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  1. Amazing things that happened recently: I'm starting to get the benefits from my almost vegan diet (I still don't stick to it when eating out if there are no other options or if there is something I REALLY want to try..): no menstrual cramps!!! I used to be utterly dependent on NSAIDs to function during my periods.. Since I cut out meat and especially dairy I've been using them lesser and lesser, I didn't notice it first but this month looking back I noticed that I took just one pill and I actually didn't really need it.. I'm currently listening to the book "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" by John Gottman. It's very counterintuitive in a way.. I used to have this idea that to have the perfect marriage I would have to first become the best version of myself (if not "perfect") and then find another "perfect" person.. Yet it's "only" about loving and respecting each other.. What totally blew my mind was the phrase: "Like the Aikido yield-to-win principle, you cannot be influential in your relationship unless you also accept influence from your partner". It instantly reminded me of "Mastery" by George Leonard.. I can't describe the extraordinary feeling of "oneness" I would say, the intuition that "of course, it's all the same".. I see beauty everywhere!! Here are the flowers along the stairway where I live: I don't know their name, they look and smell like roses but looking closer they actually look like a cabbage red in the inside and green on the outside.. So beautiful anyway!! They made me think of the fact that when I will have my own apartment/house I want to always have some fresh flowers around the house or at least on the table in the living room.. #manifesting!!! I'm happy most of the time now and for no special reason!! On Sunday I had my second Italki lesson. The teacher was again incredibly better than I could have ever hoped, she had taken the time to do some research on the most frequently asked questions during job interviews so I had the opportunity to do a sort of simulation of the interview. I still have a lot to work on but she really was a game changer!!! The more I go on the more I love CrossFit, I will never say it enough!!! Ways I could have made these days even better: Following plan A. The good thing is that at least there was a plan A... What I learned --> my behavioral change: To be more flexible.
  2. Amazing things that happened this week: It was really an amazing week!! At the moment I'm listening to some Norah Jones to "calm me down a bit"... I can't remember exactly the day but at a certain point I felt the "not belonging" feel I used to feel in high school.. At the time I used to think that becoming a doctor would have made me finally belong to something.. Yet that feeling came up again the other day while watching the facebook profiles of some acquaintances in Switzerland.. After watching some videos and thinking about it I realized that there's no point in longing to belong as we all belong everywhere and anywhere at the same time, or as Maya Angelou beautifully puts it: "You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all". Sometimes I get overwhelmed by trying to figure everything out in precise details instead of just focusing on the right next step, as the rest is all about trusting and believing.. I have this beautiful image of laying on the water letting myself go with the waves.. On the other hand I also spent most of the week listening to Imagine Dragon's "Believer", I love the part in the video where one of the two says "I want to stop" and the other answers: "You can't"!! Talking about surrendering, it's a concept I'm becoming familiar with thanks to CrossFit too, at the new box I'm going to they have a very different approach from where I was before and getting used with being more focused on the techniques than on expressing the maximum power possible reminds me of the example in the book "Mastery" of the two martial art professionals who started learning Aikido, one trying to mix it up with what he already knew and the other taking a beginner approach.. I decided I'm going to run at someone else's pace from now on (at CrossFit...), mine is too fast AND now I accept it.. This: Simplicity is the ultimate perfection. Today I had my first Italki lesson AND IT WAS A M A Z I N G !!!!! Like: the best thing ever, really!! I had selected a community tutor living in Switzerland. Before the actual lesson, based on the few lines I had wrote about me, she had already made a plan about what to focus on during the lesson. In the end I learned a lot and she actually helped me in preparing for the upcoming job interview. She also gave me some suggestions on what to say/mention during the interview!! Initially I thought that 45 five minutes were way too much time but I ended up booking a new lesson, of 1 hour this time!! It all reminds me of the part of me who's still regretting the fact that I didn't start earlier seriously working on the Switzerland thing.. It wasn't definitely the time... Ways I could have made this week even better: Studying more!! What I learned --> my behavioral change: "Achievement is not the problem, alignment is". One of Brendon Buchard's clients. Really, now that I see myself there, all the paths leading to Switzerland are opening up!! I was looking at the trains to draw up a little budget of the money I will need for transportation when I realized that there's also the carsharing option, with the same app I'm using in Italy!! How perfect can it be?! Not only I will be saving money but I will also have the opportunity to practice speaking French!!!
