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  1. Leo explained devil is us. Why I don't understand is that is it mean an angle called Lucifer doesn't exist? In chrstian mythology the devi is an angel and fall down for wishing God position chrstian believes devil is who opposed to God commandments and anyone who did the same thing as devil is looks and become devil. I can see my devillry and God property speak and argue inside of my heart and my head, but I want more clarity? What about lower 4d entiy demons? Need clarity?
  2. What is actuality - Distinguish Direct Experience vs Concept What is actuality video mis interpreted, Actuality - the state of existing in reality. not materialism, @Leo Gurawas talking about materialistic view of actuality.
  3. @Leo Gura I was thinking the same and was wondering to make a research, what a coincidence. I would love to see what it like. Interested.
  4. @Leo Gura Of course I have to. But it comes on my mind, I don't want it to be put and become just a belief. That is why I ask. Thanks, I will.
  5. If we think the universe is the reflection of God quality and all the universe qualities comes at the same time how truth could be the prior?
  6. @Leo Gura Leo gura said "truth is prior to proof. You can have a murder with zero proof, but you cannot have proof of a murder which never occurred." Proof is a secondary phenomenon. Truth is a primary phenomenon. That is from police investigatior points of view?. When the murder happens that is truth and also it is proof that murder is committed. Everthing can't exist with other, Everthing happens simultaneously. Example if I am eating food I also Listening, watching, feeling, thinking, smelling etc. But I only highlight that the eating part, that is what happening here. For example it is true that you exist when you proof that you exist being is a proof, equally at the same time with truth. If we buy in to scientific model that will keep us going. it all boils downsom from which perspective we are looking in it. When The truth also wants to proof itself that it is a truth, it happens at an instance time which at the same time, equally exist with truth. If we are talking about scientific model of truth that would be correct, because it goes chronological.
  7. This question goes to @Leo Gura In the mechanic of belief video he talked about this thing, so that I asking for clarification.
  8. @Shiva@Shiva everything exist simultaneously. The scientific model of truth is helps people to survive, To build new technologies. When I say I am exist that is truth, and when I proff that I exist that is also happening at the same time.
  9. I think digesting the thoughts will help.
  10. @Shiva no I don't think so, that is not absolute proof and truth, that is human scientific model of proof. Poof can be thoughts, word, speech, action maths, logic, English anything. It could be any form. You mention mathematical formula of proof. Proof can be consciousness. So proof, Truth, and any other qualities exist equally at the same time. When you proof that you exist your consciousness will make know that you exist as the time.
  11. Why did you look outside, when the things happens on you in the inside. Proof is not something always outside it could be inside, your consciousness has a proff everyday day that you exist. Proof is a God quality that was there with truth and everything at the same time.
  12. What is this thing? 4 hours Zone of Genius work every day.
  13. Bredon talks about the ultimate quality of human skills is positive projection. What do you think about this. Leo talked the opposite of this.
  14. @Anton_Pierre is it for business or private, it depends on what you want to create. But you can go with cms software like WordPress, joomla, drupal. You can check my websites for more
  15. @Anton_Pierre yes.
  16. @CreamCat is it working hard for 4 hours everyday?
  17. Why I hate when women chase me and call me?
  18. Guys it is not worshiping and ideolizeing, it is about giving recognition and validation for what he made. It is a thankful message so he can create more thing and inspired.
  19. Jesus christ is the son of God and the son of man. As he said he is God in the Gospel. I have very little direct experience about him. If we think and assume that he don't lie and he sticks to truth and love, until death we could believe that what he said. Me and father are one. As long as you don't eat eat the flesh of son of man you have no life. Jesus require life commitment and seeking. @Leo Gura I amuse that Leo didn't discover Jesus if he is truly concerned with truth, at least he didn't try to pray ? in the name of Jesus, if he absolutely concerned with truth ?. Maybe I will wait in the future.
  20. After sawing what is actuality distinguish direct experience vs concept video I understand what Leo calls direct experience is, not what we are referring here, it is a word choas. He made a great point there. Direct experience is the king.
  21. How your direct experience be trusted?
  22. I observe sadhgrhu speaks only little insight and highly repeated over and over again on so many seminars?