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  1. Amazing things that happened today: I (kind of...) saved a life!! I helped a neighbor remove a stitch her doctor hadn't removed completely.. All this in her kitchen!! And she's still alive!! While reading the book "How to get rich" by Feliz Dennis, I had a flash about one of my earliest visualization sessions when I saw myself working just for passion, not for money. Maybe it came out of the life purpose course.. I had forgotten about it.. Again, thank you Universe!! I adulted!! - "to adult" is a verb so it can be conjugated, right!? - Anyway, I'm surrounded by wonderful people!! How could I have made today even better? Accepting and acting on the fact that "cheerfulness is the best attitude and the best strategy towards solving problems in life". I went out with some colleagues this evening to see the movie "Bohemian Rapsody" and I definitely was a bit under the weather.. I went on and "accepted" the fact that I was sad and that it was okay. Hopefully the next time I'll remember Leo's words.. Watering my poor poor orchid.. I should have done it on Tuesday.. I'll do it now but I'm afraid it's too late even for the last branch..
  2. Amazing things that happened today: I decided that my evening routine is a must, even if I still have tons of things to do. I didn't give in to sadness. I'm more flexible and accepting. I don't beat myself up for not having written in the last month, I start from now and I've also shortened the number of questions so that it's easier and takes less time. Maybe I'll buy the Five Minute Journal for 2019, I'm not sure though. How could I have made today even better? Really giving my best during today's wod!!! It's such a pity knowing that I could have done more!!
  3. You're alive. Act like it!! Just a quick reminder to the me who was about to cry because I didn't find the phone cover that was supposed to be arrived at the post office two days ago. I'm a bit stressed for the whole moving to Switzerland thing so I easly get depressed.. Yet I know that "everything is figureoutable" (as Marie Forleo says..). I just needed a reminder. Thank you Universe for always having my back, and thanks to Gabrielle Bernstein for this concept.
  4. I wish I was a poet I wish I was a poet to be able to summarize in a few words the last month. But I'm not, at least not yet.. So I'll just write everything that comes to my mind as it comes.. I'm happy and very conscious about it. I just had a flash about the fact that you generally find love when you are happy by yourself. The great thing is that what I feel is kind of a humble happiness. I see things (or people) I want but I know that I'll be happy without them too. I was thinking about what exactly made me happy and this post came to my mind.. Anyway, I have a lot of things to love and be happy and grateful for: I had a great birthday party, it was really amazing!! Nothing hyper fancy, we had a few drinks and something to eat at a bar but it really was a wonderful night, everyone had a good time!! Yesterday was Friday night, I had plans to go out with some girls of the rock climbing course but in the end we canceled the night out and went home after training and I couldn't be happier!! Who would have said that a dinner alone eating gnocchi al pesto with a glass of wine and the perspective of writing here could make me so much happy!?! Freedom!!! I blocked two guys I had met on Tinder so now I don't have to put up with hot&coldness anymore!!! I have a good life in general and beautiful things keep happening to me.. Like the videos I find on youtube. Two examples of that are Gabrielle Bernstein and Tom Bilyeu and his hosts.. Here are some of the gems I got from them: Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety. Gabrielle Bernstein Anyone can change the world by changing themselves. Kyle Cease No person has ever broken your heart, they broke your expectations. And by breaking your expectations, they get you closer to your heart. The only thing we have is the present moment to enjoy, we don't own anyone. Kyle Cease In this month I also practiced being comfortable while being uncomfortable and managing my anxiety.. Organizing and preparing for my birthday party was a bit stressful but I went for it anyway and it was awesome!! The following weekend my parents came to visit me, we had the best of times but there were some issues with transportation.. The day they came here there was a general strike but they made it to take the plane, albeit with some difficulty.. The day they left the train to the airport was late and they had to take the next plane.. While booking that next plane, at a certain point I told myself out loud: "stay calm D, we're solving it!!". So here I am.. Hopefully this month I'll be more regular with my routines and all the other things I have to do (and be!! ).
  5. @Hellspeed
  6. Amazing things that happened in the last 10 days: I reconnected with a friend. I love her and she loves me, we're just one crazier than the other!! I'm learning equanimity, to accept things, and people, as they are. I'm learning to be an adult or, as Mel Robbins says, to parent myself. Ways I got closer to being my authentic self: I went out with some colleagues and today I spent the night out with a friend. Yep, I did practice. I ran the first 10km of the season. If I could relive the last 10 days I would: Study more. Deep work time: 13 hours and 30 minutes!! What I learned: The hard way is the easy way.
