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  1. @Leo Gura, what have you been hiding from us?, you naughty one...
  2. There are three areas in which human beings have been defined as authorities in terms of describing reality and how one should act in this reality. The authorities are: 1. Secular governmental authority - philosophical and sociological bases. 2. Religious (governmental) authority - spiritual and social bases. 3. Scientific authority - physical models. Each is based on a hierarchical structure, so that from the more basic element, the authority is drawn to the elements that follow it. None of them is a natural authority and all derive their source of strength from those who believe in them and their principles. All of them, each in its own territory, guarantee better living conditions for those who recognize it as a source of authority. Each pretends to hold on to the truth, but no one has proof of the truthfulness of its principles or the promises it makes to its followers. All these authorities are social structures designed to serve their members. Humanity follows them like a blind herd from cradle to grave. The authority is not out there, it is here within you.
  3. @tecladocasio yes, the mind creates duality, that's how it functions. @Truth Addict yes, the mind, by nature, "thinks" it knows everything but in fact it "knows" nothing. it is good for survival mode, it is part of the life intellect, it cannot see beyond that.
  4. About time Time is a concept. There is no meaning to time. There is only now and that's it. That past as it is called, does not exist. No one has never been in the past, nothing has never occurred in the past, all that happens is happening now. The past is a memory of an event, labeled as already happened. When one brings a past event to the now, he kind of creates an alternate reality. The same happens with the future. It is only an imaginary thought, describing a futuristic event, that may or may not happen. When one imagines a futuristic event, he kind of creates an alternate reality. All of that happens, the "past" and the "future", are happening in the now and only then. About causality Causality is a simplified explanation to synchronicity. Causality is inherent in synchronicity, or synchronicity can be a replacement for causality. Causality is used when referring to an objective reality. When reality is perceived as a whole, an undivided existence, synchronicity can explain what is happening and why. About existence The only "thing" (so to speak) that exists is "being" (which is not a thing), and sometimes referred as "god" or "awareness" or "consciousness". There is no opposite to "being", there is no non-existence. all that there is are derived from it (so to speak). About duality Duality is a conceptualization of what is perceived by the mind. Duality is derived from non-duality, like objects are derived from existence, like humans are derived from god.
  5. @Nahm YES, thank you ? it is clear that Stevie sees the Wonder of existence ?
  6. "Free" Free like the river Flowin' freely through infinity Free to be sure of What I am and who I need not be Free from all worries Worries prey on oneself's troubled mind Freer than the clock's hands Tickin' way the times Freer than the meaning of free that man defines Life running through me Till I feel my father God has called Me having nothin' But possessing riches more than all And I'm free To be nowhere But in every place I need to be Freer than a sunbeam Shinning through my soul Free from feelin' heat or knowing bitter cold Free from conceiving the beginning For that's the infinite start I'm gone - gone but still living Life goes on without a beating heart Free like a vision That the mind of only you can see Freer than a raindrop Falling from the sky Freer than a smile in a baby's sleepin' eyes I'm free like a river Flowin' freely to infinity I'm free to be sure of what I am and who I need not be I'm much freer - like the meaning of the word free that crazy man defines Free - free like the vision that The mind of only you are ever gonna see Free like the river my life Goes on and on through infinity
  7. Look at reality as if it were a huge road network stretching from everywhere to everywhere. You are traveling in an autonomous car, your body is the mechanical parts of the car, and your mind is the computer that controls the car. You're just the traveler, you do not control anything, you just look and experience the way. Yes, there are other cars on the way, some autonomous and some not. You're not even really in the car, you're just experiencing her trip. If you notice, you can experience the travel of all the cars on the way, as if you were sitting in them, and experiencing their own way. You're not anywhere, you're everywhere. There is no you as an object. you are nothing in which everything is happening. you are GOD!
  8. Good Vid @Leo Gura ! Your true-self does not change over time or space. In fact, time or space are irrelevant to it. You can not find it, it is nowhere to be found. This is why it referred to as emptiness. It is like the sun that can not illuminate itself, or a blade that can not cut itself. Your true-self is not an object, it has no properties and this is why it referred to as nothingness. It is in which reality is manifested. Your false-self is part of the illusory Reality which changes constantly. In fact, you know your true-self intimately all your life. You had overlooked it all of those years. It is what you call the presence that is aware to all it perceives, regardless of your body or your mind. BTW: there is no you. you are an illusion 2. as 4 me? i am you...
  9. of course you are also the shells and layers, you are the whole package
  10. No one sees who you really are. Right? You too do not usually see who you really are! Why do not you remove all the shells and layers, Which prevent the revelation of it, that it is you.
  11. @David Turcot meditate, look for yourself in the space between thoughts. when you'll realize that there is no one there to do anything, ignorance dissolves and wizdom appears.
  12. When you no longer see yourself as a male or a female, you come clean with yourself. Now wait for it, it will come.
  13. @NoSelfSelf you are stuck in the absolute. come back to your center, to the middle way. BTW: you're not out of your mind yet.
  14. @pluto it is all beautiful, it is all in the open, so why to seek anything. seeking is the result of a lack. lacking is the result of fragmention (duality). fragmention brings suffering. let go of the seeking and just be. ?
  15. @danton for AI to be awaken, it has to be aware that it is aware. it has to "get out of its mind", go beyond its electric circuitry. is it possible? will it still be there hovering around even when electricity is cut off?