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  1. No thanks, I think you need practice on doing more in-depth research. You looked at a 25 second video that was cut from the full version (taken completely out of context) from a source that had under 100 subscribers and posted that as your evidence. Please be more careful in posting misinformation.
  2. You understand that he's talking about the $10 billion his foundation gave toward vaccination causes, and that the $200 billion is the estimated economic benefit to the world? He's donated over $50 billion since 1994.
  3. That seems like a good start. Many topics in the Political Subforum get cluttered by the original news source. If we can find some neutral news sources that are fair, we can eliminate a lot of the unnecessary opinions (Fox, CNN, etc.) of those outside of this forum.
  4. Can you name a few of those? That could be a great new topic to discuss; I doubt most know even where to look. I've been limiting my news exposure but would love to find more unbiased opinions. FoxNews is the worst but CNN is so predictable it makes me gag sometimes.
  5. I would look at this -Poor urban blacks (51.3 per 1,000) had rates of violence similar to poor urban whites (56.4 per 1,000). I think violence is more aligned with poverty than race. It just so happens that on average white households have much higher income and wealth. So you have to ask, what is the reason for the wealth gap?
  6. You could look at each scale as 0-100. You may be in the 50ish range for a few traits that could lead to different test results. For example the most introverted person is 0 and extroverted is 100. If you are on the border, the examples for that personality type aren't going to be as accurate for you as other people that have more defined traits. You could look at the common traits that keep popping up and focus on those.
  7. Violence (riots, etc) brings about more violence. Some look at it as just more unneeded violence, "see what all this leads to!" Many others aren't encouraging this behavior, yet rather just accepting it as a consequence of built up frustration and injustice over many years. That injustice has caused a far greater amount of pain compared to what these protests have led to.
  8. INTP-T here Famous INTP's Do all INTPs have a little George McFly in them? lol
  9. Good video, it's amazing how low the effective US tax rate is for billionaires.
  10. You sound smarter than anyone else on this forum...yet so negative at the same time. I would try taking one good thing from him, and compliment that, rather than demonizing the rest... that's very easy to do. His content is superior to 90% of the other crap on Youtube.
  11. This group has so many great ideas. Leo is really helping to stimulate minds, but what are we doing about it? What are some real solutions? Can a forum like this take some real action besides just talking about it? I guess we can just keep arguing about it, meh....
  12. You aren't alone - applications for gun licences in the US are going through the roof. Yet, this seems to be an overreaction to me. There are about 15,000+ murders per year in the US, and not that many due to the recent riots. Just what we need, a lot more scared inexperienced gun owners.
  13. Not sure if he did this already, but I would think trying a 10 or 20 day fast first seems like a better plan, he's going to lose all that muscle.
  14. One police reform could be to use a shoot-to-wound policy in some cases like these. With an officer behind him, and knowing the suspect didn't have another weapon (they already frisked him), I think he could have shot him in the ass or leg. Cops in the US are always trained to shoot-to-stop the threat; usually multiple shots in the chest or back (which often results in death). This would of course require more marksmanship training. That being said, I agree the split-second decisions cops are faced with are extremely difficult. Also, if I start wrestling with two cops, I expect to be dead more often than not. Cases like these would never result with a criminal charge to the officer in the past, but this guy will probably be used as an example.
  15. American History X starring Ed Norton - A very enjoyable movie besides the lessons learned. I won't ruin the plot, but you won't be disappointed, whichever side you are on.
  16. Watched this today after seeing your recommendation; very revealing and sad. It shows exactly why the US is #1 in incarceration, and a great counter-argument to those who think racism is exaggerated or in the past. It also shows one reason why so many think its exaggerated - because it was so well hidden after the civil rights movement.
  17. Infinity is the answer, don't look past that, ignore all else
  18. @Dutch guy Are you open-minded? \ BTW, I have been/still am closed minded for most of my life.. You are probably way ahead of me in that sarcasm.
  19. If you mean the You part, its not much different than what you posted. This is getting way off topic so I'm out.
  20. My theory is to do more stuff like this and a lot of the violence will go away. I know there can be problems with this method, but why not? Even if you think there are cultural problems in the black community and have a different perspective of why that may be, don't you want a less divided and less violent nation?
  21. Something like this. Act like you had a small stroke or something. You might have to manipulate them back for your own survival; stress will not help the surgery go any better. You can worry about your relationship with them after you are back on your own.
  22. Exactly, nearly 500 murders in Chicago last year, and only 17 caused by the current riots, and there is so much attention to the violence of the riots, doesn't make sense to me.
  23. Meh, stopped watching at about 9:00, he seems pretty hypocritical about pushing a narrative when he shows the Mayweather clip two seconds later, which is not at all representative of 99% of the left. We all know that a lot of media on both sides are full of shit. I think he's missing the point. Its really about inequality. I think police brutality is like 3rd or 4th on the list behind unequal income, wealth, schooling, and incarceration rates. This is just the time its being talked about because of the George Floyd incident.
  24. He had a couple good points. Definitely agree with him about Lebron too near the end of the video, lol. I remember getting triggered about what he said a few months ago.