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  1. MODS!!!! This is not the original research he is twisting it all as he pleases. Check for yourself the numbers dont match with the original work.
  2. There will be an answer, Let it be-e-e-ee!!!
  3. Have you tried a mentor?
  4. Keuruu, Finland. I think we need a lot more of yellows here that could get into work immediately purple 8% red 5% blue 15% orange 40% green 20% yellow 8% turquoise less than 1%
  5. @Highest Oh, you are good. But I can tell what you are pointing at is unmistakably sacred on earth. I don't know why you don't like Hindu thought tho. They probably experienced the same.
  6. Well, you either see that there is no separation or you see it and suffer. What do you do when you separate? When you say that there is no point to end separating. Then that is true. Although no one likes to live a life as being separator or getting separated by someone. Because it would be like working without brakes between.
  7. I wonder what are you looking to gain by having it done by yourself?? Like, what good there is to get this by yourself anyway? In the end, when you can ride a bicycle, everyone can do it as well who rides around with one. If you are motivated to learn and practice meditation then find a one who is willing to instruct. There is a great book called "The Mind Illuminated" if you like it in the form of a book.
  8. I go with the second choice. Because the enlightenment is for your ego because there is nothing else in this world that could deal with it so effectively. If you want to teach an ego about friendship then it would be wise to teach it from an enlightened point of view.
  9. @erik8lrl he spits truth. As you surrender more and more the love becomes your way of being in the world. You begin to support a whole. Whole family,equally,every member. Everyone want to support you as well. In the world where love is real; support becomes the new currency.
  10. “opinions of others do not matter” - is true when you know 100% that you can be or do anything. Then you have moved pass opinions of others. The opinions do matter if you think of someone who is always being anxious or nervous. Thats because they value these too much. That is very common in instagram. Where people look for opinions of others by posting pictures to show “confidence” but in reality it never adds up to confidence that you would expect to find. Opinions are always false so are people who seek them. So you dont lose anything if you would give those up. Because they were nothing even when you beginned.