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Non-dual Morality

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Let's discuss the implications of the absolute on moral questions.

Does it erase them completely or should we still relatively evaluate each case and think if we are moral or not?

For example, if I deem something immoral, should I say "All morals are imagined" and keep doing it? Sound like a recipe for disaster.

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"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."  William Shakespeare 

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The absolute erases your bad morality , simply put at higher levels of consciousness. You become selfless 

its just a personal taste after that how you go about doing it

When absolute infinity is absolutely infinite. Its impossible to suggest that any enlightened being should act in any specific way. 

Sure if they give up their ego.. their morality will raise even higher, than someone who doesn't 

However, their value as an "enlightened" being only ever works if they are capable of "enlightening" a person with their wisdom 

if they aren't enlightening somebody, then by definition their title of being an enlightened being is renounced by default of being totally nothing (without ego) 

So hypothetically, its as logical as this. 

an enlightened being who is less moral hypothetically, if he is enlightening someone, then he is being a better enlightened being 

So his immorality goes full circle and becomes morality. whilst the enlightened beings morality goes full circle and becomes immoral. 

This is why being enlightened is a 24 hour job. your there to serve the larger whole

So realistically people would rather enjoy having a highly moral person feed them information, than a highly immoral person. The information is judged to be valid based on the personality type. As you would expect because humans are skeptical. if you look / say the part. People will think you are being authentically loving. 

so its simply the case that its impractical as the absolute to be immoral, because you want to help people on your own accord.

it takes a truly enlightened person to consider everything fair game and the benefits of being immoral. Still its simply the case, that its impractical to act in such a way when you have followers or there are followers because they are still trying to get around. So yeah its like all cases, just how you look at it. its different for leader, than it is his followers which should also be taken into account. If you have a leader, they need to maintain morality. However, the morality shifts as its completely relative throughout the party. 

and if your talking about a non -enlightened being. its simple the devil has no bad morals which have good intentions for anyone besides themself as well as their good morals are also selfish. So the moral compass absolutely changes when you hit an absolute level, it gets recontextualise 360 because the questions don't become should i do this or should i do that. Its embedded into your system that you won't ever hurt people for your own pleasure or for their suffering without reason. 

i should probably just write in my opinion that is, everyone is free to their own opinion. 

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the morality compass doesn't change for the absolute. Instead of the morality compass tailored to "i" , it is tailored to "consciousness" itself 

therefore its a transcended version of morality. The morality stays exactly the same, but it is done on behalf of serving consciousness

for example, if it is necessary to kill off the whole predators of bee's, so we can survive as a species. This would benefit consciousness most. This is simple food-chain/ pollination science. 

then as an enlightened being or community. We should do that 

the question will always arise, on who's authority is that okay? 

before on behalf of the individual is relative, on behalf of the whole of consciousness

it is still relative 

however, it is a conscious decision 

Therefore i would get a chainsaw and saw the predators of the bee's. 

This is the meaning of unconditional love

The ideology that enlightened beings are "all good" is nothing but a projection 

However, it is understood in the wrong way. 

Both the "all good" and the "all bad" will be relative and not absolute 

Thus solving the whole problem of morality. 

if it was best for consciousness, that humans die. Then we kill ourselves without questioning it. 

why you might ask? 

because its infinite free will, either we do it ourselves 

or we continue to survive as a species, until we become more conscious 

Which is exactly the century we are in, with the development of stage green, and efficient distribution of resources. 

if we don't do it ourselves, the decision will be made for us 

and we'll end up going extinct ourselves from depleting all the planets resources to survive, thus needing to fly to mars to colonise other resources 

Because consciousness is absolutely good. it won't kill us for wanting to survive. 

We will just get killed off by some other more advanced species eventually. 

because consciousness is infinite and is expanding constantly 

So power plays a very important part for survival. 

If we didn't have nuclear arms, we wouldn't be able to survive extra-terrestrial threats. 

We will be seen as food to them for their survival , just like we saw the predators of bees a necessary sacrifice for our survival. 

if, in that time we had learned to become more consciousness, maybe we could have communicated with the aliens telepathically 

in this way absolute infinity is infinitely fair and unbiased to any species , and because its infinitely fair, its infinitely good because only the most conscious will survive and create more consciousness. Therefore increasing infinite consciousness  

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@Anton Rogachevski You decide what is moral, ideally in sync with your values and path of evolution.

Its only a "disaster" if you decide its going to be.

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Fuck morals. #distraction #religion #satan

The ego's attempt to reach God is useless and infact only separates him from God even more. The ego will say "I will ignore my authentic nature and force myself to do good things, that will get me closer to God so that when I reach Nirvana I will be so happy." 

This is the exact pattern the ego follows in most cases. Notice, the ego is only pretending to be good so that he can experience Nirvana! He doesn't care about the person he's being kind to...he doesn't give a fuck. So when the ego does this, it makes him feel even better and in actually enlarges the ego!!

Galatians 2:16 

"...know that a person is made right with God by faith in Jesus Christ, not by obeying the law. And we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we might be made right with God because of our faith in Christ, not because we have obeyed the law. For no one will ever be made right with God by obeying the law."

Here "Jesus Christ" is an analogy for you when you begin your path. To "Believe in jesus" is to become a devotee of enlightenment. Notice, emphasis is placed in the fact that there is literally no point trying to be moral with regards to God or being right with him. 

Think about what started to fall of man. Adam and Eve (you) ate from the tree of the *knowledge of good and evil*. It's the ego's attempt to be like God. Check this out, here a wee verse combo,

2 Corinthians 5:21 says we "have been made righteous with God" and 1 Timothy 1:9 says "...the law was not made for a righteous man..." So 2 Cor 5:21 + 1 Tim 1:9 = the law was not made for us. We do not need to monitor our good or bad works/morality. 

Hebrews 10:1-5 is an analogy that talks about how the ego needs to keep on coming back and trying to be good over and over again, but how those who accept God and Jesus "should have no more conscience of sin (good/bad)." This is huge. Stop eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and eat from the tree of life (the other tree that was in the garden).


Become Jesus, die like Jesus, ressurrect like Jesus. And like Jesus, you will rule with God forever 

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3 hours ago, Anton Rogachevski said:



A psycho thinks it's perfectly moral and rational to murder. Isn't the disaster real?


@Anton Rogachevski That is his subjective opinion/values. Mine are different. 

Fully accept that others choose differently and focus on choosing your own values that guide you through life.

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To make a long story short: consciousness & love is the answer to all moral questions.

You cannot fake consciousness or love. You act from your current level of consciousness, whatever that is. No amount of moralizing, theory, ideals, or ideology will change that. If you want to act better, raise your consciousness.

The less self you have, the more loving you will be. If you want to be more moral, deconstruct your self until nothing of you remains.

You cannot have a self and be moral at the same time.

"Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself." -- Rumi

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We feel bad when we do harm. Don't do harm and live with a lightweight heart.

It's easy to fall into the mental trap of thinking that this is a egotistical goal, though. But that only happens in the perspective of the separated self. In the end, there's simply the minimization of suffering... "yours" and "theirs".

unborn Truth

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Ego acts in fear and an ego deals with fear by running away or with aggression. Watch how you feel when you act. Note when ego is acting to protect or to attack.

You will eventually see how to act  in the natural flow of life. 

When the ego is seen through and the non-dual is realised the question will be resolved but until then, follow the societal rules and conventions you feel that you resonate with. Deep down you know what is right and proper so act that way and get on with life and out of the intellectual games that are stealing your liberation. 

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