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There's so many now right. Can't not do this ;) .


(feel free to use any of my ideas at your leisure, literally doesn't phase me, create a book from them make profit doesn't bother me, send me the book you created not the royalties to see if I can add anything there to my own personal insights / or even better just PM me to develop concepts further).


Title: What is Transcendent Communication? Spectrum: Openness: Depth: Connection


Title: Transcendent Relationships: Understanding


Title: Existential Transcendence (Important Questions)


Title; Existential Transcendence (its poetic analogue)


Title: Remembering the Ordinary: Who was I before Transcendence?


Title: Transcendent Humour


Title: Transcendence: Album (finally resolved on the pattern I want to produce)


Title: Transcendence: Notes, Areas, Goals (so yeah: miscellaneous all covered)


Title: Transcendent Production: Creative Feedback Loops (handling the experiential)






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