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  1. @XYZ I think both. When I am personally affected by the advantage/disadvantage; it becomes particularly bad. I have been in situations where I was expected to favor one person over another and that upsets me as well. I rather be at and see everyone at a neutral stance as much as possible. @bejapuskas Thanks for the recommendation. I will check her book out. Its interesting that you also think Blue is involved in anger over perceived injustice? This concept is new to me, can you explain your train of thoughts to me?
  2. I have extreme issue with perceived inequality and often it leads to bad situations/endings (I get too angry). For example, when I witness someone is given a free pass and another person was not, this greatly upsets and angers me...then I want to speak out and it always ends badly. Is there a way of thinking or new frame of reference that can help/cope with this? (I am thinking this may be too much Green thinking within me)
  3. @Ampresus a way to see the difference is: 1. some people may see it as a tree 2. some people may see it as an oxygen machine 3. and like @B_Naz , see it as atoms from part of this universe All 3 perspective are true, but they are different; they hold different meaning, different purpose, and have different narratives.
  4. I can see how Yellow Thinking can appears like "politics talk" and it can piss/frustrate everyone in 1st tier off. Because Yellows don't actually following any specific and "pre-defined" group values like 1st tiers do; and everything is so systematically complicated that its hard to even talk about it. And let alone they have to make a yes/no judgement call on the spot; which is something that 1st tier thrive for.
  5. Thats the thing with cooperation and seeing bigger picture as we all become more emotionally and mentally mature; you come to understand and revise the "zero sum game" mentality. 1. not everything is on a Zero Sum scale 2. its about discerning which one is and which one isn't - and act accordingly 3. sometimes losing on one scale means winning on another, that is more important to you 4. sometimes there are no winners
  6. @Leo Gura Thanks Leo I can see how the unhealthy group identity of Blue can be cause of the manifestation. Why would Orange also be involved in Racism? I thought on Orange it would be more about personal merit as well?
  7. Which level of Spiral Dynamics would the issue of Racism be on? How does a person/group get over the issue?
  8. Explore other cultures - Travel And you will start to see the "good" and the "bad" (at least from your current perspective), and the differences and similarities to your own culture. Learn to appreciate others in their context, will help you learn to appreciate yourself in your context.
  9. @Joseph Maynor Its the way he perceive things. He could have a very large Green due to his activism. He doesn't seem to show much concern for Orange values; and if Wikileaks is a business then it is by no means anything that is like the main concerns of Orange businesses today. And a good dose of Red due to his action orientated nature. However it seems like his causes are very much against ideas of surveillance, control and order (represented by Blue memes). Also I've read that Yellow memes tend to reject Blue values the most, but I don't want to focus on this research. Link if anyone wants to read it and decide for themselves: http://www.academia.edu/2014906/Mean_Green_Meme_Boomeritis_Myth I think he may be an unhealthy Yellow who haven't incorporated much of his Blue level therefore sees all Blue like activities with suspicion?
  10. @SgtPepper I'm not sure if his having "fun" or just having a go at her. He doesn't show any compassion or respect to the interviewer; which are fundamental Green lessons; thats the empathy. Usually when a Yellow behaves the way he does, its because the person who is responding to him is giving off similar vibes or acknowledgement or something which indicate it is ok to behave this way. She did not give him any of those clues.
  11. @Hellspeed I can see that Unhealthy Blue usually means a unconsciousness need to support a group/rank/hierarchy to fulfill their personal agenda. It is scary in the sense that they don't usually see their self-absorbed reasons behind their actions. Whereas Reds and Orange are more overt and aware in that sense. And unhealthy Reds and Orange, take that to an extreme level with satisfaction, and knowingly at your expense.
  12. @Zizzero Thank you, I've never thought of it this way.
  13. He didn't show the compassion of Green here or Yellow's ability to see validity in lower level's activities and values; so I don't think his a Turquoise. I see a really disillusioned Orange. Perhaps he is having trouble getting into Green because no one is being authenticity with him due to the environment he is in aka Hollywood, and his fame. (Experiencing and giving authenticity is really important in Green) In the Real World, if someone spoke to another person like he does to this interviewer; she would have told him off straight away or told him to F*** off.
  14. I agree, I think the very nature of Shadow Work is to shine light and incorporate the "shadow" into a fully functioning component self. (and this advice did not come out of SpiralDynamics, but alot of psychotherapist and enlightened masters of different religions all say the same thing). I just found it really interesting that Spiral Dynamics also illustrate the same concept of Shadow Work in its model.
  15. Which stage(s) do you think Julian Assange embodies? I feel like I can see elements of Red, Orange, Green and alot of Yellow. I haven't seen much of Blue or Turquoise. Why do you think the Government (various part of the world) are demonizing Julian Assange? I feel like on the surface his breaking "Blue" values, but his really stopping unhealthy Red and Orange in the disguise of Blue. Is he an example of witch-hunt?