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  1. i do't let strangers touch me. they could be a threat. or i probably didn't grow up in a shoddy environment. or my motor control is within the normal range. i dunno, really....
  2. Malls sell good people need or otherwise value. Vehicles have been a mode of transportation for decades, hence highways. Roads have existed for far longer for the same basic purpose. I don't get that comparison. Your comparisons are weak. My basic point is that as land is a critical resource, then we need sound decisions on how to utilise it. I know what supply and demand is. Though supply and demand dynamics can be distorted. Markets aren't perfect. One cannot say that absolutely that just because there is a high presence of something that it means there is a high demand. It can be strongly argued that basic human needs should come before entertainment. and yes, entertainment is a need. but people need food or shelter before entertainment. Some needs are more pressing than others. Your points are confused. If the amount of golf courses were lessened, i don't see the issue. There still is enough demand for them, and all can win in that scenario.
  3. I didn't say to ban it. I wouldn't say that. I merely stated that there is a disproportionate amount of land used for one sport. and there are a multitude of sports out there that don't use as much land. Maybe learn to read, since you claim you're smart and educated.
  4. Laws exist to promote a common good. People don't commit crimes since they don't want to be caught or punished, or value the concept of a common good.
  5. Because spiritual people like you have bad social skills and engagement. you'd cite ME as the villain when I'm not obligated to here you out. for instance, you wouldn't say this to anybody who looked like this. and why not? he's a human. all humans deserve to hear the word. it's your brain that's the issue.
  6. i disagree. you can prove me wrong with hard facts, or just accept another opinion. Maybe be a man and accept how adults engage. or get offended a stranger who doesn't owe you anything hs "schooled you" or maybe conduct yourself as you say "everybody has a right to an opinion!!" I'm part of "everybody" by definition, so that applies to me.
  7. Art is subjective. Art is just expression. so what constitutes that expression is always relative. People have been conditioned to view classical music as the "height" of music. Yes, many classical pieces are complexly written and performed. That doesn't mean they're inherently better. Rock music can be as complex. As can rap. I believe part of the disdain for rap is racism. Yes, some rap contains darker or less tasteful imagery such as gang violence. Some genres of rock music do also, or at least don't always have wholesome themes.
  8. If a person is from an oppressed group, then they shouldn't really defend their country. There were blacks who served in the US armed forces in both world wars, but they had no choice legally, and would have faced jail time. as would any white person who was drafted, of course. But if a country is bad to a given group or person, they shouldn't feel obligated to serve.
  9. If the rich weren't taxed as much, it wouldn't necessarily lead to better economic growth. They could easily by more luxury goods or save it, which wouldn't as productive. It's as if they'd be buying mostly household goods or FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods). the net worth of billionaires are generally in assets such as savings, investment, real estate, etc. and not in hard cash.
  10. Provided a person can afford the rent, i don't see why it shouldn't provide the same stability to a child..
  11. I don't play it and seldom have.
  12. No. maybe you're from a ghetto or some highly spiritual place. it's unacceptable to lean on others. not everybody shares your shoddy or sloppy personality. if not, then justify doing this. There is no justification. if people do that to me, they get shoved, I don't care who they are. strangers don't touch me. i don't know their intent, nor do I know them. you're not as socially geared as you claim. people i don't know hold no right to touch me, and only a fool or. ababy has any issue with that. As for asking strangers for information and getting offended when they cannot respond physically, no, I've never done that. even if a person has "done something before" so what? people often lie. That doesn't mean one cannot say it's wrong to lie. the fact that lying isn't desirable is valid. one DOES NOT ask strangers for info in such a manner. or what will they do? beat me? they can try. legally and morally, they're in the wrong anyhow. seemsin your culture, things are very shoddy and flimsy. if you don't know somebody, then your ties and obligations to them are lesser. you like to infuse your spirutalism as reality. you believe you're above law or life. i bet you'd get highly offended, when I've actually made several valid and prime points. Again, you don't seem as socially-geared and make up stuff in your brain and assume it's reality. or you take in these "nice societal points" and don't get their context or application and just lie and mispresent their spirit and intent lol. I bet me merely saying that strangers have less consideration than people others know offends you to your core, since it violates some internal metric or whim.
  13. NObody is special. pretty women are people. therefore, they are not special. your spiritualism isn't life. i dont' see why simple changes of mind or perspective bother you. it shows your social capabilities. I also don't take kindly to shifty people. i try to be straight with people, and not misrepresent my values or who i am.