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  1. I've also noticed this too. This is one of the main reason why I think over staying in Green (in today's society) would lead a person into a very nihilistic pov and possibly become a red shadow themselves; if they don't move up the spiral for whatever reason.
  2. I think my biggest concern is the potential influence of extreme groups and the average person falling into what you've mentioned as "good people" doing bad deeds, and not even realizing it. I've noticed that the bad deeds of the last 100 years have significant impacts on their children and grandchildren (war-traumas). Is this a sign of the collective shadow?
  3. @Joseph Maynor I agree with the lying habit. I think lying not only discredit you from your community but also you discredit yourself internally. I find habitual liars all suffer from extreme insecurity and low-self esteem eventually. However, there are times when lying becomes a protection mechanism where "revealing the truth is potentially dangerous" eg, if you find yourself in an hostile environment.
  4. @CreamCat The true fear isn't just a subculture remaining as a subculture and locally making peoples lives hard. Its when it becomes the mainstream and normalized. Not everyone can just leave.
  5. @Zizzero Well to start off with; if you see the reaction to the new series of Doctor Who; claiming its too PC and blaming SJWs and feminism. So here this example, its affecting mass media. Another example is the Gillette ad which caused so much backlash. The Incel movement holds some very dangerous ideologies: blackpill, call for government controlled rape etc? (some of this is very dangerous and costs lives) ..... And opposing this you have #Metoo movement. I feel like each one of those subculture is a counter movement towards something and could be counter movement towards each other. But theres no conversation to tie it all together.
  6. @CreamCat I think its important that we can get to the root of this; because there might be new groups forming (with even more out there ideologies). Can't just ignore it anymore, and pretend it doesn't affect your life?
  7. @Joseph Maynor I wonder why people let themselves get into one of these, in the first place? Complacent?
  8. @Sahil Pandit I too find it hard to completely dissociate with the subcultures. I feel like they are somehow impacting on the mass/mainstream culture regardless; sooner or later, you will run into a situation where you will have to confront the ideology behind the groups.
  9. @CreamCat Yeah with all the recently backlash on the Gillette ad. The interesting thing is that there is a opening to talk about toxic femininity. at least on youtube: I think people in general are confusing masculinity between the embodied type (archetypal father) with toxic type (archetypal trickster/abuser) and embodied femininity (archetypal mother) and toxic femininity (femme fatale). Its sad there is no conversation happening about this. But I want to know why? Blue SD is performing out the archetypal father...but what went wrong?
  10. I wanted to discuss groups like Incels, MGTOW, Alt-right, SJW etc There are a growing number of groups that hold extreme ideologies and beliefs. I wanted to know why is our society (assuming we are at Blue/Orange) is producing such groups. I understand the internet have a way of grouping people together, but what is causing people to form such opinions/worldviews in the first place? I understand this is a sensitive topic; we are not here to start a debate on who is right. I am interested in genuine talk about sociology and spiral dynamics. Thanks.
  11. I don't think Blue stage will disappear, there will be institutions in life where you will experience and learn about Blue. But society may be operating from a much higher level. I feel like schooling will almost be designed according to the stages - so instead of learning math, english, physics etc you'll learn Red (control and learn about aggression), Blue (learn about order and hierarchy), orange (learn about achievements and discovery), green (learn about empathy) etc etc
  12. I was thinking about culture and online cultures and how that can be fitted into the Spiral Dynamic model. Do you think specific online platform attracts specific worldviews? In that case where might those platform be? 4chan Internet Relay Chat Twitter Reddit Youtube Facebook Instagram Quora
  13. Its the little things that counts; like helping someone's carry their pram upstairs, or keeping the door open for the next person, saying hello, or offering someone water on a hot day. None of this stuff is heavily expensive or takes a long time to do. But it is this, that keeps a society worth living in.
  14. I can say, I've lived in "cut-throat" cities like this before. It ain't pretty. Its easy when your young and healthy to say "I don't need anyone and no one should need me." But when shit hits the fan, sometimes its that stranger who ends up helping you (I've also gone through this personally too)
  15. @Paan Are there different ways of expressing identity other than through watches?