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Is God limited by itself?

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Leo always says that God can dream all sorts of things. an infinite number of possibilities. But I think God is also limited. I mean God is still infinite but its other features limit its infinity. Like Love and intelligence limit the possibilities that God can imagine. Here is a quote from Leo's episode " why God forgives devilry"\

"infinite consciousness can

can construct its own physical material

hell if it wants to because it's infinite creative potential

infinite creative potential means that you can imagine atoms

molecules cells creatures aliens angels

devils it can dream all sorts of nightmares

it can dream bliss realms of beautiful sex and food and whatever

other material pleasures you desire money

vacations anything the universe can literally imagine anything

because it is pure infinite imagination"

@Leo Gura what do you mean by if it wants to? Does God dream all these things? or it is not possible as God is limited by its own self?

I am the only thing stopping myself from receiving infinite Love form Myself. I am Infinite Love for god sake.

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5 minutes ago, Eren Eeager said:

infinite creative potential

There you go. 

7 minutes ago, Eren Eeager said:

I think God is also limited. I mean God is still infinite

Hmm... :P
What is your experience of YOU if you don't believe the thought that you are limited?

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@Eren Eeager great question. 

what do you mean by 'if it wants to?'

well.. what if it doesn't want to?  Who, or what, decides what 'it' wants? 

I think what we find when we contemplate these questions, is that Reality is Always how it Loves to be, the same way lightning always travels in the path of least resistance.. that's the way lightning ''wants' to go. 

When we use language like 'can if'.. it implies choice, but this is an illusion caused by language.. 'if it wants to' creates a duality between 'it' and 'what it wants', creating the illusion of 'choice'... creating the illusion of separate 'doer' of 'what's being done'.  This is a limit of language. 

Consider... right now it seems that there are infinite things I could think about.. but the reality is, I can only think that which occurs for me to think.  It doesn't really make sense to say, 'I am free to think anything I want'. It's more accurate to say, 'I can only think what I want to think, and nothing else'. 

This is how people make the leap from 'I suffer from thinking reality could/should be different than how it is' to 'I accept that reality is how it is, because it couldn't be any other way.' 

Reality must exist exactly how it LOVES to exist, otherwise it would exist some other way than it does. 

"I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people."

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 I would say that reality creates itself taking itself as an example. something appears from the absolute nothing, a base, and that base takes itself as an example to create, and is limited by itself. He does not know where he is going, he just creates spontaneously ... is that so? because on the other hand I once had the realization that God does not create in stages or steps. that there is no evolution. but that doesn't make sense

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It doesn't exist in time, it simply "instantly" (timelessly) appears in the time-space shape that it wants to, for no reason, but it does so perfectly because it is unlimited. It isn't even limited to not appearing to be limited. Again, for no reason -- You can kind of feel it in your direct experience in a way -- desire happens for no reason, and even if there is a reason, that reason might have another chain of reasons but at the end you're left with pure axiomatic purposeless no-reason -- and that's "God's will."

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@Eren Eeager God is Love. This is why it creates reality the way it does. To bring itself into 'direct interaction' with itself by recognizing other as itself and basking in pure love & togetherness. 

"Words mean something because they point to meaning beyond themselves."



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