  3. Amazing things that happened today: I'm the chief. That's something I'm realizing more and more as time goes by. Firstly for what concerns my diet, I'm sometimes tempted to seek other people's advice on this whole food vegan boat I've embarked on but then I remember that in the end I'm the one who decides what to put in my mouth and what not to.. Then there's the Switzerland thing.. A (huge) part of me expected much more support and external recognition for every little thing I accomplished.. Yet I'm the only one who can judge if I've done something significant or not and what is the right next step. The good thing is that all this makes me feel anxious but in a tamed way, it's not the paralyzing anxiety I used to feel, I just recognize and accept it and then move on. My "new" running shoes!!! I've never actually bought pair of shoes specifically for running, I just "downgraded" other training shoes I already had.. This time though I "downgraded" a very good pair, running really felt like flying inside them!!! I wasn't even so tired when I got home... I did my first meal prep!! I thought I couldn't do something similar as I don't have too much space in the fridge yet I now have all the vegetables I can need for the week ready to eat!! No more banana&peanuttoastsonly days!!! Ways I could have made today even better: Being more cheerful (and grateful!). What I learned --> my behavioral change: The bigger your dream, the earlier you have to get up. Eric Thomas (I think..)
  4. Free thoughts Soooo... I got an interview for a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the place is vacant from May 2019 not in 2018 as I had proposed for but I accepted anyway.. The interview will be on October, 24 in Sion.. I'm utterly unprepared but I have all the tools I need, I've been buying tons of books to re-learn French and to revise Medicine in French, I "just" have to start opening them more frequently, I've been very busy distracting myself lately... Fortunately Switzerland keeps calling me in every possible way (or I guess I just haven't given up the project despite my laziness): yesterday I went to a BLSD course and the room we were in was full of names of Swiss towns, on the floor there was this: Then during the afternoon we went to take a walk in Alghero and while watching the sunset (amazing btw, I had never seen the sun falling into the sea, it's a matter of minutes, if not seconds, a beautiful metaphor of life...) there was some people speaking in French behind me and my colleague... All this reminds me of the recurring dream I used to have about Guardian Angels... In Switzerland I'll probably see my putative husband, with whom I haven't been in contact as much as I had planned though.. We'll see, I'm in your hands life/God/Universe... Really, everything happens for a reason, or better for a purpose... Like the fact that the CrossiFit box I used to go to relocated, I'm so astonished by how wrong I did pretty much every single exercise (fortunately I haven't been corrected about my running, yet).. All I have to do is to be cheerful and grateful (AND hard-working), the rest is already settled!!
  5. Amazing things that happened this week: Crossfit!! I will never be grateful enough for having found the new box I'm going at, I'm doing exercises with the correct tecniques and it's not as painful as before.. Even if it was a pretty lazy week I sent an application in response to a job advertisement, it was my first application by traditional mail, who knew that it was something still in use in 2017!! I also started reading ESC's guidelines on atrial fibrillation and found this in the table about AF risk factors: Maybe the Cardiologist who wrote this part had just had a week like mine and just needed a little pat on the shoulder.. In the actual study they took this from they actually say: "This risk decreased as the population aged and was offset by known beneficial effects of vigorous exercise on other AF risk factors". ThanksGod!!! I guess Platon wasn't so wrong in disliking writing, it definitely always needs explanation as it's very easy to misinterpret... The further I go on the more I'm amazed by my life and the things that happen to me.. Now that I've finally made up my mind about moving to Switzerland I discovered another way to go work there, an international project similar to the Erasmus called "Ulisse".. Oh, abundance!! Oh, law of attraction!!! Ways I could have made this week even better: Doing more, I can't wait for the day I'll go to sleep knowing that I couldn't have done more/better!! What I learned --> my behavioral change: There's A LOT of work to do and I need to be focused more than ever as my energies are limited, even my renewed plant-based diet --> focus and hard work!!
