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  1. @Shin I feel ya. I know things pan out after a while. I am more stable than I was. I think. Physically I feel really strange, have you experienced this? Nightmares every night too. I don't understand how nonduality can make anyone feel better about anything. "Hey man, I'm feeling really down... my life is crumbling around me and I feel so tired and hopeless" "Oh, don't care about anything... you don't exist and neither does anyone else!" "Cheers buddy, I feel great now" "Just remember, there is no 'I'". Load of nonsense.
  2. @Key Elements Do 'we' have an objective, since there is no us? The thing is, it is impossible to not refer to yourself as yourself. Or another as another. This is just the direct experience. Which suggests we are not one thing. Where is the evidence that we are not souls having a human experience? Sure I didn't chose my soul. But if I have free will, I have the power to make my reality as good or bad as I like it. I can be whatever I wanna be.
  3. Do we get a choice in whether we lie? Who is lying?
  4. @winterknight Yeah. I think Tolle is full of shit half the time. Maybe I'm wrong. What are your opinions on the Bible and the things Jesus said? Or on Christianity as a whole...
  5. @winterknight I enjoyed this article of yours: It was Tolle who started this whole thing for me, after a recommendation from my dad. But I just can't get onboard with him as much as I try. The amount of times I've seen him on videos mocking people for feeling upset etc. There's no compassion there. Isn't this all supposed to be about love and compassion?
  6. @Serotoninluv Am I creating it? I have no free will. Everything that happens, happens. All thoughts, good/bad. Not mine. Only Gods. But how is God creating thoughts? @Robi Steel says that Shaun needs to push on with exploring this. Does he have a choice? Do I have a choice in typing this? Or is the illusion that we don't have a choice...
  7. @Robi Steel So, if I am God, even I don't have free will or a choice. How can I will something into existence before it exists? Same with a thought, how can I think a thought before I have thought it? So who is controlling God?
  8. @Robi Steel Solipsism. Again. Pretty fucked up really. Now if there is no me saying that, then it must be coming from God. I don't have a choice in what I say, right? Well, as God, I think this is a sick joke.
  9. @Preetom Well, for a start, it wouldn't be me applying that degree of skepticism. I have zero control over this experience. People can get frustrated at me on this forum, but I'm not doing this. God is. So... might as well literally not care because it's all God just rubbing itself. Still, why do we have an urge to care.. hmmmmm
  10. @winterknight Well, appreciate your response. However, in the human world, I don't see how much of it adds up. I'm sorry. I want to understand. Just don't think it is the answer at this point.
  11. @Shaun Absolutely. Not hijacking this thread though, buddy. Just increasingly convinced this enlightenment isn't the answer. But, willing to try the practices..
  12. Who watches the watcher. And who watches the watcher's watcher.
  13. @winterknight Exactly. To whom is it occurring. And you'll tell me that it isn't me. It isn't Paul. There is no Paul. There is no Shaun. There is no Buba. I don't have parents. You don't exist. My friends don't exist as real entities. It's all just God consciousness playing with itself. So how does therapy help at all? Therapy is designed to help people handle and process their emotions, particularly those which are suppressed. But they're not even my emotions, as I don't exist. It seems like such a huge paradox. On one hand, suffering goes away when you can accept that you don't exist and everything is 'as is'. But you're saying we needn't face this alone, and we need therapy to process and understand our emotions, which are probably all purely egoic and illusionary. Ultimately, it isn't my choice to pursue therapy/enlightenment or anything. Everything that happens is preordained. It's God playing with itself. Or life is a dream. Or a memory etc. Whatever interpretation we want to put forth on any given day. It's frustrating because everyone here is thinking that they have a choice in what they do next, which is egoic in itself. There is no you or me, just God that is experiencing itself. Paul isn't typing this, apparently. Or is he... I've asked a thousand million times on this forum how I might have misinterpreted nonduality and I just get word salad. Everyone says how it makes you more compassionate and loving when you reach and nondual state... you can't make yourself do anything... everything that happens, postivie and negative just happens. If I think another person is another person and is a knob, then I didn't think that.. God did! @Shaun @Buba Appreciate you looking out for me above. Wish you both the best and would always love to help in return (if Paul can, of course, as he doesn't exist...)
  14. @Preetom Nope, not really. Becoming increasingly convinced that nonduality is not the answer the more I go down the rabbit hole. Check this forum out. Nobody has a clue what they're talking about. It's full of paradoxes. Sure, I'm open to investigating it through the practices. But something is telling me that this just isn't the answer. It can't explain everything. . The OP made a very good point but it seems a lot are caught up in a spiritual ego and will just dismiss anything and everything.
  15. @winterknight If we are not our thoughts, then where do they come from, and why do we have them? I appreciate you can't think a thought before you have thought it. However, could it not be that our mind is our soul, and we supposed to be able to think, and this really is the only way of being possible? How other way could it be? Maybe we ARE our thoughts, we have the ability to think a thought before we have thought it. I read your blog on desire and you say look beneath the hood of what you really think you want. That involves thinking. It seems paradoxical that we want to try to work towards a quiet mind (even though many here say we don't have free will and we don't exist etc), but yet to do that it involves a lot of thinking.