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  1. Can i manifest bodily health and reverse aging/decay physically? Can I live forever in this body? if loa is as powerful as u say this should be a piece of cake If you banned me from the forum could I manifest the ban away hypothetically?
  2. If Loa is real then why do the people who are sworn by it age? can they not reverse it/live forever?
  3. I don't see anything wrong with it. TikTok is more or less oldschool youtube with how expressive people are on it. its a fun app. its not like facebook its for fun amusing videos.
  4. Stay home, stay safe. flatten the curve.
  5. I've smoked weed once and never felt anything. It stinks so bad and afterwards I realized I can smell it in a lot of places. Waste of money
  6. theres a theory that women having too many partners affects pair bonding
  7. No, I don't want this community to turn into reddit.
  8. What do I most need to hear right now?
  9. What if I still feel consistently bad emotionally after trying to leave the comfort zone?
  10. I remember a video Leo made titled ''One simple rule to acing life'' and he said you should always do what uncomfortable. perhaps I should rewatch it because I don't remember most of the details but i'm thinking right now that it doesn't seem entirely realistic that leaving my comfort zone will give me personal growth, like when people say that hard work doesn't guarantee success
  11. Tried this and I am still stuck on the last one at the bottom of the scale. Am I supposed to imagine things that can cause Insecurities, guilt and unworthiness because I don't feel much has changed. I haven't been meditating if that's an issue. I don't have a dry erase board only a textbook as im out of cash. I hope thats sufficient. I have written one thing that I want and I could write more but I'm focusing on one thing. Is it fine if you sometimes forget about what you wanted or do you need a burning desire for it? Do i have to be expecting it all the time? How do I reconnect with ''source''? is ''receiving mode'' the same thing as trust?
  12. @remember Not be ugly anymore? I think im about half as ugly as Robert Hoge(look him up). what the hell do I have to do to accept myself? I will go into slightly more detail about my bro's and sisters when im less tired. @OctagonOctopus I think tidiness means to me a clearer mind and I do value that.
  13. Some people say the 1% death rate is too high but it mainly just kills older people, if it was actually a pandemic then hospitals would be overrun all over the world and perhaps more people will die of the pneumonia from coronavirus but its probably still going to be old people imo. contracting and surviving coronavirus may not be completely smooth as one 21 year old Wuhan man described having coronavirus as ''going to hell and back''. If I contracted the disease I would very likely survive like most younger people but its probably going to suck contracting it, its not a global pandemic just yet though.