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  1. I have this persistent acne problem since years. Saw doctors and took medicines, nothing. One thing is clear though. I once went without sugar for 3 months. the acne disappeared. Here's my personal list of what causes me acne: 1. Sugar - processed white sugar or any products containing it. Brown sugar or unprocessed sugar in limited amounts doesn't. 2. Cold milk or cream of any kind. Warm unsweetened milk in small quantity doesn't. 3. Very spicy packaged snacks. Homemade spicy food doesn't cause acne. 4. Anything with preservatives. So I try to avoid all the four.
  2. - A physiotherapist can suggest proper exercises. Do them for the rest of your life. - If you are still working on the computer, use a high back chair so your neck and head have full support. - Make sure the center of the computer screen is at your eye level. Check out basic ergonomics for using a computer.
  3. I'm looking for business book recommendations specifically aimed at artists, designers, musicians, or anyone in a creative field. A lot of business books I find are largely written by people who have built large companies and even though there are lessons to be learned from that, I do not relate to it. Would appreciate any books/blogs or videos by other creatives who talk about business side of things. Also any books/stories about combining two or more distinct passions into a unique life story. Thanks much!
  4. BOOKS: 1. The art of communicating- by Thich Nhat Hanh 2. Difficult conversations: Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone
  5. I'm not sure of scientific data. I follow my experience. I drink tea/coffee without milk or sugar. And I had problems falling asleep for years. I was addicted to green tea, used to drink about a litre of it a day. Now down to maybe 300-400 ml. And stopped drinking it in the evenings. Black coffee raises my anxiety now, I get jittery and irritated and annoyed with minute things. So I avoid it. Tea I find calming. And I try not to drink it out of habit.
  6. Does anyone experience this kind of conversations in your head without chemicals? From my own experience, into over 2 years of rigorous journaling, I often find answers to my questions in a voice that that isn't my own. Sure it comes from my head, I write it down with my own hands, but it is weird and I can tell that some of it isn't in my own knowledge. This voice or whatever it is, has accurately predicted my grandfather's death, times of someone going or coming and other minor things. However, it doesn't answer questions that don't relate to my life and people in my life. I'm not sure why. It goes blank when I ask something regarding people I do not know or have little to do with. Also recently the voice has been up and clear even when I'm not writing in my journal, but just in general. The thing that is required is for my mind to be completely calm and present in whatever I'm doing. I like to paint, but most of my art is usually repetitive from something I've done or seen before and this time I decided to 'ask' this voice to help me draw. The paintings that followed are really abstract and pretty, but make no sense to me. But I can clearly state where my mind interfered with this voice and that's what blotched the paintings. I don't claim to know what this voice is: I've asked it, and the reply was, "Why do you want to know? Focus on what matters." Once I asked "How many people/voices are these?", as they tend to keep changing from singular to plural and different tones. The reply was, "This is beyond your understanding. You will know when you are ready."
  7. Read this somewhere - it's like everyone is a toddler. Toddlers love playing with toys, but as they grow. they outgrow those toys as and when they find better ones. So if you find something more interesting than 'looks', you automatically lose interest in 'looks'. I believe a high-consciousness person doesn't care about how they look, but they do care about their health, and that is automatically reflected in their looks, lifestyle and clothing choices.
  8. @Phoenixx Yeah, you may be right, it usually when I'm exhausted, but I'm not sure if it's a lucid dream? I am not aware that I'm dreaming. I am aware that I'm 'awake'. I've tried thinking of people, places or things, and I don't get magically transferred there. Also I don't see any random things or lights or entities. I just see prominent things in my room and the ceiling, not even the details. The timing of the day is messed up and I cannot say what time of the day it is, l usually very different when I wake up. I'm also sure that my eyes are closed as I like to cover my eyes to get pitch blackness when I rest. The only difference I can say between thoughts/imagination/dreams and this type of vision is that the thoughts/imagination/dreams seem to occur at the back of my head (physically) and this visual thing is right in front of my eyes, like 1 mm from my forehead.
