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  1. But I thought u can have thoughts but u don't identify with them bc one u can't stop thoughts no matter what u do ur not in controll but u can be aware of them bc it's the ego I'm not the ego so I try to separate myself from it by being aware that its just the ego not me
  2. I thought I had awareness down, especially when it comes to negative thoughts and emotions. I thought I knew the difference between thinking and being aware I'm thinking. Now I feel like I'm forgetting how to do it, could this be bc I'm doing meditation wrong
  3. Why in meditation do some times weird things happen, like ill see sparkles and 111 and I hear about people seeing aliens etc, is any of this stuff real or is it your ego trying to scare you so you stop. Cuz it's kinda screwing w me to keep going.
  4. Hi everyone I'm new to this website, I recently started getting into meditation and spirituality, I was going to a therapist and for depression and anxiety but I quit bc it was not helping and was a waste of time. Which then I was lead to meditation I started about a week ago and thought I was doing good, even not meditating I would practice awareness of my thoughts and felt better. Till today lol I woke up depressed and started takin it out on my bf lol and upset over stupid things and crying. I'm ok now. how common is this.