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making money online as Nahm said could be possibly a good idea but would only work for businesses you can have within the country cause international banking transactions are sanctioned

I did make some money online here and it was a translation job I did, you could do the same since your English is also good. but if you go to a university in your own country and then get a career after that and like you said have a fine normal life like your parents everything would be just so much easier, you could still change certain things after that and that would be probably the best time to do it as well cause anything you'd want to do sooner than that wouldn't work anyway 

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@Sidra having shed my tears i feel a bit better to see things in a better light so i just wanted to add you could still make it if you think really really outside the box, immense amount of creativity and problem solving you could actually manipulate your way around and make things work, it's still doable i guess maybe the future would hold better opportunities for you, you never know 

you know coming here writing all this to you, it almost feels like i'm giving advice to myself considering i have exactly the same situation and doing that made me realize one thing: stop caring so much about shit in general

cause when I'm directing my advice to someone else i'm no longer preoccupied with my own ego and my own survival so i just care about the whole thing way less than i'd normally do. that has sth valuable to learn from it, if you stop caring so much about your ego and your survival at least life wouldn't be so painful and tortures all the time cause when you're just thinking about your ego every tiny little thing will hurt as if your life would end this second, keep that in mind and i'll do the same as well :)

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You sound very depressed, and stuck in a loop of negative thoughts.

Well, the good news is that thoughts are not reality, so why not having positive ones instead?

For example:

Most of what you said is fine, but still, there's more work for you to do, you deserve better, start thinking positively and change will happen naturally.

Don't give up on life, that's the point of the future being unknown, is that it always surprises us.

Who knows? You might get married to a knight with a shining armor who is capable of changing everything for you, and I don't mean only financially, I mean literally everything.

Until then, learn how to look at the full half of the glass, do your best, keep doing what gives you light and hole, forgive yourself and others, let go of imagination, keep following Leo and spirituality, give yourself the time and space to feel good and explore new things.

It's just a phase, and you are doing great.

Stay strong.

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