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  1. they are ? that is too bad but maybe do some research , i learned in my class that there are many plants that are considered psychedelics .... I may be able to post some of the info here but I am not sure if that is a good idea ...i don’t want anybody getting sick or worse ...
  2. Leo was right all along about psychedelics , this person Simone Keremedchiev gave a talk about this on Youtube. Psychedelics: effects on the human brain and physiology | Simeon Keremedchiev | TEDxVarna I had to watch him during a class. Simone says that psychedelics , do the same thing as antidepressants do except without doing the harm that medications can do . He further goes on to say ( in a different video) that the psychedelics actually disrupts our thinking such as thinking about the past and the future. It also stops the negative feedback loop that constantly judges ourselves and others. In additions psychedelics such as magic mushrooms help our brain create new pathways , with that changing our thinking. Wow , Leo was right all along he talked about that a few years ago!
  3. great thank you will check out the booklist and the above videos, funny i have not seen neither ....
  4. I am not sure if we absolutely have to read to get our info , we can listen to audio , or podcasts or watch stuff on any media , we can learn stuff without having to get it from books only , i actually have a difficult time reading so i watch or listen to stuff.... Also once we are aware of how we are negative or emotional we are that is the first step to overcoming it or at least tackle it I am guessing .....
  5. yes exactly , very well put or written ! I feel the same it all sounds good and uplifitng but then you got to leave the house , drive in traffic ,see mean people and then where are the tools to deal with this stuff? I think it is good and necessary to get exposed to his higher ideas but then we got to go live life and deal with negativity and such..... thanks for posting this one never saw it before
  6. oh that may not be true ! Even Leo says for people to watch his older videos as well and take notes and study his stuff I actually believe his videos are time less they will always apply , truth is truth no matter how old ...just my opinion ...
  7. yes it is such a hidden treasure its seems some people are only watching the newest ones and then post a reply and then don't even really integrate what they learned and yes I watched some of Napoleon Hills old youtube videos they are great too ! He has a lot of class and explains things in simple terms . yes I am not a big fan of enlightenment either not sure why ..... I guess I am just trying to live life the best I can , you know be positive and open friendly and hopeful .
  8. so mind-blowing ... some of his videos like about our Authentic Selves or the issue about Marketing It seems to me that it is a good thing that Leo checked out for bit that way we can take a breather and study his old material... Not many people watch his older topics I am guessing because when I look at the replies to his video they are about as old as the video itself just a shame so amazing to see , how much his presentation has improved and even his own person has developed into a strong and self-assured individual !
  9. oh thank you for posting this Eckart Tolle quote , I have been searching for the truth for many years now but i never knew that we do not become enlightened after death , but then what does happen? do we just realize that 'Oh now I get it, this is what happens when we leave our body behind"
  10. Yes. I if you newd help to lucid drean try taking huberzine A. from his Noo tropic lecture . worked so well I qont take it at night anymore . freaky freaky real!
  11. such perfect timing again . i was just going to ask if anybody who went trough the course ,would mind giving feedback! So now you now you know for sure ?
  12. yes , I had a psychiatrist once who said that when you feel the panic come on , to tell yourself ," Oh here it is again that feeling , it will go away soon , just feel it and nothing will happen , it is just one of these things again' . I guess it is soothing self talk and another therapist showed me how to do Box Breathing ,.counting to four while breathing in through nose hold to the count of four on the top , then do slow breathing our to the count of four out of mouth, then hold breath to the count of four at the exhale . I heard that sharpshooter learn to do this kind of breathing to keep them calm ....
  13. for me it is Jack Canfield , Eckart Tolle and Napoleon Hill and not to sound too bullshitty , Leo too.
  14. yes , I think that sounds great cause suffering can make us shine like a diamond , I heard once .....
  15. yes , there may be another side to the story of caffeine , maybe nature intended the things that contain caffeine to work synergistically with it , maybe taking it out is not as beneficial ....