  7. STOP I feel a bit confused.. Where am I going? What do I want? Am I doing the right things? So let's review the basics.. My life purpose is: "to do plenty of research and public speaking to make people healthier through consciousness".. Which ultimately means I need to be more conscious myself. So it's a good thing that I try to meditate every day. Ok. Then there's my professional life. I actually know what I have to do, I just need to make myself do it. Last but not least there's my love life.. I had the best of dates last week (really, it was perfect in every single detail, we kissed while saying to each other "no, one cannot only live to work"..).. Yet I know that I want more than "just" great sex.. As Eddie Pinero would say: the problem is belief. I don't see it right here right now so I feel sad.. Guess I just needed a reminder to "just keep swimming".. And loving, everything and everybody. Because even if no one came, I will have loved. And that's the only thing that matters. Amen.
  8. Amazing things that happened in the last week: I find myself happy more and more often. It just happens, without anything in particular happening I feel happy and content!! Today, while re-programming my schedule, I looked a bit at the grades I gave myself in the past months on the various "Big Blocks" on the perfect notebook.. I definitely got better in the relationships and fun&recreations areas, I stayed steadily good for what regards "body time" and in September I was very good in the "personal growth area" (I read a lot and only skipped meditation for 7 days). The big blocks that are suffering most are "professional goals" and "skill building". So now I have one more reason to get myself to study.. I also decided to put off to February the French certification exam so that I have more time to do the courses of speed reading and rapid learning. Today I finally went back to Crossfit, it was A M A Z I N G !!!!! I can't explain how much I had missed it!!! I'll be going only two times a week this month though, so that I won't be forcing too much and I'll have more time to do other things (like running.. and checking up on my health..). Ways I got closer to being my authentic self: I definitely was selfless... I went out for lunch with my colleagues. I ran and I danced!! I went alone to a party (aka bye bye comfort zone!! ). I hosted a friend for a night. If I could relive the last week I would: Study!!! Deep work time: 1 hour and 40 minutes.. I was very very busy!!! What I learned: I'm intimidated by the bulk of what I have to study but really there's no way around: little by little I'll do everything.
  9. Amazing things that happened in the last two weeks: I've just realized that, in spite of everything, I'm finally realizing one of my year's goals: "to make reading a daily habit". I'm currently reading "It's not about the money" by Brent Kessel. It's a great book about getting to know one's deep relationship to money. He talks about 8 basic archetypes. For the moment I totally identify with the pleasure seeker.. So no more credit cards for me... I also should implement a one-day-no-spending routine, or as he calls it "a day of resting from wanting". Doing the exercises in the book I realized that this kind of relationship with money comes from the belief that "I am not enough as I am".. Another advice Kessel gives to pleasure seekers is to be more present in the moment, which is very different from the "you can't take it with you" mindset. Being more conscious and present makes it easier to recognize the deeper feeling that is being anesthetized by the irresistible impulse to buy something.. I guess I've been a bit avoidant on this issue of feeling as not being enough.. The universe then sent me this book and a forced rest from Crossfit as I got a stiff neck I'm still recovering from.. I remember I was so angry for the fact of not being able to train.. Oh, my equanimity!! Instead of using the newfound free time to do all of my routines (I did meditate almost every day though), I re-signed up to Tinder. In spite of the part of me telling me I was wasting my time, in a way it did help me accept myself more... Hopefully I won't always need external approval to feel that I am lovable as I am (not only for my body, there's a guy who's still writing me even if he has already categorized me as a crazy head.. we'll see each other on Sunday). I started the rock climbing course. It's a very mental sport.. I can't say I love it yet but I like the fact that in the end it's just you and the wall.. Also, you can't think too much about what to do because you risk to lose the momentum.. A very powerful lesson!! I am am embodying the value of professionalism by always arriving early at work. Ways I got closer to being my authentic self: Tinder... I've actually already unsubscribed again. The hard way is the easy way, and also more fulfilling.. Today I went out for lunch with my colleagues. Two Saturdays ago I went to a barbecue organized by the rock climbing school If I could relive the last two weeks I would: Study. Deep work time: I've started to use Forest also for meditation, visualization and reading time.. So in the last two weeks I've worked deeply for 10 hours. What I learned: To love myself as I am.
