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  1. Such a crazy world you live in. These posts make me appreciate my reality. Women are beautiful and great.
  2. I had similar problem with one girl but after giving her anal she was good for couple of days
  3. Prague Brno in CZ are great also I have been to Malta and there is a party everynight in St. Julian's i got laid there , women are rockets in there. Also Budapest is fckn great.
  4. I did SOVT but it just irritates my voice even though i did it in such a low volume.
  5. I saw ENT and she said everything is Ok and I can start signing and I was like wtf I can hardly talk. I told her I do not thing I can start singing a she said she is not singing specialist and that she specialize in normal speech voice not singing voice. So now Iam going to another ENT who specialize in singing voices. Thank you very much.
  6. @IDressMyDog I tried vocal rest, drinking sage tea, I dont drink alcohol anymore, popping penthanol capsule I tried those vocal exercises on Yt for vocal damage but it did not work. Being quite helps the most but the hoarseness still doesnt go away
  7. Hi guys I am opera singer and I fucked my vocal chords drunk yelling in karaoke bar. It has been a month a my voice is still raspy. Is here any singer who went to similar thing . Now I am trying to go speechless for whole week a see what happens. Do you guys have any other tips ?
  8. 24 holy I bet is because of that fckn pickup
  9. Yeah i always answer with something funny like Iam homosexual and she always gets mad. But I feel something is off and this should not be happening
  10. Hi guys . I consider myself very good looking guy who slept with many beautiful girls and had beautiful girlfriends. Many people at my school and my friends know I am good with girls and I very comfortable with them and I get respected for that. But the problem is when someone who I dont know asks me how about girls ? or if i have girlfriend i get very insecure. This happens when my grandma asks me if I date someone or someone from family asks me this question. I thought more pickup would fix it but it didnt something deep down did not change and I cannot figure out what it is or how to release this trauma. Do you have any suggestions ?
  11. Iam getting laid in city 200k eastern eu very doable
  12. Cause i feel like iam putting some kind of Fhasad and always need to "socially warm up" I wonder you can get to a level where you have core confidence and u act almost 100% authentic.
  13. Hi guys i heard Julien say that pick up evolved thru 3 main stages The routines State managment and now the last one is letting go. What do you guys think ? I have been strugguling with state mamagmet. Some night are great pulling girls feeling great but others are not so good even tough iam very social. I cannot somehow get it the zone even tough i approached lots of people in general. When iam in the zone iam unstopable but when iam not sometimes i get a feeling of some kind of discomfort. Have you guys experiment with the letting go technique ?
  14. @Medhansh I game in slovakia and czech republic. And do mostly night game which more efficient for me.
  15. Hi guys what do you think about rsd todd approach to the game ? He is so technical a he teaches game in such a structured way. I wanna change my game rn i have been following julien for last 6 months did around 2000 aproaches got pretty good results but I want those 8s 9s 10 consistently not just by luck. What do you guys think of his game if anyone followed him for a while ?