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  1. @Mirror of Confusion I found this to be helpfull:
  2. @Newbie Getting over any addiction in a lasting manner, requires you to go meta on it. (Watch Leo's video about it: Content vs structure) Addictions are sympthoms not the diseases itself. Investigate why you are addicted? As you stated youself: "Porn numbs me", so what needs numbing? Which pain or trauma are you numbing? Why are you doing that? Why does it hurt so much? How much does it actually hurt? Why can't this pain or trauma just exist? What is so bad about it that you have to flee in an addiction? Don't get me wrong here, all these question are extremely painfull, confronting, awkward, shamefull even treathening! But compare this pain to the pain your addiction is causing. Why not exchange one pain for the other? It won't hurt will just hurt differently, and in the long run, your life wil become much better. Don't "cure" your trauma's, you are not sick, there is nothing wrong with you, EVERYBODY has trauma's big and small. Learn how to integrate these trauma's, learn to allow the pain to exist, it can't kill you, it's just uncomfortable nothing more. Best of luck
  3. @Verowilleswissen I agree with @Lento and also the other people posting here. Don't fight fear, you can't win, and even if you win, you lose. I also suffer from anxiety attacks and I also had to learn this harsh truth. But actually it isn't harsh at all! First you fight fear and you realize this only makes it worse, so after suffering enough, you let the fighting go and you accept the fear. Once you get used to that you start to surrender to fear. This is how far I got after my second to last anxiety period and it produced great results, I was anxiety free for a couple of years. Last September I relapsed into anxiety so I had to go through this process again, luckilly I was able to do it much faster and just after a few weeks I was doing a lot better. But this time, I went further, and I also discovered Leo and this forum. The next step in dealing with anxienty is that you have to embrace it. Nature is chaos that is in balance, if there is an unbalance, Nature will correct...and this is always brutal! The same thing is true for your mind, if there is unbalance, Nature will correct and fear is the way it does this. The only obstacle to get back to YOU, you resisting fear. You must learn to love fear and super conduct it (See video of Leo about extreme emotions). Right now, although the worst is over, I still do this almost daily, I look for my fears, I induce them, I embrace them, I burn through them, and I grow, like I've never grown before! Best of luck