  9. @Yog Sorry for the delay. Here's the video I was talking about- It has a small exercise in the beginning. Though I tried the exercise after watching this video when I was extremely exhausted. Possibly my experience has to do much with exhaustion as my mind is on very low capacity to think, and it doesn't really work when I am not exhausted. I believe could be OBE, I don't know, but I am still facing the same things I am facing when I am laying down. So I'm not really flying about, except it happened once. Even I can confirm with the blindfold, these visions, specifically come about when I have my eyes covered and not when they are easy to open and they flutter a lot before I can start 'seeing' the surroundings.
  10. @Truth Addict Thanks, yeah possibly, it has been a few days and I seem to be going back to getting sucked in the emotional drama around me, but maybe it comes in phases.
  11. I don't consider myself frugal, but I try to align everything to whatever I'm working on at the moment. For example: I need to work on a certain project. For the project to progress in the best possible manner, what should I be eating, drinking, wearing, reading, watching? When I started doing this, I realized how much of time I was wasting in maintaining my long hair of 20 years. It had to go. So it's gone now. Everything you own or consume is either fuel or a waste of time. So the next time you are exchanging money for anything, ask yourself is this fuel for my project or a waste.
  12. I've learned that everything I've learned needs to be unlearned and relearned over and over again.
  13. Okay I apologize for this title. But I'm not sure how else to phrase it. Have you ever been in a phase where everything you do matters, and doesn't matter both at the same time? This has been on my mind for a few days now and it needs some clarity. So there seems to be some shift in my value system, and the tasks that I used to put off, and the tasks that I used to look forward to, both have become leveled somehow. I'm not sure if this is a form of non-reactiveness or numbness to situations. It doesn't feel bad to be in this mode, but it doesn't feel good either. It is more or less 'bland'. I used to be highly sensitive earlier, sad things used to make me cry, now it doesn't. Sure I'm sad, but it's 'okay-sad' and 'okay-happy' when I'm happy. It's like my expression of my emotions have gone down. Also I seem to have no real goals in life now. I do have short term goals, or personal development goals or even an idea of the direction I want my life to go. But I'm fine if it doesn't go that way; either-way, I'm fine if I die tomorrow. More like I've lost the willingness to 'struggle' and it doesn't 'feel like a struggle'- both at the same time. (I'm not depressed. I've known that state up closely years ago, this is different.) This has come about a year after I had a fall-out with someone I used to be close with. I found myself being very resentful towards this person, and so I started observing my resentments and wishing them well instead whenever I encountered them. This said person often lies and manipulates people around them and it used to bother me a lot, especially when someone else was their 'victim'. However, now I feel it's not my battle to pick and it doesn't bother me anymore. I've learned to practice being non-reactive around this person. Is this what is spilling around in other areas of my life even where this person is not concerned or is it numbness? Because I do not want to become insensitive to everything and I've been in that phase before, but this time it seems more 'final' that I cannot seem to want to go back. Anyone with the similar experiences or have some insights?
  14. Sleep on a firm sponge pillow. Don't sleep without a pillow and don't sleep on too large or fluffy pillows. The pillow should be the exact thickness that is the gap between your head and your back when you are standing upright. It's 1.5- 2 inches at most. Sleep on the back and if you need to sleep sideways, then you need to add extra pillow because now the gap is increased. However, try to use firm material and not fluffy ones. (I couldn't find an appropriate pillow in the market, so I just bought a piece of sponge with right density, cut it to size and put it in a pillow cover). I know a few exercise that my physiotherapist taught me when I suffered the neck ache. But you may need to consult a qualified physiotherapist to recommend which ones are for you. My physiotherapist also mentioned that eating too much of fermented food causes spasms. So avoid that and drink hot/ lukewarm water instead of cold beverages. Also avoid chickpeas, kidney beans and other 'hard to digest' foods.
  15. Gee I could see my room with my eyes closed, but it is usually when I'm in a sleep-paralysis and about to wake up. It looks slightly different, but I can see the main things. And then there's a realization that my eyes are closed and I freak out and wake up. Didn't know this was something related to third eye. I don't think I can control it though. It seems like some form of sleep-state. Wrote about it here: