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  1. @UnconsciousHuman lol
  2. @Meta-Man he is working on building is own DIY houses which will also have his own electrical power grind which generates free electricity. He also wants to have his own organic plantation next to the house. Plus he also claims that he knows how to create free electricity and wants to provide many parts of the world with free electricity within the next 10 to 20 years. He has just dropped out of sixth form and is going into electrical engineering.
  3. @Dodo plus if you want to get technical, life and death are one, so in a sense you could say he was beaming with life because he is dead.
  4. @Dodo I never said he seemed like a robot, you miss interpret what I said! Go have a really deep ego dissolving enlightenment experience and then you will understand what I mean by "he looked dead inside".
  5. @Synchronicity I doubt he would be up for that, he is a busy kid with big plans for his life, I doubt he has time to be messing around on spiritual groups. @Hello from Russia I met him in the UK.
  6. @Dodo you clearly have no idea what enlightenment entails.
  7. @Meta-Man yeah man he understands infinity, love, consciousness, oneness and all that and nah man i think he's to much of a busy kid to be on here all the time. He has some big projects he is currently working on. @Mike Book nahh he has never heard of leo or
  8. Today I met a 16 year old sage. I could tell that this kid was fully dead inside when I looking into his eyes, I have looked at myself while enlightened before, so I know the look. As we got deeper into conversation, it was so obvious to me that he was certainly a stage yellow thinker. We had a very long conversation about God, particle physics, technology, the future of business, global warming, economics, the future of society, energy healing, sociology, politics, sub personalities, diseases, narcissism, trauma, aliens, astral projection and many other topics. It is rare for me to come across someone who understands all this and more, this kid understands reality at some of the deepest levels possible. He says that he thinks he might have some kind of angelic DNA and that he might be a star seed, and he said that he has been incarnating for a longgg time! I have been SO blow away by this kid that i felt the need to share on the forum!
  9. Follow Dima's advice!!! it's aweseome! I have some other tips on how you could get more views. 1) you said on your video that your channel is for everyone, I'd suggest narrowing down your audience to something really specific 1) Read "CRUSH IT By Gary Vee, it will show you how to get lots of traffic from your social media pages to youtube! 2) Do video collabs with well know people in your industry 3) Find a few platforms who do similar blog posts to you, ask them if they would share your content on their page in exchange for something. 4) learn search engine optimization, there are lots of free 10hr courses about this on youtube 5) keep on posting, you have only been doing it for 2 months. On avarage it take 6 months to a few years to build a loyal following in many cases
  10. @Joshi3 watch teal swans video called "healing the emotional body" for identifying repressed trauma and read a book called "keeping pain in the past" for releasing it.
  11. What have been your top 3 struggles along the path towards enlightenment?
  12. has anyone here experimented with heavy metal detoxing seen a massive improvement in their spiritual practice as a result?
  13. @Monkey Mind it sounds like it's time for you to part ways with Leo's teachings. After 6 years of watching leos content you should be self sufficiant by now.
  14. Yes, there is alot which gose into creating a biz
  15. Watch Leos video on "infrastructure for success" that is crucial for setting up a business Make sure your biz is not breaking any laws Buy a business licence Research how to set up an LLC for your business Research how to write a legal disclaimer for your business When you have an idea for a product or service, test it out by using an online survey. I recommend allcounted, its free and really flexible for surveys, ask people if this service would help them in their lives, ask them if they are willing to pay the price you offer, ask them what they would do to tweak the product or service to better suit their needs etc, this can be done in a day, test whatever idea you have out asap! You want to market this survey on Facebook where you can literally type in your audiences demographic, intrestes and age range etc so only your ideal target audience can see your survey which brings me to my fourth point which is. Learn social media marketing, a great book for this is "CRUSH IT By Gary Vee" this book is awesome and will teach you how to market yourself effectively on Facebook, Instagram, twitter YouTube, tik tok, podcasts, you need to check it out ! Become a master of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, there are tons of books and whole 8hr to 10hr YouTube video courses on this subject so go and research it !!! LEARN THE NEUROSCIENCE OF SUCESSFUL SELLING! There are many excellent books written about this subject which talk about the neuroscience of selling, I'd recommend is "brainfluence by Roger Dooley" this is an awesome book! Learn email marketing and test / build a freebie product or service people can only get if they sign up to your email Always subtly market your products, services, website, email sign up etc at the end of your YouTube videos. And lastly make sure you have a few years worth of high quality content to share with people !!! Set proper expectations, on avarage it takes 6 months to 3 years to build a sucessful following Good luck bro