  6. Amazing things that happened this week: I don't remember the exact circumstances it happened but at a certain point I had this realization: "It's an eternal becoming". There are some things I refrain from buying with the promise that I will buy them when I'm in Switzerland and it's ok, it's kind of a little prize. Yet it doesn't mean that relocating to Switzerland will be the end point of my journey: I'll still have to work towards being a world-class Cardiologist and as a Cardiologist I now have the goal to help using diet as medicine become a common-practice in my field and in medicine in general. I also want to have a beautiful family, a fulfilling social life, to be more and more physically active... The great thing is that all this doesn't make me anxious at all even if they're a lot of great goals.. It's somewhat comforting knowing that I will never be "perfect".. Actually, I'm already perfect, all I have to do is to enjoy and make the most out of the wonderful life I was given.. Another beautiful thought: "winter too is beautiful". Talking about winter in Sardinia is a bit of an oxymoron, I know, yet it's no longer time for dresses and sandals and I like it too!! On Friday I did the first CrossFit lesson in the new box I'll be going to. It was amazing!!! It's even better than the one I used to go to, which was already great!! Oh, infinity!!! "I was lost but now I'm found". It was a bit of a strange week, also because I did my first night shift (that went amazingly well!!!) so I somewhat lost to days.. In the end though "I was found", also thanks to Matt Kahn's video "The Most Important Spiritual Decision". It's good to know that I don't have to figure it all out by myself.. "Scientific abstinence". I had this idea of trying to apply the third of the five precepts of morality (as said by Jonathan Foust: "knowing that sexual desire is not love, that sexual activity moved by craving always harm myself and others, I am determiner not to engage in sexual relations without true love ad deep long-term commitment, made known to my family and friend. Seeing that body and mind are one, I am committed to learning appropriate ways to take care of my sexual energy and to cultivate loving kindness, joy, compassion and inclusiveness". At first this was the one I felt most difficult to apply in my own life yet it's as Leo said in his las video: abstaining from lower consciousness pleasure preparing to taste the much more yummy higher consciousness' ones.. Ways I could have made this week even better: Being more active and doing my evening routine. What I learned --> how is my behavior going to change: Switzerland is not the ultimate goal ( --> I removed the voice "ways I got closer to Switzerland"). The ultimate goal, as written under my vision board is "to live an extraordinary life and realize the purpose of making people healthier through consciousness". And this is something that is done everyday, no mater where I am, the various mid-term goals are only steps that will help me better realize the ultimate goal..
  7. Amazing things that happened this weekend: The resident in internal medicine in Switzerland I'm in contact with keeps giving me very useful advice!! Like also applying for a residency in surgery.. He seems more active than me from a certain point of view... I don't know if it's resistance or just laziness but for example I've spent the last two hours looking for pictures to post on facebook and in the end I didn't post any (I postponed the task no next weekend...).. Sometimes I'm a little too much self-indulgent.. I was listening to "The 48 laws of power" by Robert Greene (in French!! ) and suddenly came up with this interesting paradox: in this book Robert Green teaches how to attain power, which is very useful in everyday life, but on the other hand I still remember how Jonathan Foust's video mentioning the 5 precepts of morality hit me.. I even took notes... So should I follow the laws of power or the precepts of morality?? Both I guess, depending on the situation and the stage I'm at.. That's the trick about learning more and more, you discover that there are infinite possibilities and for a basically indecisive person like me it's hard sometimes.. Take the nutrition thing for example: until a few weeks ago I was convinced that eating olive oil was a good thing yet now I know it's not.. At the hospital when we ask people about their diets we always ask if they're vegetarian or not, assuming that there's no way that a non animal-eater could be healthy, or at least that's what I assumed until recently.. Everyone is supposed to derive the truth by him/herself, which is to experience it first hand.. Commitment is the key.. My beloved CrossFit crew relocated too far for me to go there on foot. When I wrote the coach that I won't be able to continue training with them he told me to remember that the box will always be home!! So sweet!!! Ways I could have made this weekend even better: Studying. Ways I got closer to Switzerland ❤️ : No one.. What I learned --> how is my behavior going to change: To put first things first... Repetita iuvant they say..
