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  1. If you are a rapist, you thing it's right and should be legalized

    If you are a male Dolphin, the fuck it's totally right!!

    If you are an average human (IDK about other cultures like middle eastern or Amazon natives) you probably think it's wrong

    If you're the planet Jupiter, what the fuck is rape?

    So, why don't we take Jupiter's opinion on this matter?

    I'll assume you're a human and not a rapist. Well, well, what a coincidence that you don't think rape is right!

    I think it's wrong to put a gun to my head and to ask me to draw all my money from the bank (let's suppose I have something there...). The guy pointing a gun to me thinks it's totally right as he needs to buy drugs. I think I need this money to pay my dad's insurance. A monkey opinion on this matter is the fuck is money? I just need bananas

    Well, you could say "inanimate" objects or animals cannot have an opinion, or that you cannot have an opinion if you're not participating in the situation. All of those are also relative, because you're drawing a relative line between what is object and what is alive and who is participating and who is not.

    I think I already went too far on this deconstruction for a simple question so I'll stop here.


    On 30/08/2020 at 5:34 PM, lostmedstudent said:

    any hangover cures lol? 

    Wait it out. You already had your fun and insights. It's better to not take substances to overtake other substances' effect. Or just take some vitamins or nootropics.

    On 30/08/2020 at 5:34 PM, lostmedstudent said:

    which psychs do you guys find have the least physical hangover effect after the trip?

    Smoked DMT has no hangover for me. The trip lasts 5 minutes and then I get around 50 minutes of a afterglow.

    Mushrooms give me a sort of hangover. It's not really nice. The day after LSD is pretty cool though. I feel very calm and content.

    Never tried any other psychedelic.

  3. I listen everything in one go even if the video is huge. Sometimes I pause just to think about what he suggested.

    Every video has a main ideia, that's what I want to get out of it. Sometimes I take notes, but that's rare. I rarely look back on my notes so there's no point in writing everything down.

    For a video to be a valuable tool for me I don't need to get every single bit of information drilled into my head. I just try to understand the main points. Sometimes I rewatch old videos and my understanding goes up.

  4. If you're going to have a first time alone outside and you're not confident in your ability to stay chill, then start very low. I mean 1/4 or even a microdose of the substance you want to take. Then go up.

    There's no rush here. You go slow, you get the results. You rush, you may get the results, but the chances of shit happening are exponetial.

    Be cocky and think you can handle anything, get your face hyperslapped.

  5. 4 hours ago, Farnaby said:

    Are you willing to question the other limiting beliefs? 

    OP, if you wanna have a content life, you're not going to escape this. You have many beliefs are causing you to be unhappy. The good news is that you can drop them. The bad news is that you're going to need to do some questioning.

    And by questioning I mean you'll need to do some deep shit. Maybe work with a therapist or take low-dosage psychedelics. If you have access to any of those I would recommend you to make use of it. If you don't it would be good to work towards getting them. This isn't something we can solve for you in a forum post.

    I feel like that even if you got a girlfriend and got success in the relationships department but didn't work into those issues they're going to haunt you later.

    Of course, only do all of this work if you really do have a desire for change and happiness.

  6. 2 hours ago, Husseinisdoingfine said:

    Buy three fans

    High quality advice being ignored right herexD

    Put fans behind fans from the window till it reaches you

    Put the fans on the ground facing up so the cold air goes to the top and falls on you - this is legit

    If you can't afford an AC then you gotta get some fans bro

  7. I am usually too slow to notice when I've been hurt but when I do I tell the person right away.

    "I was trying to do x to help you and you told me y now I feel z"

    "I told you x to show x but you understand z now I feel t"

    If they aren't willing to understand I start to ignore the person until they get the message. Not like I want them to apologize, I send love and forgive them no matter what happens but I stop talking to them as I don't like to do the same thing (talking to the person) and expect different results.

    And people here are totally in with the projection thing. If a person tried to hurt you it's not actually that they're trying to do. They only have access to their own world so they are reacting to an image and trying to defend it. How people act towards you talks much more about the way they are than the way you are.

  8. It seems like you have a bunch of limiting beliefs and you're clinging to them despite people telling you otherwise.

    How many approaches have you made in total? Online doesn't count!

    Do you think every good looking guy has it easier than you? 

    Do you think it's necessary to have a partner to feel happy?

    Can you count how many men you know who are "ugly" and have partners?

  9. 39 minutes ago, allislove said:

    @Espaim did you have a breakthrough with DMT? I only did a low dosage of DMT, but can imagine it should be something similar to 5-MeO (if you don't have many visuals).

    To be honest I only feel high on DMT. It's an instant ego death and there's some closed eye visuals but for me it's hard to inquire or do anything else. When I think about the trip afterwards it's hard to remember anything. I have seen some entities that healed me and some cool things though.

    When I combined it with weed I could do some inquiring and that was the strongest trip ever. I had some great insights into the nature of thoughts but I cannot remember anything xD

  10. Depending on how you explain it people may get an astrology vibe from it and subconsciously just reject what you're saying.

    Also people don't like to think that they're not as evolved as they think they are.

    I just talk about it to my Green friends and even they aren't that interested. Trying to explain to Orange and below it's a pure waste of time.

    I suggest you start talking about ass, titties and money. That will get more eyeballs.