Should we get vaccinated for COVID-19?

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The only issue with Vaccines that I have actually read is that they contain Thimerosal, a Mercury containing ingredient. Mercury poisoning can cause autoimmunity, depression and attention deficit. Mercury can be detoxed. Therefore, a wise choice would be to get vaccinated, and then detox the Mercury. 

That way you protect yourself and others from a deadly disease, whilst also countering negative side-effects.

Are there any other dangers of vaccines I am not aware of? 

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@Mada_  According to official sources there are no preservatives needed due to the nature of mRNA. https://covidvaccine.mo.gov/facts/




No preservatives

Pfizer makes a point of saying its mixture of lipid nanoparticles and mRNA is “preservative-free.” That’s because a preservative that’s been used in other vaccines, thimerosal (which contains mercury and is there to kill any bacteria that might contaminate a vial), has been at the center of worries around over whether vaccines cause autism. The US Centers for Disease Control says thimerosal is safe; despite that, its use is being phased out. There is no thimerosal—or any other preservative—in the Pfizer vaccine. No microchips, either.




Although thiomersal is rarely used now, it is possible that one of the many Covid-19 vaccines currently in development will contain the preservative. 


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1 hour ago, eman said:

Not sure if this is some over the top conspiracy stuff but the setting seems adequate enough for it to be legit to shed some perspective : 


FYI - 

"You may be surprised to know that human breast milk has 40 micrograms of aluminium per litre, and infant formulas contain around 225 micrograms of aluminium per litre. Aluminium is also rapidly excreted – half of any dose of aluminium will be expelled from the body within 24 hours." 

https://theconversation.com/toxins-in-vaccines-a-potentially-deadly-misunderstanding-11010#:~:text=You may be surprised to,the body within 24 hours.

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