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  1. the true test of LOA/affirmation/manifestation legitimacy is whether you can change sexuality from gay to straight
  2. I wish i was working 9-5. jobs are running up dry in my native england. I don't care about much I just don't want to be homeless. fuck uncertainty and the crushing responsibilites. we all value different things and some people hate that kind of life.
  3. Doesn't work
  4. When was the last time the US had a good president? most people didn't like obama either but trump is something else it seems
  5. So you didn't work for it?
  6. You are just really lucky.
  7. I don't believe anyone here is desireless. We all care about survival. The obstacles we create should be for making us survive in the best possible way.
  8. what about negative feelings? I read something and it made me feel negative. would that stop me manifesting? I feel thrown off. at least i'm meditating
  9. Its a safe and pessimistic outlook that people can't be helped. there's some truth to it though. patience is a perhaps one estimate to determine how fickle someones love is. very few people actually change for the better and are happy with the bare minimum. growth is a tiring, wonky and complicated process and the kicker is that there are no guarantees. human minds are conservative and easily exhausted. Its FAR more preferable to be raised well from a young age then it is to try and help yourself at an older age. get those good habits and hunger for knowledge when you're young just like Leo Gura and my IRL mentor. they don't realize how lucky they are to have that drive for truth and knowledge from a young age.
  10. Sigh dude. I wrote down my dreamboard that I want an apartment, a job and happiness. simple shit. just look at that ''failure to launch'' thread. that guy was head over heels for YOUR loa stuff and has seemingly gotten nothing from it.
  11. @Nahm ''If I was judging myself & others, and holding perspectives of lack, shortage, etc, I would be suffering exactly as you are, as that is what suffering is, and that is how you’re recreating it over & over. That is what is “so hard”. It is exhausting, and you want to quit. But that means you’re going to feel. Stop being afraid to feel. It is love.'' I really don't understand what you people mean by love and no one does except a niche of hippie new ageists and another thing, stop this weird fluffy lovey obtuse hard to understand text you do sometimes. this is the only time i've seen you type concisely. if you couldn't read this thread was more of a rant than a call for help but anyways. If I didn't have those perspectives like lack, shortage and judgement what would both people and I strive for? it was because of those perspectives that you probably improved your life. I read your loa thread and you said you were lost and depressed in beginning, the way I interpret it you were lacking and eventually met your basic needs with probably better circumstances to do so, you already had an established meditation habit (which has proven scientific health benefits) which seemed to help you greatly navigate the complexities of life. count yourself lucky. you're a winner. as a loser I can at least provide valuable/useful contrast to happy/successful people in which people can learn how to survive better. if you lost a loved one you would definitely hold a perspective of lack. if you don't understand that people aren't always dealt the best of cards or have full agency over the circumstances and can just think it or write it away with a dreamboard then you're probably not going to help people as much as you think. About that dreamboard you bring up so much, I've already tried that for a year before it slowly bit by bit started to feel futile. you know there are many takes/viewpoints on how LOA works, there's no clear consensus and if it is real then its probably really advanced.
  12. one person here wishing for trumps death. bit overboard
  13. Leo is gooning at beautiful women to put it bluntly. its amusing considering for how anti porn anti masturbation this place can get sometimes.
  14. or their thoughts. Makes me wonder that even the potential to get better yourself is luck. If you've changed your attitude for the better than congratulations you've probably won life. most people just revert back to their old habits. the self help industry is rich but most people who are into it never improve substantially. you can't expect stupid normies to conquer themselves with the power of love or anything. they are too dumb and are okay with the bare minimum. then you have me with a poor attitude, habits and disorders who doesn't even have the bare minimum in western society which most people take for granted, who's probably going to die on the streets because people treat homeless people like trash. I just find everything too hard with not much time left considering my life circumstances. this is just more of a rant than a call for help.