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  1. Google Calendar Notability & Evernote for notes and I have a planner I carry with me everywhere =)
  2. Intermittent Fasting and fasting in general can do wonders for the body if you know what you are doing and know your reason for fasting, A lot of people fast for health reasons, medical reason and even religious reasons, but whatever your reason is, it is so important to do your research. Also depending what your goals are, you will alter what and how you eat. Here is a resource for you, you may find helpful
  3. @F A B you can do anything you set your mine to. Have an unstoppable mindset and watch things start to fall together.
  4. @Average Investor Break ups are tough and trust me I have hit rock bottom when a relationship ended and I felt like it was the end of my life. But I have to praise you on the progress you are already making. You are cutting people out of your life that no longer serve a purpose, your thinking of travel and new skill sets to learn. These are all excellent things to be focusing on at this point in your life. You will attract what you focus on, so if you focus on the positive and being the best version of yourself, you will find that you attract more and more of these amazing things. Where as, if you focus on the break up and the hurt and pain, that is what you are calling into your space and you don't want that to consume you or take another minute of your life. Your life is so precious and it is short, so make the most of the time you have, go explore the world, get into being in your best health, start a new sport or go to the gym, focus on things you can learn, see, and do, go out with a few more girls till you find 'the one' and have fun, enjoy the process and explore the person you are becoming. Make a decision to be awesome and to accept nothing but the very best for yourself and your life.
  5. @Orcoda I do believe internet dating can help as you get to filter out the type of girls you want to get to know and start a conversation without the pressures of being face to face. However, if you see a girl out that catches your attention and you want to approach her, I'll be honest, every girl is different in how the respond to how men approach them. Some girls love meeting guys at clubs and bars and someone offering them a drink and then some small talk, other girls like when you introduce yourself and give them a compliment (girls always love compliments), maybe ask the girl if she wants to go for a drink or a coffee, some girls just simply life the way a guy looks, e.g. if you are well dressed or drive a nice car etc. Your approach should depend on the the type of girl you want to attract. There is no one way fits all however remember (compliments will usually get you far). I used to be a dating coach to help men pick up women and I can surely say, women like that take care of themselves, they look good, healthy, groomed, smell good, can present and speak well (weather you are looking for long term or a night one stand) always best to be your best self and look good. Confidence is absolutely so sexy to a girl as well and don't get caught up if you get rejected a few times (it happens to all of us) but there are always plenty more fish in the sea, practice will make perfect and will help you attract the type of girl you are looking for.
  6. Mindset Health & Nutrition Life Coaching
  7. There are a lot of resources on Internet marketing a business in general, it all depends with what and who you resonate with as not everyone in business will be applicable to the path you want to take. However I do believe through everything you come across, you can learn something from. Perhaps map out a plan where you want to be in 6-12 months to 3-4 years and you will start to see the skillsets you need to learn, people you need to connect with and perhaps find an idol you can mirror. I know with me and my coaching business whenever I get stuck and need some inspiration, I look to my mentors for guidance and advice. I can't express enough how valueable having a mentor or coach is to help you on your journey. Good luck with it all.
  8. @beatlemantis I will try and get to my point here, as someone that is married and had her fair share of ups and downs and had previously several failed relationships; you really need to love yourself before you can love someone else. You need to be able to be confident and validate yourself rather than having sex or another man validate you. People (and partners) in life will always say things to hurt us at times, despite their love for us or our love for them. People are entitled to their opinions, but you have to find out who you are and your own self worth. So if you go into a relationship and it is making you unhappy or something goes wrong, you have the ability to walk away knowing you can do better and deserve better. Don't let feelings control you, you need to learn to control them. You cannot control other peoples feelings or what they do or don't do or say, you can only control how you react and what you choose to do or say. I don't think it is a question of how far would you go for a relationship or someone else, it is how much and how long you are willing to put yourself through grief for this other person? time is the most precious gift we are given so don't waste it. Someone who loves you will always put you and your feelings first.
  9. @7thLetter There are many factors that contribute to the success of certain people. It basically comes down to having an obtaining a high income skill that will make you rich, not only online but in real life as well. If you are planning to get rich online, you also need to think about what your value is worth and how you look at money in general.
  10. There is a few spelling errors there. Love is gratitude, a love of creation, a love of being alive is gratitude if you really think about it. Being in love is different. Although you can love someone and be grateful for their purpose in your life but not be in love with them.
