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  1. I have abit of a low level question to ask... leos video on how to make a girl squirt can I use that exact same fingering technique for the purposes of just making her cum without any squirting? or dose it only work for squirting? planning on having sex with this girl and we haven't slept together before and I want to use that technique just for the purposes of just making her cum without the squirting is this possible or is it a bad idea? @Leo Gura I guess you'll probably know since your the squirting master
  2. Yes this sounds awesome !!!
  3. also maybe think about going to see a psychotherapist and do some shadow work !!!
  4. ohh also type in for an Access bars therapist in your area !!! its a powerful energetic healing technique that can unblock loads of stuck unwanted energy from your body/subconscious mind !!! if you quit porn, get access bars and move your sexuality up to stage green I recon you could maybe Transend it naturally potentially but you may be different what works for me might not work for you but its worth a try !!!
  5. I have had very neurotic and low consciousness sexual fetishes in the past and I have tried to stop many times up if you neurotically try to stop doing it that will not work. I have found that through self actualization work and raising my consciousness up the spiral dynamics scale as my sexuality has became more stage green my low consciousness fetishes kind of fade away and become transcend. I think that as your sexuality becomes more green, yellow and turquoise you'll start to think about sex in a very different way. there is no way in hell that you can neurotically forecefully stop a sexual fetish you just have to transnd it by changing who you are and raising your consciousness. also stopping watching porn for a whole year would probably help to !!!
  6. yess I agree I recon it would be hard to put into practice bit would be cool if you could pull it off and think it is possible !!! and yes I agree !!! if I do do this I will have to set clear boundary's !!!
  7. you will probs meet someone way better than her and you will be glad she did not reply back to you !!!
  8. I as God made it so that everybody in the world has an infinite amount of partner to choose from !!! you have an infinite amount of compatible partners out there for you !!! this scarcity mindset is a delusion !!! you are imagining that she is the only one for you and that she is irreplaceable but this imagination of your is a straight up delusion which feels real !!! that girl you think is the one is just one partner out of the infinite !!! stay available and trust life !!!
  9. I think !!! may be different in practice lol
  10. Also I would be cool with her talking about her sexual experiences with her other loves to me but I just wouldn't want to see them do it in front of me but id be cool with her talking about it to me !!!
  11. I am considering the possibility of myself getting into polyamory relationships as it sounds like a awesome fantasy to be able to be in a romantic relationship with a few women where we are all able to love each other but because we all think of each other as awesome people this makes us not want to possess one another as we want many other people to experience our partner just because they are so cool which makes us able to give each other the freedom to share each other with others with no desire to possess one another and the fact that other people are romantically involved with your partner makes you feel like you have picked a diamond since so many people like your partner in that way and your partner thinks the same about you to !!! I think this would be awesome if you could pull this off as this would be a type of relationship when done properly would include little control, manipulation, jealousy and desires of possessing the other. Also i believe that as God I created an infinite amount of compatible partners out there for everyone so why would you limit yourself to one when you can have many? by the way im not saying polyamory is better than monogamy im still a fan of monogamy but im just interested in exploring polyamory as I have never considered it before and I have a feeling that it may be for me personally but you can never know until you try it out in practice. I may try it out and feel its not for me. But anyway my question is in my ideal polyamory relationship id like to see all my partners separately. I would never want to hangout with two girls im in a relationship with and there other lovers at the same time as I would want to see them all separately. Is this normal or do most polyamory relationships involve all the people involved hanging out, dating and having sex with each other at the same time? Also id feel weird if one of my partners was watching me having sex with one of my other partner and vice versa id feel weird if i was watching one of my lovers have sex with one of her other lovers. Do most polyamory people watch each other having sex or do many of these people just see each partner separately? Like obviously I wouldn't mind my partner having sex with her other partners but i wouldn't want to watch them do it right in front of me is this how most polyamory people do it where its just standard for everyone involved to hangout, go on dates and have sex with each other at the same time? Or are there many polyamory relationships where everyone just sees each other separately ? also is this even for me if im asking this question lol?
  12. awesome !!! also ask yourself is it wrong to constantly be grabbing my girlfriends tits? if so why? and why should I stop doing it? and also ask yourselfv am I just projecting the sexiness onto the tit or is it objectively sexy? the answer to your problem is to gain more consciousness of why you do what you do !!!
  13. watch leos contemplation with a journal video and leos comprehension has many degrees video and contemplate "what is so sexy about a tit"? is this something you've been programmed with by culture or is it actually objectively sexy? you need to contemplate and draw your own conclusions
  14. this is what I did. I realized how porn caused lots of problems in my life and caused me much suffering so I got all porn sites blocked on my laptop !!!
  15. ohh yeah also contemplate a mature person dose not need anyone to cling onto and you will never be fulfilled by another human being because when you are with a partner your in the relationship because you have some need you need met and that need will always need to be met again and again and again !!! theres no end to your constant needs !!! and you can never be fulfilled when your always running around trying to chase your survival needs and this is exactly what we do in romantic relaitonships is that we are constantly trying to get our never ending needs met so by definition thy cant fully fulfil you.