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  1. Same here, people described it perfectly - you blink once and it is all done, an uninterrupted stream of consciousness, as if nothing even happened. Quite a curious experience. Explore the feeling afterwards though, it is somewhat of a disoriented, floaty feeling which might be a good position for contemplation or something else.
  2. Really good advice, I am usually overly enthusiastic to know everything at once, so I used to hoard videos like crazy. My ego felt as if it was missing out if it had not watched the newest video of Mooji, Krishnamurti, Adyashanti, Leo, Rupert, etc, so there was barely any time to do anything else.
  3. Mooji once said that speaking has two factors - communication and vibration. Openness to both is essential.
  4. A lot of stories and concepts here Look to what is in direct experience.
  5. @Bauer1977 Nope, but a friend told me that you can find it online, so you can give a quick search.
  6. If I am the mind, then who am I asking those questions to and why can I hear them? Reminded me of this
  7. I have no info on him, but he has set off all my bullshit alarms since I first saw him online, like 3-4 months ago. However, I have no idea, maybe the article is biased, maybe he is truly like that, who knows. Just focus on what is good as cetus said.
  8. @ground @Haumea2018 You all need to read Thought as a System by David Bohm
  9. If only the present moment, the NOW, exists, then there is no distinction between determinism and free will. Let's look at this example, people often say that something is random, but how does that even distinguish from something being pre-determined? Even if everything was pre-determined, the ego does not seem to know its future outcome, so it is the same as saying that everything happening is random/free will. As the ego never knows what this pre-determined course actually is, it only has what is currently happening and how it interprets it. Thus, even from an egoic perspective the duality between free will and determinism is slightly flawed, but from a non-duality perspective where only NOW exists - there is no distinction between the two as both of them require a past and a future to be considered, but their NOW, their PRESENT MOMENT, manifests in the same way. Hope I have been moderately clear of what I wanted to express. Cheers to all for this lovely thread.
  10. Just by looking at the variety of answers you received, you should intuit something important - there is no best method, all is relative Just try out whatever feels right and keep on with it.
  11. Right in the center. Good one, my friend, everybody should read and integrate this - or whoever finds sense in it. Cannot be forced on everyone haha
  12. As long as it is not neurotic, go for it. A part of life. When you are cold, put on a coat, said the monk. When you are hungry, eat. So let us extend that to - when you are horny, fuck.