  8. Amazing things that happened today: It was an incredible day!!! I had planned to go to see a friend and spend the weekend with her but on my way there I found out that there had been a misunderstanding and she wasn't even home... In the end I spent the night out with the amazing girls I met on the ridesharing and I'll sleep at my friend's sister's.. AND we're going to the beach tomorrow exactly as initially planned... I managed to do everything at work on time to go.. A lot of incredible coincidences happened, as I say I live in a continuous state of grace!! Ways I could have made today even better: Studying. Ways I got closer to Switzerland ❤️ : No one.. What I learned --> how is my behavior going to change: Life is an incredible experience.
  9. Amazing things that happened the last few days: I had a call with a colleague who's doing a residency in internal medicine in Switzerland, I was very lucky to catch up with him: he showed me some book I can buy to become familiar with medicine in French and also gave me the name of the head physician of the ward where he's working so that I could send him an application, which I did!! I did 50 burpees today!! It was my first workout since returning home.. As always I'm still wondering why I didn't start earlier... I came home from work a lot earlier than usual today and had the time to prepare this amazing lunch: I'm still a bit confused about what I should and shouldn't eat but certainly meat and dairy won't be part of my long-term diet.. I don't know about eggs, for the moment I'm not buying them either.. What I'm most resistant to let go are salt and oil, not that I overconsume them.. We'll see.. Ways I could have made the last few days even better: Studying. Ways I got closer to Switzerland ❤️ : Sending other applications. I What I learned --> how is my behavior going to change: "Unhappiness is the difference between how we are and how we would like to be". Giacomo Tonelli --> to always do what the person I would like to be would do.
  10. Amazing things that happened today: My reentry to work went very well. I studied!!! I kind of went with the flow but still managed to do something in the afternoon. I finally knew of doctor John McDougall thanks to the video "The starch solution". So now I can go back to eating potatoes and white rice... Joking aside all this information I'm getting is very difficult to integrate with what I actually do at work based on international guidelines on how to treat diseases... Fortunately my the word "research" appears many times and in different forms in my mission statement.. Ways I could have made today even better: Running!! I've realized only today that now that the crossfit box in closed for vacations (they're also moving, hopefully still in a place I can reach on foot) I actually could run every day if so I desired... Ways I got closer to Switzerland ❤️ : Reaching out to people!! I don't remember where but I once heard/read that when you feel sad the best thing to do is to reach out to people.. So I did and it worked phenomenally!! I wrote to a total of 4 people in Switzerland, included my potential husband (Matthew Hussey says that it's better not to focus on one specific person).. I'm very proud of this, I recognized that yeah, I can do it all by myself but including other people in the loop might mean much more fun and maybe also be easier.. What I learned --> how is my behavior going to change To be flexible, doing something is far better than not doing anything because things didn't go exactly as planned..
  11. Amazing things that happened today: It wasn't "amazing" but this video from Tai Lopez was pretty remarkable.. I'm still very very confused about the best way to eat, certainly eating mostly vegan for a month was a good thing.. I don't know about eggs but I'm definitely not going back to eating dairy.. And also meat I think will remain something I only eat out.. Eddie Pinero's video titled "Have the guts" that came along exactly while I was wondering how I should approach what I'll now be calling "project marriage".. Incredible!! What's even more incredible is that things like that keep happening to me every single day, I'm so so blessed!!! I was feeling a little down this evening as I once more faced the fact that moving to Switzerland won't be a cakewalk so I decided to go through my by now long list of quotes on Evernote and stumbled on this one: "Anything worth doing requires feeling scared and then doing it anyway." Kate Northrup. So I postponed to tomorrow what I had to do today!! Ways I could have made today even better: Being bolder. Ways I got closer to Switzerland ❤️ : Semi-sending another application. What I learned --> how is my behavior going to change: Being more corageous, especially considering that nothing I do or don't do is about life or death...
  12. Amazing things that happened today: I was a bit lazy in the morning but in the end it was a pretty productive day. I found out that I won't need to spend so much to prepare for the French certification exam, who needs online courses when there are books available!! I could be sleeping but I chose to write anyway.. Ways I could have made today even better: Making better use of this morning, I did do something, just very very slowly.. Ways I got closer to Switzerland ❤️ : Funishing up my "plan A", I just have it execute on this now... What I learned = how is my behavior going to change To put first thing first, again.. Sometimes I get lost in small things..
