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  1. How Authority Works - Where does truth and credibility come from? - extensive episode notes (practically a transcript) - sorry for the errors, english is not my first language How Authority Works - Transcript.docx
  2. I agree with the others above. In addition - It's a good test for growth, and it's good for setting a baseline - at least for me - watching some of the older videos show me, how/if my perspective shifted, if I integrated the stuff, and often I'm able to extract new bits of knowledge after the third, fourth, fifth... round. ...and the really old bits also show me how little humility I have, and how I'm full of shit, and how I deceive myself.... how my foundation is still weak. People in self development are often too eager to advance to the "higher levels" without a solid foundation - like the swiss-cheese example given in the Maslow-Pyramid video. Because only a few really do the inner work. Being able to understand an advanced topic doesn't mean one should make it his/her primary concern in life. This was often my case. I think some people may have the "young naive Leo" prejudice towards the older videos. He may not sound as confident and profound as in the later videos, but the advice is golden. Especially in the practical videos - and they are short and clear, which may not be the case with the later ones. ....but Ego-Backlash will show you exactly which of the old videos are useful.
  3. @elsde ...could you elaborate on how to stabilise? My issue is, that I keep "falling out" of the lucid dream as soon as I start to manipulate it somehow. ...and I also would be grateful for any other recommendations or insights which the classic "how-to" guides don't contain