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  1. Excellently said! Thank you.
  2. Beautiful said! Although, my point, or question rather, is what wisdom does Leo have to bequeath upon us selfish fools? I know! In his next biggest awakening ever!!! He will let us know that he has transcended his God/Self and is now an ALIEN/Self from another universe. Holy Shit! Leo is the 5-meo -Dmt- machine elf , God/Alien/Self Master of The Universes!!! or just some dude trippin’ on his couch.
  3. I am incredibly profounded by my own Profundity!
  4. I haven’t seen any wise responses yet. If wisdom were purely personal, then why would others seek wisdom from wise people. Wisdom does not equate with sainthood. The highest thing one can give is wisdom, definitely NOT knowledge. Knowledge is useless at best and dangerous at worse… without wisdom.
  5. DMT

    The Machine Elves tell me to drop Leo, ASAP! Johnny
  6. DMT

    So Dmt is the solution to life. It made Leo GOD. Leo has lost his rational mind. In my opinion. too many psychedelics have perverted his think. Leo is no longer a voice to help you. Stick with his older material, you know. Before he claimed to be GOD!
  7. Leo, my dear friend. Wisdom is accumulated through difficult life experience. May I humbly advice my respected mentor, that your life experience, from my understanding, is quite limited, in contrast to one who has faced death in combat situations, found love in the most difficult of circumstances One that has lived on snow caves deep above artic circle and consumed reindeer blood as sustanstance.. This is only a fraction of the survivalist circumstances that round out my wisdom experience. I contend that you have experienced much fewer survival situations that qualify as wisdom for much more life experienced personnel. My point is that you are not equipped with the experiencial wisdoms of those much more qualified.
  8. Ahh. Thanks. I missed that. I’m happy he is ok.
  9. Hi all. Is Leo ok? We haven’t had a video or blog post in some time now. I’m getting concerned and missing my YouTube friend. Does anyone know what’s going on? Is he alright? Sorry if I missed something. I cannot follow the forum very closely Johnny
  10. South Carolina, USA
  11. Thank you, Leo. Topic “hidden”. My apologies. johnny
  12. My son is considering the Air Force Academy. any thoughts on that, Leo!
  13. American politics is no more critical to your survival than the WWF. Forget about it.
  14. As a pharmacist, I entertain, guide and recommend many over the counter remedies for patients in a very low income, mostly immigrant community. Many of the remedies requested, are presented to me , as if I were a Shaman or that their Shaman had recommended a very specific item. In many ways, pharmacists are local shamans. Many, if not most, people have no idea what the differences between ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl, Lomotil and many othe OTC medications. Thanks for the interesting perspective you gave me, Leo. Now to continue watching this, sure to be great, series. ——- kudos Leo. This is not your usual spoon fed wisdom. This is a very challenging topic. You are a brave soul. Many of us have a deep appreciation for your folly as a being existing before it’s time. ———- Can we redefine axioms as ass-I-ams?
  15. I just want to thank Leo for what he has done and continues to do. I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much by following Leos journey. I look forward to watching his journey continue to unfold. Thank You, Leo!