  13. A wonderful summer Or better, wonderful summer vacations.. I'm on vacation until next Tuesday, right now I'm back in Sardinia.. I left on the 4th of August, spent a few days at home and then went on a 5 days trip in Puglia with a friend. After that went to visit some relatives for a few days.. I took some notes every day about things I wanted to remember so now is the time to elaborate on them.. Amazing things that happened: 4/8 "The miracle of the suitcase". While rushing to get out the house and take the ride that would take me to the airport I broke the zipper of the bag I had brought instead of a suitcase. There was no time to look for an alternative so I roughly closed it with some safety pins. In the past this would have bothered me a lot, yet I was able to see it as the firstworldproblem that it was and in the end I was able to buy a suitcase near to the airport. The real miracle though was fitting everything in this tiny suitcase, the clerk I bought it from took every single item in my bag and put it in the suitcase teaching me how to actually pack a carry-on in a way I had never seen before.. Unfortunately I don't have pre- and post pictures, but it was impressive!! 5/8 "Ready to let him go". I saw my ex fiancé for what I'm pretty certain will be the last time and had this sensation of finally being ready to move on. We kept in touch and also saw each other a few times in the last year and a half.. He was the one I called after the second Prosecco, or when I needs to talk to someone.. Yet he does belong in the past.. "Never marry a person who is not a friend of your excitement." Nathaniel Brandon 6/8 "Switzerland, mother-in-law, heeeelp!!!". So yeah, I'm single but I know who my mother-in-law is and she wishes me to be her daughter-in-law too.. It's a strange story that started last summer when she called me proposing me to go work in Switzerland and why not?, maybe marry one of her sons and I actually agreed.. I haven't been very active on that, nor on moving in Switzerland in general, it's only now that I'm more serious about actually making it happen.. On August the 6th my mum called her by mistake and she took it as a sign and called me.. The first thing she pointed out was the fact that I had disappeared from the show and I was like "ehm, uhm..." but she didn't mention the marriage thing. I can't say I'm in love with that guy but there's something, in both parties, or at least there was the last time I saw him, in February 2016... the "problem" now is how to approach the thing, I guess I can't send him a Facebook message asking him to marry me... A few days ago I came up with the idea of using the need to improve my French as an excuse to start chatting regularly.. We'll see.. 7/8 "Where there is the will there's the way". I managed to cook lunch for my brothers even if I had a lot of engagements that day, I was amazingly surprised by that!! 8/8 I bought this beautiful bracelet: Since not wearing an engagement ring any more I have desired a ring with symbol of the infinite but never bought it so when I saw this bracelet I had to grab it!! It's not in that perfect shape anymore but I still think it was well spent money even if I'm now more than ever convinced that it's better to prove/show things rather than saying/wearing them.. I danced the "Pizzica", the typical Apulian dance, amazing!!! 9/8 To my own great surprise I discovered that I actually like driving!! Especially nice beautiful Renault Captures with automatic change.. "I accidentally broke my sandals and it was a fortune". I don't even know why I brought them but I had this pair of high wedge heel sandals so that night I wore them and one of the heels went off, it was actually a fortune because that way I had more space in my suitcase.. 10/8 Vegan day!! I ate only plant-based food for a whole day for the first time since the beginning of my vacations.. It lasted a total of two days.. Maybe the next vacations will be more animal and environment-friendly.. We did a nice night hike in the nature around the south of Puglia.. I'll definitely have more adventurous vacations in the future, this one was pretty ordinary: we were on the beach half of the day and visiting the other half.. I did enjoy it too, in the end this is The ideal vacation has always been for me, not doing much more that just enjoying myself but I now see that there is also a point in breaking a sweat even when off work.. 11/8 Talking about breaking sweats, we went to see the beautiful Porto Selvaggio, savage in the fact that to reach the sea you have to walk through half-signalled trails for a bit, totally worth it though!! I really need to learn to swim, we'll see when.. They are relocating the crossfit box, if it's too far for me I'ok look for some swim lessons around the town.. We'll see.. I had the pleasure of noticing that oftentimes the things that are less publicized are actually the most beautiful: like Nardó, a little town we visited that from my point of view has nothing to envy to bigger and more famous cities that we visited.. It was the second and last vegan day of my vacations, I also ate a delicious vegan pistachio ice cream, not whole-food plant based I fear but you know, holidays!! 