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  1. Good Vid @Leo Gura ! Your true-self does not change over time or space. In fact, time or space are irrelevant to it. You can not find it, it is nowhere to be found. This is why it referred to as emptiness. It is like the sun that can not illuminate itself, or a blade that can not cut itself. Your true-self is not an object, it has no properties and this is why it referred to as nothingness. It is in which reality is manifested. Your false-self is part of the illusory Reality which changes constantly. In fact, you know your true-self intimately all your life. You had overlooked it all of those years. It is what you call the presence that is aware to all it perceives, regardless of your body or your mind. BTW: there is no you. you are an illusion 2. as 4 me? i am you...
  2. of course you are also the shells and layers, you are the whole package
  3. No one sees who you really are. Right? You too do not usually see who you really are! Why do not you remove all the shells and layers, Which prevent the revelation of it, that it is you.
  4. @David Turcot meditate, look for yourself in the space between thoughts. when you'll realize that there is no one there to do anything, ignorance dissolves and wizdom appears.
  5. When you no longer see yourself as a male or a female, you come clean with yourself. Now wait for it, it will come.
  6. @NoSelfSelf you are stuck in the absolute. come back to your center, to the middle way. BTW: you're not out of your mind yet.
  7. @pluto it is all beautiful, it is all in the open, so why to seek anything. seeking is the result of a lack. lacking is the result of fragmention (duality). fragmention brings suffering. let go of the seeking and just be. 🙏
  8. @danton for AI to be awaken, it has to be aware that it is aware. it has to "get out of its mind", go beyond its electric circuitry. is it possible? will it still be there hovering around even when electricity is cut off?
  9. what materialism/spirituality is for the body and world, enlightenment is for awareness.
  10. Everything is fine. The video in question is an example of harsh criticism and judgment that joins a personal opinion that is not based on personal experience. It is permissible for any person to think and believe in whatever he chooses. Every person is entitled to see himself as a separate being who experiences the world in the way he chooses. Every person sees reality and understands it in his own way, and that's fine, everything is fine. The dreamers are managed and controlled by thoughts, and the awaken ones are aware to the real nature of reality and know who they really are. either way, it's fine.
  11. everything has already been written and been spoken about so-called consciousness. so many words, almost none of them can describe it directly. the only word that fit it perfectly is the "I", and it exists in every human language. I do not change while everything else is. I am aware to what is changed. I am being aware of being aware. I am knowing. I am everything, some call it consciousness. everyone knows who they really are. almost none pay attention to the "I" with regard to themselves. the "I" is hidden behind the concept of duality. the "I" can only be expressed, during a direct, non-dual experience. now, "i" is a word, and like any other word, it is only a concept. concepts do not exist by their own. concepts only describe things. things do not exist in a non-dual experience, and so do i.
  12. the truth is that you, the real you, are god/consciousness/awareness and so is everybody else. everything else is not what it appears to be.
  13. @Ingit you see, reality (us included) is only a ripple on the fabric of consciousness. reality changes but remains the same. we come and go but always stay.
  14. once you realize that you are not your "self", you are out of the maze, you are free, you are all and no-thing simultaneously. a side effect to that is that you don't exists either.
  15. for the clarity of this post, when referring to myself, the "i" noun will be used. so now, it is totally makes sense and feels just right to me, that "i" should use the "we" pronoun (in the context of "we as one"), when referring to myself. but, i know i can't do it in public when referring to myself, because surely i will be perceived as a lunatic or a member of some cult. now it feels awkward to use the "i" noun when referring to myself. we can not see it otherwise relatively speaking. are we good?