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  1. Day 13: 3/10
  2. @Paul92 I am actually aware (to the extent i can be) of the hell you are living throughb right now. I've seen a lot of your posts, it seems to me you rushed knee deep into all of this when it wasn't the best time, by never mind you are here now. It feels like your reality is falling apart doesn't it? Sounds like you caught the dark knight of the soul to Me. This is all only temporary like all suffering is. Since your OCD is making you obsess to this i don't think i could ever convince you to go stop this and seek professional therapy or help to work on your shadow. If you had a healthy head space in the first place then none of this should have been this extestentially, emotionally, and psychologically threatening as it is to you now. I don't have OCD, but we all have our own quirks that you'll manage if and overcome if you are ready. I have ADHD, and i'm on the High spectrum of autism i found everything in school impossible because i couldn't concentrate, thst led to emotional problems, and low self-esteem issues as well as depression/anxieties, and it didn't help to have an opressive, manipulative, emotionally, verbally and physically abusive father. Then i had to face school bullies. But im here now and im not doing too bad these days. i can only see myself getting bettern. You'll figure all this out, your identity and your existential reassurance will kid back in, your either just going tonhave to battle throguh all this, or you are going to need to stop and repair your shadow side of you.
  3. Day 12: 3/10
  4. Day 11: 1/10
  5. Day 10: 6/10
  6. Day 9: 7/10 @TheAvatarState Ill make the goal of 30 days at first. Then after that I'll extend it by 3 months then 6, then a year, so forth.
  7. Day 8: 8/10 I can really feel the urge to relapse as I'm starting to have an ego backlash already.
  8. @TheAvatarState My goal is to give it up entirely, that is my vision.
  9. @Doobz I'm with you! Go give it hell!
  10. @Bojan Yes, Certainly! Those sexually charged emotions will just be transmuted into other ways of expending energy. You can direct it into more creativity for your work for example, so it will especially help if you are in any creative fields. Yes it is hard to do, and it will feel like you are dying at first, but my longest I've gone was a month and I was feeling great. And you won't go insane.
  11. Day 3: 1/10 I woke up early this morning on time, feeling well rested. Haven't been having any sexually charged dreams or relapse so far, I'm finding it quite easy to keep my mind off sex for now.