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  1. I started travelling because I didn't feel a sense of community with the people I grew up with. I've always been "different" and thats looked down on. I felt travelling freed me, and I learnt alot too. Since coming back; I don't particularly feel like I can "slot" back into society. I feel even more different than before. I think travelling can change people and have different effects on people.
  2. @lmfao Dr Gabor Mate specializes in trauma. Read his works and watch his interviews. He goes into details how trauma impacts people and its manifestation in everyday lives. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabor_Maté_(physician)
  3. Heres another discussion:
  4. I disagree that ALL in the West are Orange and Green (this is the ideology). I also disagree that ALL Muslims are Blue. Both are false statements. You will have different spirals in all nations and ethnic groups. What I can see that's actually upset about Muslims are the Reds and Blues (white supremacists). Basically Muslims are the "go-to-scapegoat" atm; prior to Muslims, it was the Asians and the Indigenous. And when a Red/Blue don't have coloured people or different religion to pick on? They pick on the Gays, Disabled, and the Poor. On the other hand, you have Red/Blue Muslim extremists who are getting off on all this conflict. Yes those are the unhealthy people we should all watch out for. They have decided that their target is the West. Red/Blues of both sides will always need someone different to vilify against; unless they can channel their energy else where, or move up the spiral.
  5. This is the explanation and the side that the West's Media don't show us. If most people understand where it started and came from then it would have been a lot easier for Muslims to be accepted into local communities; which will not lead to the West vs Middle East mentality on such a large scale.
  6. @zambize I think your very luck that when you opened up; your friends accepted you. Mine didn't. I became the butt joke. Some even tried to change me back. Some gave me disapproving looks and sighs (literally, I kid you not) It really depends on the friends at the end of the day. I think I was stuck in a very specific group of people due to a lot of unique circumstances. There was a lot of in/out group thinking going on, and anyone that is different will be bullied. In those type of social circle; its alot safer to just leave and find similar minded people. But thanks for all the advance anyways. I think what you've said really nicely articulated what I was feeling about it.
  7. @DrewNows I think thats a good way to see it. but I have tried that in the past (basically my entire life), people start treating you as their personal psychotherapist. Overtime you become really drained. Yes you learn to set boundaries, but the problem is that you've taught other people to relate to you though "you being understanding, listening and accommodating" all the time. Make no mistake, I had alot of "friends" and very popular during that time. But when shit hits the fan, everyone disappeared, some thought my personal traumatic events was "funny" and "great for gossiping". (In hard times, you really see people's character) The real friends are those who can provide you with a 2 way street, and in essence; your looking for someone similar to you (both are listeners) and respect you and your life...hence similar values/worldviews.
  8. @zambize Thanks for the detailed reply. I think all 3 resonates with me lol It is the sense of not belonging which lead to more self-development which lead to even more sense of not belonging.
  9. Daily Evolve is an integral theory podcast
  10. @JohnnyBravo I think we have similar pov on loneliness. Can you clarify this type of loneliness more? I've always find it hard to articulate like the way you did. I've always wondered if this type of loneliness is what drives us to seek "external" comforts. Be it friends, drugs, partying etc?
  11. @zambize what do you think is the cause of someone not feeling "belonging" in the first place?
  12. I think what the OP is saying that; by not caring what other people think, you will actually risk being ostracized from the group. This is extremely evident when you have friends or are in social groups that are extremely Blue. (Its a tribal pack mentality) I can understand that, and you end up feeling lonely because you don't have anyone to connect to. I'm struggling with something similar. But if you don't express your true self, you will find that you can never find people who genuinely cares about you. Yes you will risk being alone, and friendless. But it will open up an opportunity to find REAL friends. (people with similar values to you)
  13. 2nd tier is not incorruptible. and for arguments sake, assume that 2nd tier is incorruptible. then what would push someone from yellow to turquoise?
  14. We all know cults take on camouflages of ideologies depending on which stage of people they are trying to appeal to. So tier 1: Cults during stage blue: The Ultimate Figure head Cults during stage Orange: The Ultimate Scientific Truth Cults during stage Green: The Ultimate Community What do you think cult in tier 2 will look like? (I think it is possible to have a negative manifestation of tier 2 simply because you need an extreme to move onto the higher stages. Without the negativity, the excess, the destructiveness or simple "its not working" - the individual will not ve motivated to move up)