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  1. Hello I’m listening to conversations with god I’m confused about remembering what am I remembering my life ? My past life’s ? Like I’m here to remember ? What does this mean or am I not listening close enough
  2. Hell nah g get the bands up
  3. Where do you go to ask spiritual questions that will be answered by Leo
  4. @SvanteTheBeast I was thinking the same exact thing Fr
  5. Should I still watch your videos every weekend if I would rather pursue success over awakening?(jk I will never stop)
  6. LEO this is some Deeeeeeeeep SHIT YEEEEEE I wanna be god yessss imagine if you gave this message to a church or something... they would shoot you in the face for real... Why did god make it so hard to find his self??? its for real the hardest thing to find how is it right inront of you and you just take it for granted the whole time?? why would god take itself for granted? why does god not want to know himself? How to I separate my ego from god???? how do I know when im god and when im the ego? is the ego god? are all words in my mind the ego mind? I like how you said in your Notes that thinking is not bad, as long as its with a purpose (Building your vocabulary) so is thinking with out a purpose my ego mind? is all thought the ego mind? why would god make 5Meo be sooo hard to find?? what im not trying to get arrested by the fbi for using the dark web to get some, but I need some for real
  7. its okay Man U can get through this... this is your imagination talking to you right now... you aren't real...and also nothing you're reading is...
  8. Leo, I Know you don't want to be famous and all, because you want to be aligned with the truth and aren't all about that external stuff. But don't you think your message needs to be heard by everyone... like I think you should be much more relevant... I hope you eventually try to become really famous and recognized. like you are for real the most developed person who ever lived and any time I try to show you to anyone like my friends they just brush it off like "lol, who this bald dude". I show them your video titles and try to tell them what's up but man idk they don't think its cool ...idk maybe because you don't have chains on your neck or something... any way I guess my question is... Idk but I think you should have like at least 10M subscribers