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  1. @Dodo In my opinion, there is a ton of misconception about LOA. I think LOA is not a magic tool that gives what you want metaphysically to you (as they mentioned in "the secret") You just have to be a person that will be suitable to what you want to get. There are millions of details that will lead you to your goal but you are not aware all of them. It is all about who you are, your mindset and how you see events. And it's mostly happening on your subconscious mind. LOA helps you to change those things for you to become the person who can reach those goals. For example, once you believe you are a succesful business man, you start to see business opportunities everywhere, go out and chase customers, be more confident etc. When It works it almost feels like it's magical. But if you are at a opposite state of mind, you see only obstacles and negativitiy at the exact same positions. Again, this is just my opinion, I can't be sure if it works metaphysically or not.
  2. @Serotoninluv Sounds interesting Thank you for your ideas
  3. @Serotoninluv Wow, so you have psychedelic teachers. What do you study and where are you?
  4. @Consilience @FoxFoxFox Thanks a lot for valuable information
  5. @TheAvatarState Visuals seemed really pleasant and saturation was clearly higher than normal. I looked outside from my window (we live in relatively nature based location) and trees was really alive and I felt how they dance with the wind together. I looked at mirror and my face was really weird but it was so fun to watch how my face changes I watched my face for over 1 hour My hand seemed like a limb of an animal and my hair was like alive. But I didn't see anything so extraordinary, like hallucination etc. The interesting thing to me, at the first trip; I was seeing crazy colorful patterns when I close my eyes, at the second trip: little weird creatures, but at the third time, I saw nothing when I close my eyes. Just blank empty space. Also my strongest trip was the third one. Do you have any idea about it?
  6. @TheAvatarState Thank you I used 120ug (as they told me, I'm not sure) and it feels just right to me for now. I didn't went crazy and it was pretty strong at the same time.
  7. @FoxFoxFox Thank you, I am also interested in enlightenment but I have to arrange some stuff on my life first. I will definetely take your advice into account. Do you think lsd can lead enlightenment experiences or you need something like DMT or ayauhasca? Because this is what can I find right now.
  8. @Pure Imagination Thanks a lot for your detailed explaniton, Helped a lot
  9. @Nahm I will try to notice and trust. I can estimate what you are pointing but you see, it's a bit complicated for someone who is just started psychedelics so still I need to set what I should do. (at least before the trip) Otherwise I just can watch tv shows or go to parties with psychedelics which will lead to a terrible experience
  10. @Highest Thanks a lot for your advice. But what do you recommend to do while surrendering? Just sitting on a couch? lying down while listening music? meditation? or whatever I desire at that moment? or it doesn't matter?
  11. @okulele But when I dont mind the result of the trip I am just walkin around, listening music, observing around, looking at mirror etc. I wonder what should I do as an activity. Should I meditate, contamplate, or just close my eyes, or do art or whatever I desire at that minute and don't mind anything?
  12. @Pure Imagination Thanks a lot for your advices. I want to ask a couple questions, -You said "you shouldn't control your trip" and "meditate on what you would like to learn". Isn't meditating on what I want to learn controlling the trip? -Do you recommend music while doing this? Once I listened some tribal electronic beats and I felt like I am on an advanture to inside. Can it be used as a tool or is it a distraction? -I consider to do it with my friend (which I trust and doing psychedelics and meditation also) to discuss those issues. Maybe it will help me stay on topic and make progress. Do you recommend that? -If I go to the nature, still can I get insigths about those topic or is it better to stay home for this?
  13. Hi, I used psychedelics (lsd) 3 times before. And I am into meditation, psychology and personal development for a long time. My trips was really good, but I couldn't get what I want; which is solving some of my problems, knowing myself better and defining a way for my artistic career. I set up pretty good environment, empty my whole day, meditate, doing yoga etc. and write down the things I want to solve. But when I look those writings, nothing extraordinary came to my mind, I tried to meditate more while tripping but everything became so empty so I played some music and strated observing around. So I think maybe there should be techniques to work on those things. Do you have any advice? Or am I pushing too much? Should I just relax and wait them to come spontaneously?