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  1. So girls will just fall into your lap is what you're saying?
  2. Bro, incels are down on their luck way before they enter incel communites. the solution isn't simple. these are people who tried their utmost to find girlfriends and even just normal friends in highschool and university and failed. the people on those communites crack jokes at the advice your giving which implies they've already tried it.
  3. I think everything in human life is about survival and competition, could humans realizing unconditional love make our survival and competition more harmonious? Sort of like we'd all play board games for example instead of fighting wars with each other as a healthier way of stimulating our survival/competitive instincts or would we transcend all that in some way I don't understand. I hope my comment isn't too stupid.
  4. I only somewhat enjoy things at best when I'm sober. I need to be drunk to actually enjoy things these days, to get that child-like happiness back. I can't focus that hard on anything I used to enjoy while sober. I have too many shadow issues and lack the intelligence to deal with them and therapy won't work for me. Am I a good candidate to use Psychedelics to try fix my life? They say you should have a foundation in life before you use psychedelics for self improvement but I don't feel like I have any options left.
  5. Yes it does matter and I say this an ugly autistic barely 6 foot male. napaleon complex is an insult used against confident short men who are acting out of place/not acting their face, like an ugly man wearing good clothes. its not over but its not completely hopeful either. A lot of girls assume positive qualities about tall men that aren't necessarily true and they can't control it. they are stuck in hunter gatherer past more than men are.
  6. I think the law of attraction is a mixture of bullshit and truth. I've been reading the book ''ask and it is given'' by Abraham Hicks and it is the literature example of internet clickbait. You can't ACTUALLY have anything you want or be what you want. you can only align yourself with god. subtle bait and switch. reinforces my belief humans are supposed to have limits.
  7. What would hypothetically happen if a psychopath took a large does of 5 meo DMT
  8. Can the law of attraction make me grow wings? Can the law of attraction give me a bigger dong? Can the law of attraction make a man turn into a woman(biologically)? Could I use law of attraction to cause a tsunami in England? Could the law of attraction be an underappreciated radical phenomenon or an airy fairy deception to get us to push our human limits?
  9. can law of attraction make someone go from gay to straight?
  10. Can Psychedelics help me feel love?
  11. I'm starting to be convinced that when people say anything is possible, they're just lying to themselves to push their limits. spiritual people just can't decide if we're limited or unlimited and things look bleak when the idea of spiritual talent is discussed
  12. There isn't many things to do when you can't fit in, I'm going to become homeless one day because of my life circumstances. everyone craves positive reinforcement/approval from others including you. I am quite literally like those defected/disabled/ugly babies in roman times that would get tossed into the river/left to die but modern society has allowed me to survive. most autistic people can't find employment and ugly people have trouble finding employment.