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  1. on the topic on objectification, is there a difference between appreciating a womens beauty and sexual objectification? I can't help being turned on for certain things.
  2. I may be wrong but your post reminds me of some people call spiritual ego or spiritual narcissism, viewing everyone who isn't as awakened as you as retarded and how fabulously awesome it is to be awakened such as yourself is a bit harsh.
  3. I should of said down to earth stuff, for people who will probably go their entire lives without an awakening experience and only basic/intermediate self help is efficient.
  4. That guy can be a bit outlandish in his advice, he specializes in helping people with spiritual/consciousness work. no one on this forum is a therapist but hey he could help Mikeal89 who said he wants an awakening experience. did that nahm guy help you with general life stuff?
  5. What are the other relatively accessible greater pleasures in life if not healthy relationships and intimate sex for the average guy? What would you propose to a an average guy who is interested in red pill to do instead utilizing of redpill knowledge? the redpill seems to me is just about learning what makes woman and men tick from a scientific and evo psych view and taking control of your life, preachers of the redpill are also less focused on their own looks and more on their personality which will surprise users here. I don't think the redpill is inherently misogynistic, its about self improvement too.
  6. So whats better than relationships and sex then in your opinion?
  7. Its good to know you can still feel good about achieving/doing something without needing to feel prideful. its a relief actually.
  8. What you're saying sounds good and encouraging enough, I see life as meaningless but in a bleak way which isn't doing me favors.
  9. I originally thought when you take weed it mellows you out and everything becomes funny and thats probably the case for most people. I've already kind of known that some people are hyper sensitive to certain drugs like these and I imagine its not the escapist drug they hoped for. I've taken psychedelics once but I don't have the guts for it and I realize spirituality/consciousness stuff is out of my league of ever properly grasping or understanding so I won't take psychs again. I just find trip reports entertaining
  10. I understand better what you mean by values, is believing in tidiness a value?
  11. I've been a west african city called Yaoundé and it probably has better infrastructure than havana, cuba and more civilized in some aspects like ALWAYS having fresh food at supermarkets with bodyscanners and guards with guns. cuba cannot even compete with an african country. gas stations are everywhere too.
  12. What do you mean by value?
  13. I don't fit in with people, I can't learn as efficiently as I used to, my brother and my sister sometimes feel anonymous to me, my grip on my own first language(english) is poor, im autistic and im ugly. The worst of it all is that I enjoy video games and entertainment way less now so i have nothing to cope with.
  14. I don't lose nothing, I lose time and faith in potential good things. ''Everyone can fly - you can fly too! All you have to do is flap your wings (focus on the now) ''
  15. Has anyone who applied the law of attraction manifested their wings and their big donger yet? jokes aside I did write down what I wanted to attract into my life a while ago as I was intrigued but skeptical and it hasn't arrived yet or perhaps I just misunderstand it. what do you think of this short excerpt relating to the LOA ''HER MOTHER’S STORY I have to try to contain my anger in writing this. My mother was following Abraham Hicks for about 5 years. She became completely brain washed and her personality, connection to family and sense of reality changed as a result. She bought and listened to everything they had along with her circle of new spiritual friends. She learned and believed that our minds have the ability to manifest our physical being and that anyone that has a disease or illness somehow manifested it upon themselves. She believed as a result of Abraham-Hicks teachings that people could heal themselves from Altzheimer's, cancer, etc. And yes, you could have anything you want if you follow the laws of attraction. They also teach that if your family or friends don't believe or understand to separate yourself, your past doesn't matter, etc. My mother came to live with me 6 months ago because she had suddenly lost her vision and of course thought this was a spiritual thing... Well, we took her to real Physicians and found out she had metastatic cancer. Hmmmm, guess she manifested it in herself. Upon finding this out she was in denial and became frantic to listen to her audio Abraham-Hicks tapes, meditate, etc. I ended up listening to them by default and found their tactics to be very cult like and a lot of what they said was very manipulative. Every book says the same things in different ways over and over. Other things they said were no big secret but plain old common sense. They have just found a way to package and sell to susceptible people and keep them coming back for more because they become dependent.''