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  1. @Leo GuraWhat are you planning to do with all this money in the long term? A bit more transparency would be good.
  2. I find this NGO pretty interesting: They have a green/yellow spiral as logo - I would hope that that's a good sign...
  3. So, where are all the software developers that wanted to open up yellow businesses? You could sell such programs to therapists, social workers, schools - teach kids about male and female perspectives and parents about proper parenting.
  4. The world's leading resource for climate change solutions: Summary of Solutions by Overall Rank: (If you are unsure, what the terms actually mean - through the link above you can click on each term for an explanation.) 1 Refrigerant Management 2 Wind Turbines (Onshore) 3 Reduced Food Waste 4 Plant-Rich Diet 5 Tropical Forests 6 Educating Girls 7 Family Planning 8 Solar Farms 9 Silvopasture 10 Rooftop Solar Electricity 11 Regenerative Agriculture 12 Temperate Forests 13 Peatlands 14 Tropical Staple Trees 15 Afforestation 16 Conservation Agriculture 17 Tree Intercropping 18 Geothermal Electricity Generation 19 Managed Grazing 20 Nuclear Electricity Generation 21 Clean Cookstoves 22 Wind Turbines (Offshore) 23 Farmland Restoration 24 Improved Rice Cultivation 25 Concentrated Solar Electricity Generation 26 Electric Vehicles 27 District Heating 28 Multistrata Agroforestry 29 Wave and Tidal (Electricity Generation) 30 Methane Digesters (Large) - Electricity Generation 31 Insulation Buildings and Cities 32 ShipsTransport 33 LED Lighting (Household) 34 Biomass (Electricity Generation) 35 Bamboo 36 Alternative Cement 37 Mass Transit 38 Forest Protection 39 Indigenous Peoples’ Land Management 40 Trucks 41 Solar Water (Electricity Generation) 42 Heat Pumps 43 Airplanes 44 LED Lighting (Commercial) 45 Building Automation 46 Water Saving 47 Bioplastic Materials 48 In-Stream Hydro (Electricity Generation) 49 Cars 50 Cogeneration (Electricity Generation) 51 Perennial Biomass 52 Coastal Wetlands 53 System of Rice Intensification 54 Walkable Cities 55 Household Recycling 56 Industrial Recycling 57 Smart Thermostats 58 Landfill Methane 59 Bike Infrastructure 60 Composting Food 61 Smart Glass (Buildings and Cities) 62 Women Smallholders 63 Telepresence 64 Methane Digesters (Small) 65 Nutrient Management 66 High-speed Rail 67 Farmland Irrigation 68 Waste-to-Energy 69 Electric Bikes 70 Recycled Paper 71 Water Distribution 72 Biochar 73 Green Roofs 74 Trains 75 Ridesharing 76 Micro Wind (Electricity Generation) 77 Energy Storage (Distributed) 77 Energy Storage (Utilities) 77 Grid Flexibility (Electricity Generation) 78 Microgrids (Electricity Generation) 79 Net Zero Buildings 80 Retrofitting (Buildings and Cities) More info here:
  5. Love this idea
  6. Lately, I have been observing and contemplating what it is that makes Eckardt Tolle, Byron Katie and Marshall Rosenberg such inspiring communicators and how they tend to intuite the questions it "needs" to get to the core of a problem. There is so much to learn from them just by watching ... for those of you who don't know Marshall Rosenberg: Have you noticed how they make people laugh? ??
  7. @Leo GuraCould you program in some sort of "mirror/self-reflection tool" into the forum script between hitting the reply botton and before the post appears online? Just an idea....
  8. The forum won't make another leap in consciousness until people start reading and reflecting on their own posts before hitting the "submit reply" botton (e.g., replace every "you" with an "I" / every "your" with a "my" and reflect on that )
  9. Can't believe that nobody has replied to this... ? Maybe a video could help?
  10. @now is foreverforeverforevforeverforeforforeverforeverforevforeverforever ⬅ ??? There are definetely too many reasons to not stick around here for too long, aren't there? Hi @mandyjw Can you explain? Looks like I missed a lot while I was away and I'm afraid I won't have the time to read it all tonight... I'm tempted to delete all my content, too, though. ?
  11. @now is forever Sorry for my absence. Looks like I missed a lot, didn't I? ? @tsuki ?
  12. Trying to "achieve" a more conscious life is still survival, isn't it? ??? How about conscious surrender to death - that's not survival, is it?
  13. Don’t “we” have to make a lot of decisions during "our" lifetime? How conscious are “your” choices? Do “you” take the "right" or the "left" way? Do “you” think one person can’t change anything or are “you” truly embodying Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in this world”? Sure all those "ways" end in nothingness, so it's all about the journey itself, isn't it?
  14. There is nothing to be done - is that really true?
  15. ? Yep, and then one realizes that the Ox is much much bigger than previously thought...
  16. @How to be wise P.S. what I don't agree with is how you need to write your original statement. Would you mind trying The Work with your sentence "Leo, you seem rather dogmatic about this"? Is that true? Is that really true? How does it make you feel if you believe this thought? Sorry for putting you on the spot - I can't help it ? ahhhhh
  17. @How to be wise Ok, so maybe we can agree that The Work is helpful, if one is actually stuck in typical "victim thinking", which is basically mostly due to the fact that one actually is judging others to start with. So then, The Work helps to get out of this victim thinking, right? And yes, it helps to take full responsibility for your thoughts and actions. I totally agree. And I also totally agree that you get to a point where you can discard the turnarounds or at least not take them so seriously. But I'm not sure if I communicated my line of thoughts well enough so you understood what I was trying to say...
  18. @How to be wise Hmm, how do I explain this better without sounding arrogant? ? Let me try... but I apologize in advance, if it does sound arrogant after all. After asking the 4 questions, you turn your original thought (e.g. "Leo, you seem rather dogmatic") around into e.g. "I seem rather dogmatic" or "Leo does not seem dogmatic at all" and find evidence why that would also be true, right? So, once The Work concept is "grained into" your monkeymind, you don't even need to ask the 4 questions, but simply take any statement made by whoever and turn it around and I could, for example, come to the conclusion that your opinion sounds rather dogmatic, right? ? So, you can end up reading all sorts of posts here and keep judging and judging .... until you finally observe that that's what you are doing. ? At least that's how I observed it in my development. (and here we go again, lol ?) Reality is perfect - does this statement have to be true to be at peace with the present moment?
  19. I found The Work very powerful, too ( @Leo Gura maybe you can tell us why you don't discuss it much?) @How to be wise I have been doing The Work for several years now and it wasn't until this summer that I realized some drawbacks (actually, I realized them during my discussions here in the forum). For example, one can easily get a bit stuck in "turning it around" thoughts - so you think you can easily see other people's projections but one fails to see how arrogant one gets because you feel like you figured it all out. So, yes - you can easily work away through nasty thoughts/judgements/emotions that pull down your mood (especially when it comes to other people's behavior or situations) and you can get into a state where you rather watch the thoughts fly by, but with that you could also easily fall into the extreme that everything is perfect as it is, when sometimes it just isn't. Nowadays, I find reality somewhere in between - it's hard to describe, hope it makes sense.
  20. Hehe, sorry - I'm so excited, I had to share ??
  21. More and more people are starting to "wake up" ? ? Look, now there are even articles about wrapping paper: Significant changes are coming as soon as the number of people (who agree, care and share) is significant enough. ?
  22. Darn, I feel totally triggered It definitely needs both, changes in regulations and changes in consumer behaviour. How can people in power make more conscious regulations when they are personally stuck in unconscious and/or less conscious behavior patterns?