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  1. @Nahm I don't understand this to be honest. I thought God is love? But now you're saying that's what leaders want you to think to trigger a chemical reaction? And what do you mean with a you're a "program" playing out? An AI programmed to play chess is pretty dumb.. It only knows how to play chess. Nothing else. Feel a bit confused with this post
  2. @James123 pff sounds heavy. Maybe you should seek a spiritual master / teacher that can help you
  3. @James123 damn. So how are you feeling these days? Still empty? How do you function?
  4. @MAYA EL I didn't understand what you meant with: Do you mean you pay attention to your thoughts while meditating? Because they keep coming back they must be "important"? But what do you get out of paying attention to them. Do you go into them? Understand them intellectually? I would think going into the thought is the last thing you'd want because more and more thoughts will come (I have ADD that's why I'm asking)
  5. @MAYA EL then why did you state it in the first place if you were not going to elaborate. Very annoying
  6. Probably not related to your question, but I am interested to where you stand now in terms of emotional mastery?
  7. Thank you so much for this great and wonderful post! I should print it out and hang it in my room to remind myself. Gave me answers to some questions that I've had but never fully got them answered as clearly as you did just now. PS: it's funny but letting to technique doesn't work for me at all. Everything I am supposedly repressing, comes to haunt me in my mind. It's good in a way because I know exactly what situation or what things are making me feel bad. But, on the other hand, this can haunt me for days, weeks, months and I'd have no way of knowing on how to let these thoughts and consequently feelings subside. It's like I wish I could forget it or suppress it even. That's why I'm always trying, with all my power, to accept everything as it is, but then I realize I didn't really accept it deeply enough because it still comes up? So, for me, it is more the matter of how to REALLY accept everything as is, so that I am not haunted by some situation for weeks on end where I am unable to understand/grasp and therefore accept. I'll try this out A lot of love
  8. I don't understand how one of the highest Zen masters, as you said, Doshin Roshi, could have OCD? OCD is really a mind thing, lack of letting go, creating a thought loop. I would think that a Zen master would be able to be above that? Knows the tricks the mind plays for you to draw your attention to it? Or do you mean he had OCD and ADD and still accomplished what he did? Because claiming that he is still suffering OCD and ADD just seems very strange. Certainly since OCD also happens when traumas are not well integrated / resolved, or you as I said the inability to let go. Could you clarify this a bit more?
  9. @pluto Thanks! Needed to hear this! @Raptorsin7 Thanks for your input <3 Doesn't matter if you are enlightened or not. There is no one to be enlightened anyways.
  10. I have some questions regarding my state of being when meditating and was wondering what this could be translated to. Whether I am meditating actively or not, I can activate this kind of vibrational energy in my body. Without focussing on anything really. It's just like a "switch" I turn on or off. This vibrational energy is mostly felt in my feet and my lower legs. But it's omnipresent. It can be felt everywhere and it not really "flowing". It is more the intensity that changes whether I want it or not, and dependent on the body part. When this energy is activated for some time (let's say 5 secs), my heart starts beating very fast (at least 2x - 3x the normal pace). Also, I feel like I am starting to sweat. When this happens, I pause this vibration of energy which turns my body into a resting state. This energy is a little different than what can be felt with focus. When I focus on my feet, I feel the same kind of energy but much less intense and harder to move around. So, can anyone relate to this? I thought this was normal, but I asked some people and they are not able to "activate" this vibrational energy. What could this be? How come my heart starts beating so fast and that I feel like I am sweating? Seems to be the contrary of what I should be feeling? It doesn't make me relaxed, if anything it is a little bit more "tense"
  11. @Synchronicity Yes, thank you for your post. What I think I missed is that it is not Ethan who is dialing into people, but rather this infinite presence dialing into people through Ethan. That was my main wrong assumption which lead to the question.
  12. Edit: I tried to edit my original post but for some reason it posted it as a new post, sorry.
  13. So what about this: "There's no beings that could do anything more than what I'm doing right now". --> Well. If there are infinity beings like you able to experience what you are experiencing, some of them must have found a way to dial into a specific person. So there would be beings being able to do more than what you're doing now, in the specificity of dialing into other people, right? Question 1) What if you are in physical contact with a specific person. Let's say just meeting them in real life. Aren't you in touch with one specific being out of infinity other beings? Aren't you able to identify this specific being, knowing that this specific Ethan is talking to this specific being and consequently dial into that person? Or do you not know which specicific Ethan is talking to this specific being right now? Question 2) Since you experience infinite you experience infinite wisdom, intelligence, information, experiences you are able to dial into infinite wisdom, intelligence,... So does this mean you know everything about anything? Let's say solving the world's hardest problem of today. Are you able to dial into information into solving them? Or are you not able to distinguish wrong information from right information? Can't you 'see' in the future knowing which actions taken resulted in what outcome? So couldn't you know what to do based on what has happened and will happen? (For example global warming, or whatever) Question 3) Is Ethan experiencing enlightenment as Ethan, himself? Probably more questions coming