high quality video, I can see from his voice he is lacking passion and energy from newer videos, only mystical insight. But any way we are learning lets keep up.
  13. I verified devil is us.
  14. Trump posses unhealthy stage red value system.
  15. Love it.