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  1. Because the video got deleted and it created huge drama. Ego minds here enjoying that
  2. Your score from primary psychopathy has been calculated as 4.3. Your score from secondary psychopathy has been calculated as 3.4. You score for primary psychopathy was higher than 93.27% of people who have taken this test. You score for secondary psychopathy was higher than 83.97% of people who have taken this test.
  3. It works the same in every western country
  4. I had covid during my time in army. I had british variant if that's important. I was 2 weeks in this military hospital quarantined. Couple days I had loss of smell and sore throat. Biggest symptom was how much I was annoyed. I hated being there and missing out on stuff. Also I was alone. That sucked too. Some of my friends were together. But not any fog
  5. Because if you haven't been with other woman than your one and true love you will fuck that up sooner or later
  6. I think it's fun. I have girl friend whom with I fuck, talk, trip, listen to music, and do all sorts of stuff. Pretty cool.
  7. This One is good. Hell yeah Music with girls
  8. @Leo Gura Why those profile pics has to be so small, 500kb? I can't even take a photo with my camera and put it on the forum because it takes such high quality pictures. I think this limit should be higher.
  9. Yeah I know it's not stage yellow stuff but among the sheep this is very much true what he says here
  10. Dream Theater has been my favorite band for many years. Later on life when I have started to learn stuff about spiritualism and enlightment I now came to wonder if this song could be about it. Also very cool song if you like metal. It has lyrics like "Streams of thought awaken New realities, singularities Breaking all illusions" "Power's not an act, it's understanding truth Changing my direction" "Searching out, reaching in To arrive where I began Sights remembered in the light" This would be straight up about meditation. They also have songs called, false awakening suite, illumination theory and many other that have references to these things. Or maybe this is just me reaching "too far" and wanting to find things that are not there.
  11. Ok thank you this makes so much more sense to read stuff here. By sports I mean it is a game. But propably it is just how it works in my languange better than tranlating it in to english.