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  1. @AtheisticNonduality @Nilsi @Carl-Richard Te versus Ti.
  2. I'm an INTJ as well. Tell me more about Te. This is fun.
  3. "Most people live as if they're destined to live forever". One of my favourite quotes. My name is Lisindel. I am from Chicago and I love the idea of self-actualisation. Ever since I came across Leo's channel I've been hooked. Like an audio book I love to listen to his fucking long ass videos! while I do things that would normally bore me (e.g chores)- it just makes time go by so much easier. (honestly highly recommend doing that if you find yourself lacking the time). As for my interests in making this journal, to be quite honest I've always wanted to create blog but I've never really found a good website to plant my flag. I knew I wasn't looking for a cliché travel blog, or anything else for the matter so this forum came quite hand in hand given self-actualisation encapsulates pretty much everything I know I've now found what I've been looking for. NOW. Changing topic a bit here.. I figured ( in my experience of searching for good forums ) not many people if all really post photos of how they're progressing, what they're doing, where they've gone etc. In this thread I hope to change that; to show anyone who comes across this thread that self-actualisation is a very real and tangible thing, to show what results it can produce and what results I have produced by doing what I'm doing which I will also document. Long Term Goals: Enlightenment Be fluent in 5 languages Travel the world Know how to defend myself Become a Vegan Develop a huge skillset Have a fucking awesome beautiful girlfriend. Become the strongest version of myself. Grow spiritually That's all l I can think of at the moment, i'm sure I will come up with more later. Anyway, keep in touch. If you enjoyed this thread leave a comment, if you have any feedback you want to give drop it in and yeah I'd love to interact with you guys ! Peace and love xx
  4. @Benton anyway thanks. I guess I will listen to Shaktipat when I'm not doing dmt.
  5. Do you recommend listening to Shakti pat videos on dmt or would that be too risky? I really don't want a bad trip.
  6. Try keeping your phone locked and put away for a couple of hours everyday. Or keep a track on how much you use your phone everyday and gradually taper off.
  7. @Benton I tried dmt last week with my friends and I felt a bit unusual during the trip. I still can't figure out what it was. But I saw entities that were talking to me. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. Did you have similar experience with dmt?
  8. @Benton I mean did you use any specific technology?
  9. @Benton what techniques do you use while entering samadi?
  10. @Benton what psychedelic do you recommend? Sorry I'm new to it. Can you provide links for the methods recommended?