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  1. He won't, because 1 or 2 hours a day of practice is not enough. It might take him 30 years in total.
  2. Or maybe just MAYBE! realizing your true nature and ending suffering
  3. Really? what are you going to do with the book man??
  4. So you are still asleep.
  5. Ok, so go get enlightened guys.
  6. Why care about leo? I mean it's not like he is enlightened. How about listening to nisargadatta?
  7. What bothers me is that most what leo says comes from other people experiences and not his own.
  8. Reminder: Girls have vaginas, Boys have wee weees
  9. I dont get it what people are doing on a spiritual forum or even taking up a practice if they don't want to end suffering. Self realization = the end of suffering. Belief or not belief doesn't matter. The fact that you see people ended their suffering completely, that is what matters.
  10. As there are so many contractions about which techniques he really taught... ask him to clarify it
  11. Patang, when I say suffering I dont mean physical pain. I mean mental/psychology suffering Can you still feel worry of future outcomes and anxiety in general?
  12. Don't let words limit you. no one talked about addictions. only suffering.
  13. Do you still suffer? are you able to suffer?
  14. Who cares? as long as suffering cease that what matters. Yes yes we get it life continues, nothing external will change, but "you" will
  15. Yes I was talking about "other people" not you. I agree with you. enlightenment is completely the end of suffering, not to some degree, completely. Of course physical pain will be felt but who cares, not everyone gets beaten up on a daily basis
  16. Non dualistic people are so funny. On the other self realization is the end of suffering, this is a fact. And when someone wants to get self realized to end suffering they tell you that's just a fantasy or whatever . Sometimes I wonder if those people are right in the head
  17. If suffering stops that means you can do stuff that you wanted to do but has limited you. For example if anxiety stopped you from travelling alone. now that you are self realized you will be able to do that.
  18. @Dodo if you experienced any so call suffering then YOU ARE NOT ENLIGHTENED
  19. Do you still suffer? If yes you are not done. If you didn't suffer that question wouldn't even be asked on the forum
  20. wtf that's leo why u lie? OMG leo is ur dad????
  21. Shanmugam, did you end psychological suffering?