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  1. maybe take modafinil and take it on the days you want to work on your course in the evenings if you have pre existing health issues!!! i take modafinil on the days i want to do extra work on other stuff after a full day of my day job!!!
  2. social media is bullshit, delete all your personal accounts and only use it for business and marketing purposes if you have to! I deleted all my socials a year ago and never looked back! fuck social media!
  3. @Leo Gura or a moderator who has seen this, is it cool if I ask people on the forum were I can source Armodafinil or Nuvigil specifically to the uk? I have really bad attention deficit disorder which affects my ability to actualize. It says on google that, "While it is illegal to sell modafinil in the UK without a prescription, it is not illegal to buy. There are many websites, often based in India, which make it available to purchase - though the UK's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency warn this can be unsafe". so technically it's not illegal to buy it online in the uk so would it be sweet to ask such questions on the forum? Many thanks for reading
  4. I had one of the strangest experiences of my life last night. I may have been bumping into a 30-year-old version of me who is a time traveller. I'm not 100% sure it is the same person, but I think I may have bumped into this person on four unplanned separate occasions in my life. The first was at a music festival in Scotland when I was 15 years old. The second time I bumped into him for 3 seconds at a music festival called beat harder when I was 17 years old. The third time I randomly bumped into his on a night out in Leeds. And just last night I bumped into him in my home town pub. I have unintentionally met this person on 4 different occasions and in 4 diffrent spread out locations. He was walking around the pub telling everybody that he is them, and that they are infinite consciousness, and that all there is, is oneness. I instantly recognized him; when I was speaking to him, I got this crazy instant recognition that this guy was a time-travelling version of me. I confronted him about this, and he replied by looking into his eyes for a good 30 seconds, and he says "you know", and as I was looking into him I got this sick sense that he was me from the future and all those time I saw him in the past was him just visiting me from the future. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we didn't get much time to speak but I wishhhhhhhhhh I got his number so i could attempt to get to the bottom of this if possible!!! I have all these questions such as Am I just being delusional? There is a high chance that I am, after all I am just speculating. Was he just a random drunk woke, guy? Is he a crazy time-travelling version of me from a completely different dimension out of an infinite number of dimensions? is he trying to manipulate my future now? If I am right, then I can't wait to play around with time travelling in the future!!! What do peeps think about this? And has anyone had any similar experiences were they think they may have met future time traveller version of yourself?
  5. digital marketing for only high consciousness niches A graphic design company for eco friendly businesses becoming a eco consultant create the first stage turquoise drama entertainment tv program Create a non prophet organisation which just literally researches and scientifically tests how to raise consciousness on a massive collective scale teach kids about basic politics so they can make better informed choices
  6. this is an amazing book for overcoming traumatic memories.
  7. @paprika test your business about my giving your target audience survey about your idea. get to know your demographic, their needs, wants and desires, their top struggles and moat importantly get feedback on do they like your idea and how much will they pay for it. make sure you get 10 to 20 responses or more depending on what your idea is.
  8. @UDT WOWW!!! this video is 100 times better than the first one you posted on this thread. Amazing work man, keep it up!
  9. @deso maybe this could help? by the way iv never bought from this site and I also don't know much about your condition but maybe this could help
  10. @UnconsciousHuman lol
  11. @Meta-Man he is working on building is own DIY houses which will also have his own electrical power grind which generates free electricity. He also wants to have his own organic plantation next to the house. Plus he also claims that he knows how to create free electricity and wants to provide many parts of the world with free electricity within the next 10 to 20 years. He has just dropped out of sixth form and is going into electrical engineering.
  12. @Dodo plus if you want to get technical, life and death are one, so in a sense you could say he was beaming with life because he is dead.
  13. @Dodo I never said he seemed like a robot, you miss interpret what I said! Go have a really deep ego dissolving enlightenment experience and then you will understand what I mean by "he looked dead inside".
  14. @Synchronicity I doubt he would be up for that, he is a busy kid with big plans for his life, I doubt he has time to be messing around on spiritual groups. @Hello from Russia I met him in the UK.