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  1. @Scholar I can confirm this. I am mainly Vita and caffein makes me just feel bad. Nonetheless I was lightly addicted to coffee. Like one cup a day.

    Now I found an alternative called lupine coffee. It has a very similar taste to coffee, but it is without caffein. It is even without gluten like many grain based coffee alternatives, because it is made from some sort of bean.

    You even can brew it like coffee. For many people the ritual is very key and makes a habit in their lives. 

    Big recommendation.

  2. Joe Dispenza is about intentionally rewriting a new reality. Why? Because it seems your reality now is not good enough.

    There is nothing to reprogramm and no reality to modify.

    Your mind will reprogramm itself by just observing and accepting thoughts and emotions.

    Wanting to change something is a denial of what is there  - a denial of "now - being".

    Go with Michael Singer or David Hawkins and learn how to let go and embrace reality as it is.

  3. Honestly these awakening videos feel a bit frustrating to me. Of course I can follow them intelectually but I am no where close to share the experience/feeling/knowledge. The only way to experience theses levels are with the help of substances - namely 5meo dmt or DPT.

    So for me this leaves me in a place where I doubt my Yoga and meditation practice alot. Like it is not enough. Not as powerful etc.

  4. After 6 month of traveling India (mainly Rishikesh and Kerala) I decided to become a Yoga Teacher. Before this journey I was stuck in an office job that was frustrating and boring. So I decided to quit this thing and throw myself totally into the unknown. My body was quite stiff at that time and I was mentally unstable, but I knew intuitively that learning Yoga will be the most important thing in my life. And I was right - in the last eight month since I started this journey I became a totally new person - almost free of any inner distraction, much more calm and in a good mood most of the time. 

    The method I learned is kind of a nice mixture of Hatha and Kriya Yoga. There is a lot of attention on Pranayama and and Meditation (but basically all steps of Patranjalis Yoga Sutras are involved). It is definitely a more spiritual form of Yoga compared to the western fitness Yoga model. This makes it often times more dificult to digest for people who have no clue what Yoga is about. They think it is just a physical activity like stretching. 

    For the next few month I want to establish my own Yoga courses. Luckely there is a possibility to start teaching one course a week in my old Yoga school. The future plan is to have my own Yoga school and to really teach in my own style.


    I really feel that I can help people becoming more healthy and more conscious and that is my main pupose on this mission.


    Did any of you guys go this path too?

    Any recommendations for building a Yoga school or being a Yoga teacher?


  5. Great stuff. When you think about it - all the mantras have been chanted throughout the centuries by thousands of devotees for the purpose of connecting to the devine. These vibrations are send out into infinite space and they will exist forever. So when you play these mantras or chant them you connect to these frequencies and with that you connect to a higher source.

    Check also this channel:




  6. @Salvijus Yes authentic is the right word. He lived in caves and had several gurus that teached him the vedic yoga life. If you want to know more about the origin of his teaching check out the book: Swami Rama - living with the himalayan masters.

    I also realized that my body was not at all ready to practice Kriya yoga on my own. My spine is quite deformed and it has to be fixed first.