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  1. And here i though you had at least decent seeker knowledge, but all you got is this petty little argument, damnnn, no need for other words.
  2. You started and you like doing it, i showed you that you like it. I will give you no more attention, because that's what keeps your weakness alive in the first place.
  3. What does this have anything to do with what i asked, it was a simple question at least for an enlightened person and it should have a simple answer, not questions that keep on avoiding the question or hide as if they are needed to answer my question. To your question for whatever worth it may have, of course i control what the hero is doing in the movie proportional to what i want to gain which is my sense of control through what i consider good or morally good, how?, simple i give in and let my emotions be controlled by the imitations of reality that movies try to aim always with a gain and renforcement of my initial control need and then let the things play out. Again as i mentioned you question is totally out of place.
  4. Must be a highly regarded skill to get high out of your mind, no wait it isn't but for you it is. Keep on frying your brain and when you have none write to me so that i can stand your words.
  5. Very easy, it's the one that likes to grow as it always has, i have a ego and part of that ego is seeing thing go nice by my definition of good, it makes things look as if they are under control. The hero hurting them would make things look like they are out of control for me. So not only did you not answer at all but you expressed so far no ability to read anything i said, something a enlightened person would not do.
  6. If i were here to learn then would have to assume as a truth that anyone here knows the truth, do you know any such person or any person that wants to see him/her self as such? So this makes your entire view egoistical or assuming as if you know the truth or anyone else here does. Most of the truths you have integrated started from free knowledge from true enlightened people who did no judge you in any way because they knew how weak people like you are to such things yet of course you do exactly that but without any authority or self generated value to do so. And that much is the value of anything you say in that regard.
  7. I would first doubt that part of me that wants such change.
  8. If you're enlightened which part of you gains from helping others? What's the reason? If there is no reason or benefit then why don't you go killing people or doing "bad" things? Isn't there a egoistic pattern there? EDIT: why only sincere seekers, is that an excuse for your inability?
  9. Maybe you are terrified of your own intuition, and that reality is logical and solid, i say this because i gave no indication of what you said and so it is a clear projection from you. Same for the second sentence, "you know it in your heart", and again in the next sentence implying that this is the reason why you yourself come in this forum to deny this reality you fear. Next one is actualy your mystical mind that refuses to accept it and you are stuck in a sad case of cognitive dissonance. In the next one you express your hope that it can me overcome if you start being normal again and act normal and with what you can deal with. The next one i don't understand maybe form some other reply someone made me. See you exposed yourself.
  10. Then be honest, but real honest, would it hurt to add in every sentence that it is not logical? Or would it hurt implying it in some way that it isn't logical, or do you really gain some pleasure or some value from leaving it so undefined and hoping that someone and most importantly yourself will believe that it is actually logical and so a bit true?
  11. You do realize that none of that is logical? I say this because the way you express your self is like it actually is logical in some way or entirely. Your post not being logical is only personal experience, and personal experience is also me claiming that pink unicorns are real, so in this sense anyone in the planet saying unicorns are real and your comment are the same, the only difference is that they come from different sources.
  12. This is not it. The cause of procrastination are mainly these, 1 the things you have done in the past and 2 what doing right know will imply doing in the future. Procrastination is what happens when something you are doing right now is going or will lead to going against actions you have done in the past, it's that simple. Every action has karma when you are bound by it, so unless you are free you will have to play by the rules and your mind knows the rules and it also knows the consequences of going against those rules. So for mortals the solution will always always require a sacrifice, sometimes it comes from your identity as motivation, or from taking some addrall, guilt feeling, hate, anger, love, ect all these feelings if you have them at your disposal will do the trick and take that requirement for sacrifice, when you have none you simply can't act.
  13. You simply can't. You can only assume or believe, if you want to verify through logic you can do that with a lot of trouble, with wishful thinking it is easiest but with equal value even though some people wish to think otherwise.
  14. These are just my two cents, but have you considered not taking them? Or watch spongebob and some kids cartoons and take them after. Or better yet if this stuff just over amplifies anything that has effected you emotionally, maybe just maybe it is utterly worthless and any worth from it comes from dumbing down yourself.
  15. There is no difference from depersonalisation and multiple personality disorder as well. There simply isn't one bit of a difference not one! That splinter which is your identity can be god or some random human personality or animal personality, i guess when that splinter is god things run more smoothly and with less pain since you assume you are doing it to yourself, also anything you desire, imagine, dream of, lack of control and influence are all experienced by you and the forms or things of reality including their relationship that denies you those abstract thing becoming real or changing the way you want, are all in fact you again. So basically even if it is classic symptoms of depersonalization, if it doesn't hinder your life over all that is just perfect, i mean in the end they are a disorder for doing exactly the opposite of that. But in all fairness i think it is impossible to pull that off correctly and so far none in this forum has without major consequences or limitation, and they are failing as of right now too, now this sounds a bit dark but it's the truth.