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  1. How can you be certain that it has only to do with the DMN if at all? It's all unbased speculations. Being aware of awareness shows PCC reduction... but so what? that doesn't mean when it's reduced one is self realized or how it even happens and if it even has something to do with the PCC.
  2. You all are so funny. You need some effort to be present it doesn't happen automatically. Go read some Michael Langford descriptions.
  3. Yup like leo said, downsides belongs to the ego.
  4. If he talks about downsides then he is not enlightened.
  5. But what for? Since you are already enlightened?
  6. Usually those who say that is because they really have more work to do .
  7. The end of psychological suffering.
  8. So with your logic no one is enlightened... do you hear yourself? What are you doing on a spiritual forum?
  9. Hahaha very unlikely! 1 month, even if you meditate all day is really nothing. If it was 2-3 years, then yes, the chance for liberation is very very high .
  10. How about telling a bit what your state is like after enlightenment? Are you in a state of unbroken peace and bliss? Did it end psychological suffering? What practice did you do?
  11. Don't just do sitting practice. meditate during all activity, that means right now.
  12. Well you did inquiry before that happened. so isn't it more right to say inquiry is the way to vanish the ego? and love happens after that...
  13. Could you explain a little bit more what kind of type of inquiry you did? what kind of stuff did you contemplate and ponder? Also, what did seem to make to you the "Shift" happen?
  14. Nice to hear. what practice did you do?
  15. Why can't you describe your progress? what are you hiding?
  16. Very nice to hear! really glad for you
  17. Well if you are fully liberated you will be in a state of bliss and peace continously without any psychology suffering forever ever.
  18. Aren't you the one who practiced Jhana Meditation?
  19. He won't, because 1 or 2 hours a day of practice is not enough. It might take him 30 years in total.
  20. Or maybe just MAYBE! realizing your true nature and ending suffering
  21. Really? what are you going to do with the book man??
  22. So you are still asleep.