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  1. You seem to be chid belonging to a family of domestic Violence
  2. @laptophaver sorry I did not understand what you meant
  3. First of all I would say that humans unlike any other species (except Dolphins) have sex for recreation other than also procreation. Well being social animals , should we not have courtesty to at least try to have human connection (instead of treating each other like doormats) ? . The problem is not just with men , most women too have taken "casual sex" too much casually. I can understand that as a young person we all meet people and have casual flings (some lead to sweet memories and some end in bitter ones) . We get to learn a lot from such relationships. And agreed that most men lose interest after sex , but the same interest can be regained if given time. All I meant to say was most people have stopped giving love a chance to just focus on lust. SEX is more like a transaction today. Most readers seem to percieve me as some asexual misandrist because of the thread I started. On the contrary I have always advocated for people to have sex once they attain the maturity level. And on personal level I enjoy a healthy sex life . Sex for me is a basic need and a verey helpful stress buster. A weekend session and a mid week session works wonders for me and keeps me composed.
  4. Very true , we find different kind of people with all kind of nature. However most men seem to act very differently (I have heard it from my mom too) I am not saying that all women are saints and follow the path of righteousness
  5. @Emerald This is a very good explanation Thanks for the inputs
  6. The percentage of "Conscious men" seems to be very feeble
  7. During dating phase its all perfect as men try to woo, but as soon as they get sex , most of them try to wander off or become jerks. Why do they take women for granted?
  8. Hi Marinus, First of all, I would suggest you relax and not become anxious. Forget the fact that performance is the prime motive. The fact that your GF is supportive is to your advantage and you should spend more time exploring each others body. I am sure your performance will improve over time. Remember, the idea is not to run a sprint while you have taken part in a marathon. Oh, and if you are trying to imitate the pornstars, you will keep getting disappointed.
  9. @F A B Glad I could make u smile
  10. @CuteCornDog I am sorry if the second part of the sentence hurt you. What I wanted to say was the person may not realize the importance of a positive attitude now but if he develops it by following my words, he will be grateful that he listened to me
  11. @Arkandeus love upholds reality,and it is through love that we create what we want, and love is a co-creation
  12. It all varies from person to person and relationship to relationship. There is no such thing as how much sex people have in a relationship. For a couple who are new to a relationship, they might spend more time between the sheets and make use of every opportunity they get. While for some, a good healthy sex maybe perhaps once or twice a week may and suffice. There are many reasons that may affect the number of times you may want to have sex in a relationship such as responsibilities, work, timings, children,lack of privacy etc.
  13. Well, I see you have been hurt and you are disappointed. Please don't get sad and hateful as not all people are the same. You will find true love if you learn to stop sulking and start living with a joyous heart. A positive attitude will take you a long way. This is preachy but will help you in long run and you will thank me for it.
  14. Relationships become a complicated affair when you and your partner keep grudges and disagree on little things. These eventually pile up and one day the thresh hold level is reached and one of the people in the relationship lets it out and the other person gets blamed. The key to success in a healthy relationship is : to let off any grudges and speak the truth even though if it is hurtful at the moment. Stop hiding secrets from your partner. Be a child you once were and be honest. Offer support in an emotional way. Fight over silly matters and forgive each other by having to make up sex. Live happily with the one life you have got.
  15. I am sorry but am I the only one who thinks I was lost midway as I read this post. In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang lit. "dark-bright") describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. So when a man and a woman come together and have penetrative sex, they unite in harmony symbolizing the age-old concept of "opposite attract".