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  1. /thread Stop analyzing and trying to wrap your intellectualization around these medicines. Let go of the monkey mind, go deep into the experience, period.
  2. First, imagine this experience (life) without the existence of language. That might give you some insight.
  3. Hello you/me, I was unable to find a thread on this topic so here we are. First a tad about me. I have done many trips and I have done months of microdosing alone (LSD and shrooms and both together). Each has its own benefits, similarities, and differences on which I won't go into too much detail since I'm certain it affects each of us differently. Nootropics on the other hand I don't have much experience in. Today I was listening to the new JRE podcast with Andrew Huberman (top-notch dude) and they were discussing them, specifically the new ALPHA brain product and it sounded super intriguing. Now of course the better route would be to try that alone and see how it is before mixing anything but seeing as we are on a forum of many "self scientists aka lab rats" I thought I'd poke your brains and see if there is anyone with personal experience mixing the two and would indulge me with sharing some of your experience. On the other hand, there might be people with more knowledge than me that would advise against such an endeavor and give great reason to why. The idea was something like this : Monday - microdose Tuesday - nootropics Wednesday - off Thursday - microdose Friday - nootropics Saturday - off Sunday - micro or off for easier pattern follow-up Thank your for your time and input, Cheers
  4. I second this to a T. 60mg of PURE bufo alvarius did this for me (first time doing 5 meo as well). The shaman I did it with. He did more than 100 trips of 100mg - that was his initiation to become a 5 meo dmt shaman from another shaman, long story. Anyway he "felt" that was the dose for me. So me not even knowing the difference between NN and 5 meo, actually thinking I was doing NN, lol. I ended up doing a 60mg trip. And this is EXACTLY what happened when I came back to "reality" : "Through such a trip, "reality" is seen to be so FUCKING GOOD that words can only fail. There will be no doubt afterward. No worry. No fear. No anxiety. Just deep inner peace you previously thought was completely off-limits/inaccessible. " I was watching my hand when I came back thinking THIS IS SO AMAZING and just burst into 40min of uncontrollable laughter, pure joy, love, and appreciation for this experience I am having here.
  5. I meditate frequently with gamma waves. Breathwork + gamma + meditation is an excellent combination in my experience.
  6. My realization / mind-fuck was that psychedelics are like a protector/mentor for your body while they open your mind/conciseness. They make it easier to access, let go, handle things that might if opened in another way be way more detrimental for your physicality. For example, trauma, realizing that you are god, endless, boundless, empty... I base this mind-fuck on a deep meditation I had without psychedelics. When I got to the part where everything starts dissolving and "you" become super razor-focused and clear-minded / aware it was just too overwhelming for my body and ego. I started sweating and got scared to be perfectly honest. That part usually goes through super chill with tons of love with the assistance of psychedelics. This could only be a step of course and I change my perspective the further I go on this path but for now, it seems to be true.
  7. Uncle Bill's health guidelines: eat your veggies and take your vacines
  8. Not sure if this is some over the top conspiracy stuff but the setting seems adequate enough for it to be legit to shed some perspective : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJrwyPLAmvQ/?fbclid=IwAR3iw-_psdoCK3LuyMztRqLZuARNe9uxRM0_dV1hO4o3s7_PiaZ8ykxWPMo
  9. I relate to this so much. Totally the same for me.
  10. I can only speak from experience but I myself go to a reiki practitioner and all I can say is... she is amazing. Definitely, as in all things, it depends on who you go to. Before I just did psychedelics. About a year ago I added reiki therapies. It really does mix well together. Around 8 months ago I added meditations and all I can say (again just from my experience). All these 3 methods combined are definitely a big step up than doing just one. The reiki master can help you open blocked energy channels. She worked on my third eye a lot and since she came into the mix my trips and recently meditations went a big step up.
  11. MK ultra was a very popular conspiracy theory that got proven to be true. I would agree with @lmfao "Need it be said, some conspiracy theories could be true. The question is what's your relation to that knowledge, and what's the reason for your engagement in it. "
  12. 60mg pure bufo alvarius 5-meo-dmt ... nuff said
  13. Hey im new here I create my own playlists for tripping. Mostly I trip with mushrooms so I create the playlists based on the on-set, peak, comedown .. They vary a lot but I will post some sample music and if anyone is interested I would be glad to share a full-trip playlist (includes breathwork + meditation in the beginning) Enjoy