  11. @non_nothing You are simply not motivated to make money because you don't have a strong enough "why" to make money. As previously mentioned in another thread, you also have to look ay your relationship with money and your beliefs towards it. It is easy to come up with a lot of excuses as to why we can't do something and why we are not good enough or deserve something, but you need to start be asking yourself empowering questions like "why do I want to have more money in my life? what will more money do for me? what can I do with having more money in my life? What will I achieve by having more money?" You will find if you take time to really think about these questions, your motivation might change towards making money. It is all apart of being an adult of taking responsibility for our own life and looking after ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically & financially.
  12. @Cesar Alba Read this blog post: May help http://www.miarivel.com/how-to-decide-what-to-do-with-your-life/ Plus, Leo has some great videos on life purpose.
  13. @123456789 How did you become Self-Employed? I got clear on my goals and what I needed to do and become in order to have what it is I really want for myself and for my future and family. I also took a huge leap of faith into the unknown and uncertainty, constantly researching and educating myself on being the best version of me I can possibly be. How much emotional labour did it require to become Self-Employed? A lot, you have times where you doubt yourself, where you think it would be easier to give up. Sometimes you will hate it and love it again, frustrating. A whole range of emotions but if you good at managing your emotions and centering yourself, remembering why you need to stay focus, you will find it very rewarding as you grow and learn a lot about yourself along the way as well. Is Self-Employment worth the emotional labor invested? YES 100% if you are doing what you love and are passionate about. Pros/Cons of Self-Employment in your opinion? Pros (for me): - I pick my own hours when I want to work - I make all the executive decisions on who works for me, how my business is run, the vision for my business - Chance to earn more than you did working for someone else - Doing what I love and being paid to do it - Seeing other people progress from my services is the most rewarding -I get to spend more time doing other things I love to do & travelling Cons: - It is one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride -Sometimes you are required to work longer in the beginning - Faced with many challenges, that will challenge you how mentally & emotionally tough you are to stayed committed & determined - It may cost you more investing in yourself and in your business to help it grow and get clients
  14. Lets put something into perspective that jobs and opportunities are everywhere (some locations and working conditions more convenient than others) and these things are disposable. Your health and your family are not. I believe that if the expectations exceeds the time and energy you have, it is time to look for a job else where. I am not to sure what LCSW is but years ago, I wanted to be either a psychologist or a counsellor, I finished uni and completed 3 diploma's one of them including a Diploma in Life Coaching and I was confident in myself enough to believe I have the ability to be able to help and serve others. I got sick for a period in my life that prevented me from working and like everyone else, I needed money to live and survive. So I decided to teach myself about marketing (I already have a Business Diploma), and I decided to start my own online business then and there and the rest is history. Its not easy but the steps I had to take to get here was determining what is really important to me and that was my health, then my family and then earning an income. It was long hours, late nights but I learned to love the process by finding balance in every area of my life. I set aside one whole day a week for my partner and I and no electronics. I have morning rituals that I follow every morning including gym and making healthy meals and then my evenings are usually finished with meditation and reading a book, no matter how tired I am, I have decided for myself that these things are important to me & I need to find a way to manage the stress and pressure. Yes sometimes you have to suck it up and work a little harder to achieve what you want, but you have to think at what cost? There is no use driving yourself into the ground for what you really want. Trust me, in my teens I wanted to be a model and I experienced the pressures of the modelling world and after a few years, I realised it wasn't worth putting myself through all that just to do modelling and now I also educate people on the importance of health, fitness and nutrition. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you find a way to find balance and harmony in living a life you love.
  15. I think that is question for you to decide on what works best for you and how your mind works. Demanding self-confidence seems a little harsh on yourself. Instead of that try this: When you start to visualise who you wish to become, think about what it looks like, the colors you see, what can you hear around you? can you smell anything around you when you have that vision for yourself and what your life would look like if you were already who you wish to become? Really step into that moment and breathe, picture yourself being confident, what does that feel like? what does that look like to you? how are you standing? what are your energy levels like? what are you wearing? who is around you? This exercise could take you 10 or 20 minutes but it is important to really focus and step into the moment. You will notice after this exercise that your level of confidence has increased, the way your sitting or standing changes and you may feel slightly motivated to take action into becoming who you want to be. Best of luck.