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  1. @Nak Khid Thanks, but yeah I read it before I made my previous post
  2. @Virtually I just read the dialogue and watched some of Peter's interview with Leo. What I've gathered here is Leo is trying to further fill his cup in order to become enlightened, when he'd do better trying to empty it. Becoming conducive to enlightenment is more about undoing ignorance, unlearning everything, until all that is left is an availability, a possibility to receive truth, as opposed to adding more layers on top of what you think you already know. I spent huge amounts of time imagining what it might be like to be completely lacking in an ability to know anything, lacking an ability to think, to be completely dumb to the point I didn't even know a language, and therefore couldn't imagine or access memory. This smile dude is legit enlightened and is handing out some good advice.
  3. @Virtually Nothing is a word that symbolises/points to a lack of something. You cannot conceptualise nothing. You can only experience it. If you're going to say distinctions are imaginary then I can say I am imaginary and so are you and render this argument pointless.
  4. @Virtually How can you be conscious of nothing (a lack of anything)?
  5. LOL I like this guy. Once you become nothing, you become infinity. End of story.
  6. Robert Greene is enlightened. He was on Joe Rogan talking about meditation and stuff but he was careful with how he put things, just like Guy Ritchie was when he tried to explain the path to him. Joe, and the majority of the audience, had no idea.
  7. To understand anything you have to use the intellect @Nahm. There is plenty of reasonable philosophical argument for determinism and hardly any for free will. Free will only exists at the God identity level.
  8. @Consept What is acceptable is really just what Leo deems to be acceptable. Maybe Leo's content is increasingly focused on yellow and turquoise, so maybe Leo is more yellow and turquoise, but from what I read of comments there is more orange and green than yellow and turquoise.
  9. The Frenchman schools Morpheus on this. It's a tough one for people.
  10. The emphasis lies in the word "meaning", which is given by the mind. The weird kind OP is describing is mind beginning to come back to and realise itself, but many people, due to confusion, begin to read too much into things, hence me playing them down. Some people (my previous self included) often give meaning to numbers and all kinds of crazy things, and all of a sudden they think every time they see a particular number they are experiencing something divine, which they are, but just not in the way that they believe <3
  11. The design is mind. Spiritual = mental
  12. This forum seems to be a mixture. Leo has attracted a wide variety for an audience due to him covering a wide variety of topics, and that the nature of this forum is self-improvement, which even many people at orange are interested in. I don't rate myself on the spiral anymore, I only use it to sometimes help me understand others.
  13. Say you buy a new car, maybe from that point you will begin to notice more of those cars than before, even though there are the same amount of those cars as before.
  14. I only practised concentration for a few months of my life then I stopped, but my progression continued.
  15. You are doomed to be free sir. You maybe need a shift in perspective for a while. You are essentially a part of God that God created to maybe entertain itself. So go and live, have experiences, give God some good experiences or something, take this life thing for what it's worth and experience whatever it throws at you, see what you learn, and stop whining about it. Or don't.