  10. Amazing things that happened in the last 8 days: My "future husband" wrote me out of the blue end ended up giving me the number of one of his friends who lives in the area where I'm going to live in Switzerland!! I am becoming an adult also in the way I write texts: I usually communicated mostly with gifs and memes but now I actually write what I think!! While chatting with my neighbor she told me she's into rock climbing and now I may start rock climbing too!! Ways I got closer to being my best self: I hosted two friends this weekend, it was amazing!!! It's definitely something I see myself doing a lot!! I studied, not much but I did. I decided to have a "senior doctor mindset": instead of whining and getting depressed about what is not going right at work I now act on it and try to find solutions. If I could relive the last 8 days I would: Study more, eat less or at least better and be more active. All this "accepting imperfection" thing sometimes turns into pure laziness and being totally unfocused.. Deep work time: 5 hours and 40 minutes. I am 300 leafs away from planting my first real three with the app Forest!! What I learned: Love is the answer. Love for myself and for others. It's the difference between "grinding" and "working towards my purpose", between the "old" Tim Ferris and this one.. This mentality also helps me to be more empathetic towards the people and situations I encounter every day.
  11. Adulting Today I realized that no one prepares you for it, or at least no one prepared me for it, or maybe they did but I wasn't listening.. So here I am.. With all this personal development stuff I went from a shy silent little girl to not knowing when I'd better keep things for myself.. I'm behind almost with everything I planned to do, nevertheless I accepted new engagements at work. Ok, I just needed to externalize my complaints.. The engagements I took at work are a case report on a rare disease and a research, both things I can't wait to do!! And for the impostor syndrome, as I said I'm not perfect anyway, I just need to make sure I always give my best, which is definitely not what I did today. #failrecommit
  12. Time runs so fast when you're having fun.. I went to Burundi from the 8th to the 24th of August and then right back to work on the 25th. Today I felt a bit overwhlemed, depressed and anxious so I thought it was time to recalibrate.. While in Burundi I wrote this: The good thing about my present self is that I am learning to accept imperfection. I thought I would complete the page before posting it but in the end I decided to accept it as it was and go on. I think it's a form of humility too, I acknowledged that I am not perfect and it's ok anyway. So today I welcomed back my beautiful friend anxiety in my life.. It all began with a feeling of sadness because of some difficulties at work then in the evening I started feeling anxious in a way that I hadn't in a while. Quoting Grant Cardone: "fear only exists in situations that matter". I think that part of my sadness came from te fact that I tend to come back home late from work, which doesn't leave me much time and energies to "mind my own business" in Robert Kiyazaki's words. Fortunately I also know that there is always a solution, "everything is figureoutable"!! It's time!!
  13. My poor computer is not working so I wrote by hand..
  14. Amazing things that happened in the last two week: I RAN TODAY!!!!! The last time was on April 29th... Fortunately I still can run!! I helped a friend with self esteem issues telling her my story and what helped me.. Healing others by healing myself, it could be a good definition for what becoming a healer is about.. I moved!! I moved on July 12th, I loved the apartment at first sight, now little by little I'm starting to see all the little defects here and there.. #highrisemodeon!! Fortunately the benefits still overweight the disadvantages!! One of the advantages is being able to stay out "late" without having to ask or disturb anyone.. For example this evening I went to the summer dinner organized by the Crossfit box I go to. We had a very good time. Also, on Monday I went to a dinner with my colleagues and it was great too!! If I could relive the last two weeks I would: Spend less, if no time on Facebook!! Deep work time: Idk, maybe one hour... What I learned: "Balanced days create a balanced life". It's a quote I came up with more than one year ago I think.. Today it came to my mind when I decided to stop cleaning to start doing something else..
  15. Amazing things that happened in the last two days: I received a great lesson about being an adult. As silly as it sounds I "learnt" that it's never a good idea to accept an invitation "just to get the chance to practice dating"... So I canceled the "almost date". The incredible thing is that the guy was just like "ok, nevermind". I also met him by chance today and he greeted me as if nothing happened. From my point of view he's probably a serial killer but he might also just be an emotionally mature person.. Eddie Pinero did a Ted Talk!! Lately I've been living my days a little randomly, it was a good thing to open my mind to accepting imperfection yet I think I ended up missing the point of it all, like when I found myself wondering why I do what I do or yesterday after realizing I had just accepted a date from a guy I wasn't minimally interested in.. Thank God I can always count on Eddie (and the universe using friends to let me see things as they are..)!!! Crossfit. I probably won't qualify for the competition I registered in but preparing for it was a good life lesson, very humbling.. If I could relive the last two days I would: Study. Deep work time: None... What I learned: I actually can have it all, a disciplined and fulfilling life with also moments of relaxation and fun.