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  1. before you master something you will be able to see progress in it. depending what is it will be different like tennis or baskeball or self development. what you should ask is what are the progress in this area.
  2. do i want to heal? yes because im ready and no because i cant be healed why do you believe you cant be healed? because i have tried everything? can i absolutly be sure ive tried everything? yes because ive done my best is it true ive done my best to heal? how many times have you tried to heal? at least 15 times what are they can you mention them below? meditation-4 months everyday average of 30min eating healthy food- maybe a week multiple times going raw- for multiple of days acupuncture-multiple times going vegan-2-3 years sometimes eating cheese here and there enema 4 day water fast seeing naturopath-only once and didn't follow the diet plan juice fast- 8 days- when I say I've tried thing what do I really mean? I've attempted it as you can see my mindset is really poor and i havent doing anything seriously at all, im at stage blue of the spiral dynamics and believe i shouldnt heal and should just suffer lol its silly but at this stage you think you are suffering for the greater good and god will save you. what should i do? what does it take to heal? i have contemplated what i think it would take to heal awareness of the situation - awareness of yourself like mindset - meditation acceptance of the circumstance eating the right food ( for all situation eating the right food will help) to have had enough of the situation-to make a conscious choice to change for good enough knowledge the situation and how to handle it preparation the right habits discipline the right environment the right mindset*( your belief system)
  3. holy shit thats impressive. the longest ive meditated was for about 4 months straight. thats som real motivation right there and you make good point. the question i ask, how do you get yourself out of the catch 22 situation? i need to rethink my expectations about what its really going to take. what im trying to heal is my health in general thanks for the response everyone
  4. so where people are currently living or are conscious is that they are imagining that there is a difference right now between what is real and imagination. where as you are imagining there is no difference.
  5. how do i start to actually care about self development?
  6. good awareness now put in more action with self awareness.
  7. speeding up the process sounds good but its unrealistic if you dont actually get good at making distinctions at how much progress you have made....look at you expectations it will comeback to bite you if you estimate heaps of growth under unrealistic amount of time. the faster you go and you can actually go too fast the more backlash. im glad you overcame difficult times. are you sure your not going at the right pace already? awareness alone curative is a good start.
  8. i really like this, go for a win win situation. do onto others as you want do onto you. if you try to get girls with boyfriend it says a lot about you and low quality of integrity you are basically cheating on your future self when you have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
  9. what does this mean i tried searching it but it says mentally unbalanced, what do you mean?
  10. when i watch porn its because im board and at home and i have nothing to do im addicted....as leo says if you cant go 7 days without thinking about it or doing it then you are addicted...im just trying to sugar coat it lol. point is find out why you watch porn whats your reason for me its because i like watching sex and find it fun i stopped feeling guilty for watching it long time ago now.....use awareness to overcome it awareness alone is curative video is good start thats what im doing to work on my problems. good luck mate and have fun with the process.
  11. i bought a course that shows you how to change your beliefs should i focus on that? will that help me get a paradigm shift when i change enough beliefs? the reason i'm hesitant is because Leo says beliefs are surface level stuff something along those lines. i want to do it make the necessary changes....i catch myself of seeking external needs and wants to be recognized( wanting recognition). has anyone here changed enough beliefs and gotten a massive shift in perception and consciousness?
  12. this is assumptions not too much of direct experience but you most likely have choosen to experience these problems since you are so infinite you see it as no problem....so why try to escape it? wouldn't the wise fully experience the state or circumstance his in? when i was on medication and had no anxiety i kind of missed all the big emotions i was in it was a big fuss. if everyone accepted their experience of what ever they are experiencing then no one would have anything to sell you. you also have chosen your current state of consciousness so it will affect if you can just accept your current circumstance!
  13. when i look at women looks is the first thing i notice, especially face. idk it would kill be to be with a fat women but i think i could do it if we connect on a deeper level, but to have sex is another level. the question is how deep does your love run!
  14. maybe the only person who has realized how pointless it is,is god? thats why god stays in emptyness altogther? dumb answers idk
  15. i appreciate all the comments and will be working on deconstructing my beliefs. one belief im taking on is i make people comfortable...and im already seeing how it affects my behavior and other peoples. whats one belief your conscious of positive or negative?
  16. your body is duality,it seems your conscious which side its travelling. ask questions and see if you get different or similar answers.
  17. your title says"has nothing to do with childhood trauma", that misleading. it says it affects them to certain degree. even if its barely detectable. you also got consider the state of the people they were doing the research on. they might of just picked healthy people who's childhood was healthy.
  18. i havent read the whole thing but, with limiting beliefs you wont get anywhere you will sabotage yourself. so work on clearing your negative beliefs.
  19. hi guys, is there a right time to heal or should one heal as soon as possible? i feel myself getting pulled into victim mindset and feel like i shouldnt heal because god will punish me for healing myself or that its not the right time to heal. i feel like im in a bubble and just cant seem to get out of it. i believe im in stage blue of the spiral dynamics thing because of a sudden i feel like i i need to suffer or i cant be healed because im just not supposed to heal just yet....but i really want to because i want to contribute to the world and help man kind and do what i love....it makes me really happy just thinking about it. will god punish me if i heal or is that just a stage blue thing? i believe the kingdom of god is within so it means heaven is a mind state and im currently living in hell because im in a victim mindset and it feel real my thought because i dont really challenge them. so what should i do? im voting for healing....i just need you guys support? im thinking of doing the liver and gallbladder flush. im being really open here guys and just putting it all out there because i dont want to live in fear of something bad happening to me instead i want to take full responsibility and want to be open to the world and experience the wourld im feeling like its the right move as soon as im typing this out....holding things in just suppresses it and it even makes it feel bad. okay thanks for reading guys i appreciate it all and would like to hear your responses! and even hear if you healed yourself from any diseases?
  20. does anyone here know what the connection between the gallbladder and frontal lobe is? im currently experiencing headpressure on the front with little memory ability to recall short term stuff. im wondering if the the gallstones in the liver and gallballader which is causing this problem? could it be brain inflammation gut inflammation? i just want to know the connection thanks?
  21. i really like your story and feel empathy for you as much as i have, i know it can be hard releasing your energy and sympathies with you. im on the opposite end because im currently on medication and feel anxiety here and there sometimes. i hope you continue to purge your emotions until you fully release it. take care brother.
  22. @Moreira can you link the videos?
  23. i heard in conversation with god that you can know someones consciousness by how much sleep they need. what do you guys think of this!?
  24. eat fruits and vegetables
  25. so we should be searching for our videos instead of just going by recommendation. the recommendation are based on the population and mass of people who watch reandom video and dont have the same purpose as you thats why its best to search for your videos.i dont understand what all the pictures meant but yeah...so be conscious about what you search! or watch! search for your videos to be more affective at finding out what you really want to watch its like asking yourself questions instead of just listening to memory or mental chatter.