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  1. Body is what you have not what you are. Also body is constanly changing while the sense of you the self isnt. In your dreams you still are the same you but you dont experience your body anymore. Meaning body is not who you essentialy are.
  2. Well I m sure you know by now if u follow Leos work that every form is by definition limited so if we wanna be truthful we as a form what ever that might be in future wont be limitless but we will certainly be more technologically advanced and hopefully more Importantly developed in consciousness hehe So yeah.. Future humans will look at us as we look at people from Middle Ages.. At least in terms of technology.
  3. @Leo Gura Why you said before that distinction is a substance of reality and now you deny them?
  4. And yet you said that distinction is a substance of reality which negates that there isnt a difference between anything and also you now say difference exist within consciousness as a bias.. I m so confused Also everything being absolutely relative then has to include difference being relatively real comparing to Gods point of view I get that there is no difference between anything to God but at relative level i dont see how it is as you say other then no separation between anything cause every "thing" is contained in Oneness Why would difference exist? My answer is that God experiences its diversity..If there would not be differences we would basically have one undistignushed mess and not Oneness as it appears with its diversity of phenomena And also my experience is that difference exist.. I see hear and think different "things" appearing and dissapearing in consciousness
  5. @BlueOak @Leo Gura @Leo Gura @Leo Gura @Leo Gura Still no clue how no separation(division) is the same like no difference between things but oh well..
  6. @SQAAD I think that people should stop saying that real and imaginary are no different from another and instead say that there is no separation between them cause they are made of the same "thing" consciousness itself Cause there is an obvious difference between getting punched in the face and having an orgasm.. If there wasnt instead of searching for sex we would search to get punched in the face.. No sense watsoever Even if u say ok for body its obviously very different things to experience but for consciousness it isnt cause it isnt affected only ego is still consciousness clearly experiences different stuff..
  7. @Leo Gura How is there no difference if one notices the other? Consciousness is aware of experience happening and changing so there is contrast and like you said in some of your episodes with out contrast you would not know absolutely anything.
  8. @Shambhu Maybe he thought to say that there is no separation between consciousness and experience. Consciousness and phenomena inside it are made of same "stuff" there fore are not separate. However in my opinion they are different otherwise we would not ne able to notice a change in appearance and dissapearnce of phenomena(experience) in conciousness
  9. Maybe better question will be actually why are the laws of our universe the way they are and not some other way. So I can get description and mechanics of laws from a physicist but never a reason why laws are like this. I guess Leo would say its cause of Love but honestly that doesnt do much for me...
  10. Yeah true.. I understand it. However i ask the reason why it has to be like that.. Why for example cant it be that destroying a house requires as much effort as building it
  11. I dont know if its really existential but.. Why its so easy to mess things up in life by some mistake and so hard to create good things in life.. Its not proportional in difficulty is what i mean
  12. There is experience happening thats for sure.And its happening within consciousness. If you will deny that that basically means you use your experience to say that there is no experience.. Kinda silly..
  13. Meaning is a story we project into reality and specific situations based on how it relates to us For someone having a family is meaningful for someone else it isnt for example.. So "cause" of meaning would be to create value for us.. Other wise we would not do shit in life i guess
  14. By realizing that all what is valuable in life doesnt come easy. And even though it seems that life for beautiful rich smart people is easier and thats supposedly unfair what can be assumed is that these people often dont appreciate their gifts and happiness can only come through appreciation
  15. Realize every relative truth is a perspective Realize every knowledge except knowledge I am is a belief Realize every perspective is limited and self biased Realize everyone is self deceived to some degree I think thats good enough for start
  16. Lack of discipline Lack of Persistence mostly..
  17. It surely cant become conscious since only consciousness is conscious but it might be able to develop an ego if its sophisticated enough..
  18. Alchemist was such a great book. And yeah I also suspected that he might be talking about enlightenment after reading that book however we cant really know if he is enlightened or just had some Intuition about how happiness really works..
  19. Even after years of studying this I still cant get to find an answer.. Is some stuff just genetic or part of your karma and cant be changed or is it just my belief that its like that? And if some of these things are changable then how much and to what degree? I am talking about charchter traits like discipline kindness bravery humblesness extrovertism and so on.. Hopefuly someone can clarify this
  20. Has pursuing spiritual goals(enlightenment etc) always been your top priority in life or did you had other goals before.. like great relationship career financial Independence etc? Great video btw:) You sound a little like Kurt Cobain from Nirvana band lol
  21. @Blackhawk I see.. So regular job it is. I was asking also cause I thought maybe searching for you life purpose would help you ease your life however i understand that its hard to find a job you love and fits your purpose. Were you searching for it by any chance?
  22. @Blackhawk Where do you work man? Kinda offtopic I know but I m curious..
  23. @WelcometoReality Isnt desire to drink water based on lack cause you feel thirsty so you lack water in your organism?
  24. @SQAAD Sorry to hear that. Sounds really terrible. People really need to inform themselves well before tripping about everything. Consequences of bad trips are too severe to not take big precautions beforehand
  25. @SQAAD I know its kinda offtopic but could you share what was the mistake that caused you year of misery?