12/8 I finally found a typical dish of the place that did not contain meat, dairy or eggs: the Frisa!! Essentially a variant of a Bruschetta.. I confirmed my idea of not so much publicized things with Zany Irene's church in Lecce, I loved it much more that the Cathedral!! Back with Burundians!!! The more I grow up and the more I feel the need to be with people from my country, not because they're in any way better that anyone else, just to see a point of view that I would otherwise miss.. 13/8 "Leo talking about junior doctors and the impostor sindrome!! 💞💞💞 and happy marriages...". I was catching up with Leo's videos and in the video about expectations he kept referring to junior doctors.. I don't remember what he said about happy marriages though, it's somewhere anyway.. Like the fact that I did not fully understand why I am almost obsessed with being physically active and eating healthy and then re-reading Mastery by George Leonard I found the quote "Ultimately, fitness and health are related to everything we do, think and feel". The beauty of being to a relatives' home is that it's almost as being at home or even better, so relaxing, waking up whenever I want and not missing a single nap!! 14/8 "Super morning routine, 60 burpees!!". I finally did my entire morning routine and restarted meditating every day, I haven't miss a day yet so bravo me!! During the vacations I was more consistent with working out: I did 50 burpees almost every day and then started adding 5 per day with the goal of arriving to 100 by the end of the vacations. I'll skip some steps and start with 100 from tomorrow though, it shouldn't take me more than 10 minutes so I really don't have any excuse.. "Family!!". My brother and my cousin arrived and it was amazing!!! 15/8 "Super day at the Royal Palace of Caserta!!". We really had a great time, we visited the rooms, did a picnic and then visited the park, this is me at the Fountain of Diana: And I also found out that there was an exhibit on Klimt... 16/8 We went to a countryside festival, there was a Neapolitan blues group singing there, The blue stuff, it was fun!! After that we had a drink in a bar in town and I appreciated the mojito for the first time!! 17/8 I finally went to see the exhibit on Klimt, it's called "Klimt experience". What hit me was the concept of "total art" because everything is art... Again the idea of making of my life a work of art.. And apparently "all art is erotic"... Yet he did work all day long: "There is nothing that special to see when looking at me. I'm a painter who paints day in day out, from morning till evening".. "Super workout!!". I had the honor of being blessed to do an outdoor workout session with my cousin who, among other things, is a personal trainer and he showered me with compliments about my performance as a runner and also about my strength!! Amazing!!! 18/8 I finally finished reading Mastery for the second time!! It definitely was a good idea choosing the boat to get back in Sardinia.. What I learned: It's better to write a little bit every day than everything at once...
  14. Amazing things that happened in the past few days: I'm getting used to my plant based diet and finally found out that it's normal to be al little bloated (AND farty...) at the beginning.. No more raw cauliflowers for me!! On Saturday I had agreed to go to the beach with a friend and stay at her home until Sunday evening but I actually didn't feel like going.. For one reason or another in the end I didn't manage to find a way to get there so I spent the weekend at home and it was a wonderful weekend!!! I'm simply astonished by the majesty of the law of attraction!! Leo talking about the concept of Pantheism, I think it was in last week's video.. Anyway, I remember being very fascinated by this idea the first time I heard about this concept, I think I was in middle school and I immediately felt it true, especially considering nature.. While re-organizing and planning for my future in Switzerland I "found out" that in January I used the pre-mortem technique focusing on specializing in Cardiology in Switzerland.. Almost everything that I wrote that could cause that project's failure happened. It's incredible.. Now I have a sheet titled "Plan A" with all the details of how I'll get there.. Ways I could have made the past few days even better: Not napping when not needed. I previously had the pseudo-habit of taking a nap after lunch or when I got home, I'm still doing it even if now that I don't eat eat and dairy no matter how much I eat I don't actually feel sleepy getting up from the table.. I'll replace it with a 10 min meditation. Ways I got closer to Switzerland ❤️ : No one in particular.. What I learned: The greater the change and the more difficult our challenge is, the more relevant the habits become. Stephen Covey