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  1. Hey man, The same thing happened to me after my last LSD trip - I also smoked some weed that suddenly propelled me into a state of panic and complete egoic rejection of 'Truth' that I experienced earlier in my trip after my ego death. I was hyperventilating and trying to ground myself back into reality and felt like everythign could slip away into oblivion at any second without my every shred of my willpower trying to hold on. My girlfriend was also trying to calm me down but she was also very alarmed and still coming down off her trip myself. It was a horrifying experience that lasted several hours. I was scared for my life. Trembling and taking deep breaths. I remember getting up to use the toilet and feeling out of control of all movements of my body. I also remember lying down and feel all of my chakras gushing out energy in a really unstable way. It has taken me a couple of months to fully process it. But you will stabalise again. And you will actually be incredibly grateful for the experience. You will learn more about yourself and grow tremensdously for the better. It also propelled me into a new phase of life. One of action and results-making (I realised I was in too deep in spirituality/inner exploration with a complete lack of grounding in almost all other areas of Maslow's hierarchy). I also experienced several latent spiritual powers & phenomena & access to new levels of awareness come into being in my normal sober life. Have hope. It will pass. You will be truly grateful for it. But give yourself time to slow down and heal and know that you are facing some of the most core, challenging issues a human being in this lifetime can face. Much Peace 🙏
  2. @Leo Gura Fascinating. I know you don't believe in binary states of enlightenment, but what impacts has this substance had in your progress towards a consistent stablisation in God-consciousness?
  3. Is this the same one you spoke about in the past that you were refraining to reveal for the time being? Is this also the substance that wiped your slate clean, so to speak, in your 'Total Omniscience Awakening' vlog?
  4. Leo often comments on trip reports saying 'nice newbie trip', 'this is only the beginning' or 'this is the trip of the iceberg' etc. Well this trip live trip video was posted on a psychedelic FB group I'm in by one of the members. He's apparently on LSD and you get to hear his thoughts and insights. I know it's very hard to say for sure, given how internal and non-verbal these experiences are, but where would you 'scale' this trip? In terms of depth, insights etc.? Or if that's simply too hard, what is your more general take on it? Experienced tripper's opinions are appreciated: @Leo Gura @Joseph Maynor @aurum @pluto @ivankiss Thank you!
  5. In my experience so far: Vibration is simply pointing to a certain 'density' of consciousness - which to the ego mind's POV means certain dualities of form. E.g. the vibration (i.e. form) of a table VS a star VS a frog VS steam from an engine. However, as Enlightenment reveals, our True essence is The One consciousness (God). Therefore are literally are the whole universe at all 'vibrations'. As God, we willed into Being with our immediate manifestation powers different 'vibrations' - but all of these are made from the building blocks of our own essential consciousness. And by 'all vibrations', I do actually means densities of vibration unfathomable or 'outside' of this universe - because this universe, and all the complex forms of vibration within it, is simply a small bandwidth of what God's consciousness can will or create into Being. It is possible to become conscious of that in your own experience - I did so through an LSD trip some months back. What are the ramifications of all of this? Basically, your ego's POV is a deluded sub-POV of God's Total POV. But the Truth is, you exist as both simultaneously and there's actually no issue here (if you simply choose to see it that way). Therefore, as an ego POV, whatever thoughts and emotions you consistently allow yourself to experience (i.e. your state of Being as a 'limited' or 'separate' vibrational form), literally wills into your own existence or present Being, other vibrational forms that support the building process of your dominantly willed and focused open state of Being. How does this work? Well you are actually God - therefore, even when you think, feel and believe from an ego POV, you still create the forms of consciousness (or vibration) in 100% of every one of your experiences from the ego POV - because all of those vibrations of form in your experience is actually also you as God (even though you are not conscious of it). The only issue is that the ego mind, due to its deep fears of death, is limited in its ability to create or manifest a life of vibrations that it most wants - it tends to be very clingy, resistant to change, doubts its own worth of creating and experiences the successes it wants, is lack-focused and overall, gets in the way of the process with its tight grip on life. Of course, this is a generalisation - you can have an ego and be very good at manifesting things. But this tends to go hand-in-hand with holistic personal development and spiritual work. Generally speaking, the less ego you have and the more your consciousness evolves and expands, the more you can tap into this free flowing consciousness and creative manifesting power of your True nature as God. Having said that, I still recommend back tracking to basic LoA information and applying it. It still works even though it doesn't get this deep in its foundation (because most people aren't ready to understand it at this level just yet). But either way, you will experience more results in life that you want if you are following it correctly and consistently as the teaching advises. I recommend: Abraham Hicks - basics of LoA (watch any YouTube clips to understand vibration) Dr Joe Dispenza - science of LoA (read his books 'Break the Habit of Being Yourself' & 'Becoming Supernatural') Benthino Massaro - spirituality of LoA (and the closest teacher I've found to the content I just touched on above - search for his 'Empowerment' course on YouTube) Vadim Zeland - quantum physics of LoA (his 'Reality Transurfing' books cover this topic in depth) Other classics include - The Science of Getting Rich (Wallace Wattles), As a Man Thinketh (James Allen), Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) Hope this helps and good luck!